Bonditony’s Burger Joint


Bonditony’s Burger Joint verdict: 7/10


Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10


So why Bonditony’s ? 

He says: Strong recent food blog presence (with mouth watering photos in tow), a recommendation from a local, and already being in the area to meet She’s utterly gorgeous Goddaughter combined to get us to Bonditony’s  on a lovely winter Sunday.

She says: Yes, we were over in the east seeing the gorgeous girl and figured that seeing as we are so rarely in the east (we are still car-less – but not for long) we could get a burger in too. The pictures of these burgs were phenomenal – needless to say we were pumped.

What did you order?

  • Trippin Zeahorse – $13
  • Just a Jezebel Burger – $14.5
  • Sweet Potato Fries – $8
  • Salted Caramel Thickshake – $8


Tell us about the Trippin Zeahorse Burger?

He says: I was drunk on food envy just looking at the burgers around me on other tables as they arrived. When ours finally hit the table it indeed looked a winner. Unfortunately I was deceived by looks here but it was a decent enough burger. There was a lack of sauce and the patty didn’t have much flavour but I thought the bun was probably the best brioche style I’ve had all year. Was expecting better things here.


She says:  Oh, she is a pretty little burger this one. I was excited by the oozy cheese and soft looking bun that I had seen splashed across the internerd. But this was yet another burger that looks like a winner but failed to deliver (and perhaps it was just this time because this place has a pretty steady following of satisfied customers). The meat was pretty meh and the bacon couldn’t really be tasted. The cheese also didn’t really stand out. It wasn’t bad though its was just that it promised so much through its presentation! perhaps in a blind tasting it would have been better.


So then, how did you find the Just a Jezebel Burger? 

She says: This was my preferred burger of the two. The chicken had good crunch and so did the slaw. The slaw could have done with a bit more juiciness  – perhaps some more sauce on the whole thing would have been good (which is fast becoming the Oh, Burger Me! mantra).


He says: Relatively tasty run of the mill chicken burger. The chicken tasted like a regular schnitzel style (didn’t get even a hint of it being marinated overnight in honey ginger soy as suggested on the menu) and was coated in a slaw that could have done with a little more salt. As I’ve often mentioned on this blog I’m not a fan of avocado on burgers and, although in guacamole form and fairly inoffensive, my mind wasn’t changed here.


And what about the sides? 

She says:  Though technically not a side, the real stand out for me were the sauces on the table, good and flavourful I added them to both burgers and even used a bit for the fries. The sweet potato fries were good and rich, they are a must if you go. The normal fries were fine, no complaints but I would recommend the sweet potato over them if you are looking for something different. The thick shake was thin and milky instead of thick and ice-creamy-y but I liked that it had fancy sweeteners and seemed to come in every possible milk you could imagine.


He says: The fries that came with the burger were simple and effective and the same could be said for the sweet potato fries (make sure you get a side of lemon dill or seeded mustard mayo to dunk them in). The thickshake wasn’t thick enough to earn it’s title and although interesting (all shakes here include pure coconut palm sugar and local honey) it was a little confused in execution taste wise.



|| 1/155 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW || || 0414985577 ||



Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 5:00pm – 11pm,

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 11pm:



Burger Lounge (Coolangatta, Qld)

Burger Lounge verdict: 7/10



Beef Burger: 7.5/10

Other Beef Burger: 5/10

Sides: 7/10


So why the Burger Lounge? 


She says:   We went to see His lovely parents and His mum had been mentioning this place for a while, she was a particular fan of the sweet potato fries. They humoured us and came for a reivew

He says:  A trip to visit the wonderful parentals brought with it the most serendipitous of lunches – we happened to be staying just down the road from what Trip Advisor recently crowned as the best burger joint in the country.


What did you order?


  • Nirvana Burger – $16.50
  • Le Grand Fromage Burger- $13.50
  • Crispy Fries (Handful size) – $3
  • Sweet Potato Chips – $7
  • Buffalo Wings – $9



Tell us about the Nirvana Burger?


He says:  A very Australian styled burger with the lot (which I’ve always had a soft spot for).  The patty was surprisingly flavoursome and the beetroot relish and garlic aioli complimented the mountain of other ingredients (egg, char grilled pineapple, bacon, pickled cucumber, lettuce, tomato and spanish onion). The main issue here was that it was almost impossible to eat and touches like serving the pineapple as two separate pieces instead of the one only exacerbated this. Was a refreshing change to have a simple white bun to (attempt to) valiantly hold it all together.


She says:  I still can’t really believe that I am a fan of pineapple of a burger. And the pineapple in this burger was grilled – what a genius move! Still, I didn’t go crazy for this burger. It had lotsa stuff in it yeah, but it was a bit blah for my liking. Not bad, but the kind of burger your dad would love.



So then, how did you find the Le Grand Fromage Burger?


She says:   Holy Gold Coast this was a mustard party! That ooze you see coming out of the burger in the photo – it must have been cheese but man alive, it tasted like it was ALL MUSTARD. It was crazy. I scraped the majority out and it made a big difference. I did like the pickles (perhaps that is all I could taste after the mustard assault) but the rest was a take it or leave it type situation for me.


He says: Whoa mustard overload. There was so much of it that it drowned out every other ingredient on the burger to the point where you couldn’t even tell there were four different types of cheese involved. Would steer clear of this and go for something else next time as it has enormous amount of options on the menu.



And what about the sides? 


She says: As predicted by His lovely Ma, the sweet potato fries were a high point. The Buffalo wings were an even higher point, good and spicey with the signature bright orange Frank’s hot sauce. The fries were fine too – thick cut and pretty soft, good if that is your thing.




He says: My Mum had been raving about the sweet potato chips here for weeks and they certainly hit there mark. The fries were simple but effective and hard to resist when dipped in the aioli provided. Also thought the buffalo wings were as good as any I’ve had for a while (big shout for the use of Frank’s hot sauce).




|| Shop 6b, 1 Douglas Street, Coolangatta, 4225 || 07 55995762 || || ||


HOURS:  Monday to Sunday 11am – 9pm


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Cuckoo Callay


Cuckoo Callay Verdict: 7/10


Wild Boar Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 8.5/10


So why Cuckoo Callay? 

She says:  This place has always struck me as a bit weird because of its strange position, sitting just a the top of Newtown Station. He read so much blog chatter about it thought that it quickly floated to the top of our list.

He says: Saw this place get a lot of love in the local food blogosphere and I was pretty gutted I missed their Bacon festival. News of a popcorn chicken burger on the menu and a free few hours in Newtown had us there in a heartbeat.

What did you order?

  • Wild Boaring Burger – $21
  • Pop Goes the Chicken Burger- $19
  • Wedgy – $9


Tell us about the Wild Boaring Burger?

He says: Considering the sheer magnitude of burgers we smash through it’s always nice to try somewhere that’s trying something a little different. Unfortunately this was just too rich for me. The Cajun spiced pulled wild boar and the bacon relish were a little on the sweet side for me which was further complicated by serving it on a brioche bun that was dangerously close to dry croissant territory. The wild boar had a unique taste to it but I didn’t really see how it fit in with the rest of the ingredients. The choice to use manchego cheese however was a good one!


She says:  This burger was incredibly rich and the flavours were heavy and strong. For me the sweetness of the brioche with the boar and the bacon relish was overwhelming and far to oily. As there is in love, I feel like there is the perfect burger for each person. While this was far and away not my cup of tea, I can recognize that this burger has the potential to make someone very happy one day. That person would have diabetes. And maybe die of heart disease. But they would bask in the sweet richness of this burger.


So then, how did you find the Pop Goes the Chicken Burger?

She says: This burger looked beautiful but just didn’t succeed in wowing me. The ‘popcorn chicken’ was a thick chunk of chook, a bit dry and overcooked and with a fairly unmemorable coating. This sauerkraut was not my sort of sauerkraut, salty and smooshy without any body or tang, I actually couldn’t take it and rudely (hopefully subtly) scraped most of it off. Again the flavors were a bit punch-in-the-face-esk.


He says: The popcorn chicken itself was hard to fault and again the addition of manchego (which was sharp, tasty and oozed out of it) had me wondering why more other places don’t do the same. Unfortunately I had the same issue with this one as I did with the wild boar burger as on the whole is was just too rich and cloyingly sweet. I would think if they changed the bun and swapped the sauerkraut out this might have improved dramatically.


And what about the sides? 

She says: These sweet potato fries were extravagant, huge chunk’s of sweet potato fried ’till crispy and crunchy. Again, given how sweet they are, after such a sweet meal I could only handle a few, but I do think these wedges could make someone with a real hankering for sweet/salty goodness very happy. I want to point out though that even though these burgers weren’t ground breakingly awesome – the service here was above and beyond. The staff seemed really happy to work there and were lovely, positive and attentive. I will definitely go back for their breakfasts, which look really bloody good.

He says: Unfortunately for us these guys don’t have too many sides available (although the ramen looks off the freaking chain!) but luckily the wedges we went for hit the spot. Sweet potato perfectly cooked with a crunchy exterior rubbed in delightful spices and made even more perfect when doused in the spiced aioli it’s served with.

|| Newtown Railway Station, 324A King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || || 02 95577006



Monday to Friday: 6:00am – 4:00pm,

Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm,

Sunday 8:00am – 3:00pm


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