Cuckoo Callay


Cuckoo Callay Verdict: 7/10


Wild Boar Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 8.5/10


So why Cuckoo Callay? 

She says:  This place has always struck me as a bit weird because of its strange position, sitting just a the top of Newtown Station. He read so much blog chatter about it thought that it quickly floated to the top of our list.

He says: Saw this place get a lot of love in the local food blogosphere and I was pretty gutted I missed their Bacon festival. News of a popcorn chicken burger on the menu and a free few hours in Newtown had us there in a heartbeat.

What did you order?

  • Wild Boaring Burger – $21
  • Pop Goes the Chicken Burger- $19
  • Wedgy – $9


Tell us about the Wild Boaring Burger?

He says: Considering the sheer magnitude of burgers we smash through it’s always nice to try somewhere that’s trying something a little different. Unfortunately this was just too rich for me. The Cajun spiced pulled wild boar and the bacon relish were a little on the sweet side for me which was further complicated by serving it on a brioche bun that was dangerously close to dry croissant territory. The wild boar had a unique taste to it but I didn’t really see how it fit in with the rest of the ingredients. The choice to use manchego cheese however was a good one!


She says:  This burger was incredibly rich and the flavours were heavy and strong. For me the sweetness of the brioche with the boar and the bacon relish was overwhelming and far to oily. As there is in love, I feel like there is the perfect burger for each person. While this was far and away not my cup of tea, I can recognize that this burger has the potential to make someone very happy one day. That person would have diabetes. And maybe die of heart disease. But they would bask in the sweet richness of this burger.


So then, how did you find the Pop Goes the Chicken Burger?

She says: This burger looked beautiful but just didn’t succeed in wowing me. The ‘popcorn chicken’ was a thick chunk of chook, a bit dry and overcooked and with a fairly unmemorable coating. This sauerkraut was not my sort of sauerkraut, salty and smooshy without any body or tang, I actually couldn’t take it and rudely (hopefully subtly) scraped most of it off. Again the flavors were a bit punch-in-the-face-esk.


He says: The popcorn chicken itself was hard to fault and again the addition of manchego (which was sharp, tasty and oozed out of it) had me wondering why more other places don’t do the same. Unfortunately I had the same issue with this one as I did with the wild boar burger as on the whole is was just too rich and cloyingly sweet. I would think if they changed the bun and swapped the sauerkraut out this might have improved dramatically.


And what about the sides? 

She says: These sweet potato fries were extravagant, huge chunk’s of sweet potato fried ’till crispy and crunchy. Again, given how sweet they are, after such a sweet meal I could only handle a few, but I do think these wedges could make someone with a real hankering for sweet/salty goodness very happy. I want to point out though that even though these burgers weren’t ground breakingly awesome – the service here was above and beyond. The staff seemed really happy to work there and were lovely, positive and attentive. I will definitely go back for their breakfasts, which look really bloody good.

He says: Unfortunately for us these guys don’t have too many sides available (although the ramen looks off the freaking chain!) but luckily the wedges we went for hit the spot. Sweet potato perfectly cooked with a crunchy exterior rubbed in delightful spices and made even more perfect when doused in the spiced aioli it’s served with.

|| Newtown Railway Station, 324A King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || || 02 95577006



Monday to Friday: 6:00am – 4:00pm,

Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm,

Sunday 8:00am – 3:00pm


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Burger Bro? at Hotel Chambers


Burger Bro? Verdict:6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 5/10


Why the Burger Bro?

He says: There was a flurry of interest regarding this New Zealand styled burger house on the interwebs that seemed to erupt out of nowhere. The photos I peeked at had me drooling in anticipation.


 She says: He found this one on the net, I didn’t see any of the hype about it before I went but it’s located in hotel chambers where I have snuck off for a cheeky beer after work once or twice in the past, so I was keen to check it out. Turns out they retained the tvs, and have turned them up LOUD.

What did you order?

– The Big Bro – $16

– The Muss – $16


Tell us about the Big Bro?

He says: This joint offers a wide spectrum of burger styles (there’s a beef burger with maple syrup and peanut butter, a pork burger with rashuns chips, and a fish burger with egg, cheese and tartare etc) but we were both famished and decided to go for the two monster burgers on the menu. There was a lot going on here (beef patty, slow cooked pork, egg, cheese, tomato, pineapple, BBQ sauce and aioli) but unfortunately it just seemed like there was ‘throw it all together and hope for the best’ attitude. The sweet pork was too overpowering, didn’t sit well with the beef or the egg, and really needed something salty or acidic to cut through saccharinity. This burger was full of sound and fury signifying nothing I’m afraid.


She says: He has nailed the description of this – what seemed like a good idea at the time (two types of meat, four types of protein and two different sauces all mushed together) was predictably not so great. While the BBQ sauce was a pretty good, the whole thing together was all just too much, even to us, the hungriest people in the world at this point. I even had a touch of a hang over so my fatty fried food threshold was high – alas not high enough.


So then, how did you find The Muss?

He says: Although on the whole more enjoyable than its beef counterpart this was also a bit of a disappointment. The kumara dusted chicken thigh fillet was on point and a nice foil for the bacon, cheese, avocado and aioli and BBQ sauce but again it was all overwhelmed by another ingredient in this case being the caremelized onions. They were either just too sweet or there too many of them but either way you look at it they sunk the ship so to speak.


 She says: Again the BBQ sauce was the star of this one. Same criticism as the previous burger in that there was just a bit too much going on. There was pretty much an entire avocado on this bad boy!!


And what about the sides?

She says: We have recently been over ordering big time so we held back on getting extra sides but to be honest I was pretty so-so on the chips. They were just a bit dull – all soft, no crunch. He of course ordered aioli too – but this was not the nice kind, more the pre-made kind that you find most commonly in the kitchen at the RSL which comes in a 20L tub. Nothing special or noteworthy with these unfortunately.


He says: We were informed that all the burgers were served with fries and fearing, even by our standards, that we’d order too much food we avoided the kumara wedges on offer. The fries served with the burgers were pretty standard but definitely in need of more salt

||53 Martin Place Sydney 2000 || Website ||

Opening times

Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

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The Forresters


The Forresters Verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 6/10


Why this place?

She says: Again, this was His suggestion. Perhaps it should just be a given that He does the research and has the experience, and I willingly follow His advice based my trust of His encyclopaedic burger knowledge. (Also, based on my previous experience of Queenies, the restaurant upstairs, I knew that this would have to be okay.)

He says: In my experience the Drink n Dine company have always been rather reliable with their burgers and The Forresters also doubles as an enjoyable weekend drinking spot.


What did you order?

·         Cheeseburger – $18

·         Fried Chicken Burger – $18

·         Fries with Pulled Pork & Cheese – $12


Tell us about the Cheeseburger?

He says: This was top notch and hard to deny. Not on the same level as the Oxford Tavern but still a cracker. The addition of the fried onion rings atop the tasty patty was a masterstroke. My only complaint was that the quality and freshness of the bread left a little to be desired.


She says: This was a really good, solid cheeseburger. It hit the spot. Not too much bread in the bun, a good amount of sauce. Juicy patty and nice fresh thinly sliced iceberg lettuce. I liked the onion rings too – nice touch. It tasted like how a burger should taste and I would go back for it again, for sure.


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: After the Oxford Tavern fried chicken burger, I didn’t have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Foresters’ chicken burger was far more cohesive than the Oxford Tavern’s version. This one had a good amount of sauce and avocado which held the bun and the chicken together and incorporated the chicken as part of the burger rather just a piece of chook between two pieces of bread. It was indulgent and luxurious. This is another burger that I have thought of again and would definitely return for. Order it. You will not regret it.


He says: I didn’t wax lyrical about this one like She but can understand why she loved it so much. The chicken was a knockout but there was the same issue with the bread as their was on the cheeseburger and, it is a personal taste thing admittedly, I’m not that into guacamole and sour cream on a chicken burger. Unless you’re going full tex mex I just don’t get what they’re doing there.


And what about the sides?

She says: Well to begin with, we probably didn’t need to order fries – both the burgers came with a good amount of fries already…and well, basically we dropped the ball okay, we missed the Mac and Cheese on the menu until it was too late.  And then also, I think perhaps this dish was ready to go a while before the burgers, because by the time it got to us the cheese had hardened and cooled to form one giant cheese and pulled pork mass, which was not super pleasant. Hot, hell warm even, I think this side would be fantastic, but in its brick like state it was disappointing.

He says: Not realising there was Mac and Cheese on the menu was a gross oversight on our behalf. The pulled pork and cheese fries were a little confused. The crinkle cut fries are always a familiar and enjoyable old friend but they just seemed to haphazardly shove some blocks of cold pork in between them like they were playing a drunken game of reverse jenga. The cheese and sirracha were never going to be enough to save the day here.

Visited on DATE

|| 336 Riley St Surry Hills NSW 2010 || Website || Menu ||


Food served from 12 til around 10pm daily.

$12 lunch menu is available Mon-Fri, 12-3pm.

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