Dr. Faustus


Dr. Faustus verdict 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 8.5/10
Pork Rib Burger: 9/10
Sides: 8.5/10



So why Dr. Faustus?

She says: This one has been sitting quietly on our list for a while and the subject of recommendations from some of our burger enthusiast blogger friends (looking at you Bianca). Also – I sooked out of waiting in the line at the Ume pop up – it was just too sad to stand in a line that wasn’t moving, for a burger… I felt like a (hungry) dork.


He says: We rocked up to the Ume in Surry Hills for their pop up burger day but, after finding the large queue out the front a little on the daunting side, we made a snap decision to walk down to Dr Faustus instead.

What did you order?

  • Beef Bun – $16
  • Pork Rib Bun- $16
  • Drunken Fries – $12
  • Cereal Milk – $6


Tell us about the Beef burger?
He says: In terms of taste this was like a gourmet Big Mac (which is by no means criticism). The sauce, cheese, pickles and bun on this were on point but it was slightly let down by the patty. It was overcooked (the menu claimed it would be rare) and had a strange hard texture to it. In saying that it did pack a punch in terms of flavour. If it were cooked to perfection I would definitely have seen myself scoring this one higher.


She says: This was a super luxurious, rich burger. I really liked the nod to macaques (set apart by the high quality ingredients and meat which actually had flavour) and was a big fan of the freshness of the salad bits. The patty was a little overcooked but I was still really impressed with this one.


So then, how did you find the Pork Rib Burger?

She says: I am going to go right out and say that this is my favourite pork burger in Sydney to date. The pork was cooked to perfection and fell apart as you bit it, with the exception of the piece of crackling with added a great textural counterpoint. The cabbage was fresh and flavourful without detracting from the great richness of the pork but cutting through the fat. The flavours and textures were perfect with this one, with the soft bun perfectly housing this culinary poem.


He says: This was motherfucking delicious! It was a great point of difference to have a rib as opposed pulled pork serving in the centre. The rib itself was gloriously juicy and had the added bonus of having crackling. When you matched it with the slaw and sauce you had quite the couple. I found myself reminiscing over this bad boy later in the day and drooling appropriately.


And what about the sides?

He says: The Drunken Fries were fries coated in the burger sauce with American cheese and onions peppered throughout. Although a little on the rich side and perhaps lacking imagination they were ridiculously good and I found it hard to resist the temptation to keep stuffing them in my mouth. The Cereal Milk had me all nostalgic and it was also quite the moment to witness She try Fruit Loops for the first time.


She says: The burgers came with chips which were classic american fries style. The drunken fries  took those chips once step further and were pretty full on flavour wise. If was actually drunk though they would have been a great late night snack. Actually  they were a good snack anyway, in that way that leaves you feeling guilty as you picture the arteries around your entire body quietly clogging. The cereal milk was amazing but at the same time exactly what you expect, milk that tastes like it has had cereal in it. There was the choice of coco-pops of Fruit Loops, and we chose Fruit Loops and it was magical.


|| 380 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || http://drfaustus.com.au || 0416 914 170 ||

Tuesday – Thursday: 5PM – 10pm
Friday: 11AM – 10PM
Saturday: 9AM – 10PM
Sunday: 9AM – 4PM
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Rocks Brewing

IMG_5539 Rocks Brewing verdict : 4/10

Beef Burger: 3/10

Pork burger: 5/10

Sides: 3/10



So why Rocks Brewing? 

She says: A good friend of mine went there and raved about it (actually…now that I think about it perhaps he was talking about Batch Brewery…oops). It is in one of the new developments popping up all through Alexandria which is close to my place so we ducked over on a Sunday afternoon (when they have live music, which was the highiight).

He says: A combo of blog loving and a friend’s (who reads this very blog) recommendation. I also really like beer so all roads seemed to lead to joy on this front. In retrospect  ‘seemed’ was the operative word in that sentence.

IMG_5540What did you order?

Pulled Pork Burger – $18

The Big Stopper Burger – $19

Rocks Jalapeños Stoppers – $12


Tell us about the Big Stopper burger?

He says: Firstly I hope that this was just a bad day and am happy for someone to set me straight on what I was missing but the fact was this burger was completely shithouse. The patty was overcooked to the point that it was actually crunchy (which was a first for me). Too much chutney (that redefined bland) and a mushroom that had no business being there with the other elements at play. The kind of burger you’d expect from the dodgy cafe around the corner (that everyone avoids). Genuinely hard to finish.


She says:  A little piece of me died when I bit into this burger. There are no positives to share. I only took one bite… I might just skip to the next question.


So then, how did you find the Pulled Pork burger?

She says: This was slightly better than the beef but the pork was very sweet, the bun was a bit stale tasting and mayo had a weird, over eggy taste. I didn’t finish this one either.


He says: This was your standard pulled pork burger. Nothing of particular note but compared to the beef burger it was ok. Pork too sweet (without anything to balance off) and not enough sauce.


And what about the sides? 

She says: Poppers! On a menu in Sydney – I was excited to say the least. Excitement was wasted here. They just weren’t up to scratch – they were over battered, under seasoned and super doper chilli. The cream cheese lacked that great tang you usually get with a good popper – disappointing. The chips were probably the best bit of the whole meal and they were pretty standard.


He says: Had one bite and couldn’t go much more. Dry with what tasted like stale breadcrumbs and cheap cheese in the centre. Feel bad being harsh but this was not a pleasant experience. The fries were the highlight of the meal but to be honest they were just standard well cooked and battered chips that you could find anywhere.


||  160 Bourke Road, (Driveway J), Alexandria, NSW 2016 || (02) 9669 3600 || Website ||

Opening Hours:

MON -FRI: 12PM-3PM & 5PM-9PM

SAT-SUN: 12pm-9pm


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The Burger Project


The Burger Project verdict: 7


Beef Burger: 7
Pork Belly Burger: 6.5
Sides: 8


Why The Burger Project?
She says: Because we won a competition! (I assume it was genuine and we won because of the beautiful 25 words or less that I wrote about my favorite burger “it was with my now boyfriend and made me realize he was a keeper”) We were stoked because have been watching the Instagram keenly, waiting for TBP to open.

He Says: Because the marvellous She won a competition! Am a bit of a fan of the Neil Perry food empire so to say I was excited to devour the creations from his new outlet solely devoted to burgers would be the understatement of 2014!

IMG_5123What did you order?
– Bacon and cheese burger – $9.50
– Pork belly burger – $9.90
– Salt and vinigar thrice cooked chips – $4.90
– Chipotle chilli thrice cooked chips – $4.90
– Malted creme de leche milkshake – $6.50
– Mandarins house made soda – $4.50


Tell us about the Bacon and Cheese burger?
She says: First thing – expectations for this one were high. This is a Neil Perry burger and though I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the Rockpool burger, I was ready for something pretty great. And it was pretty good  – but not crazy amazing mind blowing awesome. You can tell that the paddy is made with high quality meat and it was paired with a nice amount of a tangy cheese. The paddy though was a bit inconsistent in its shape – He and I always halve each burger and we swapped halves because the meat in my half was a bit too thick. Turns out, he had all the pickles too – which were a big draw card and added a of flavour. I would eat this again though, perhaps we were just privy to some first night jitters.
He says: This was a solid addition to the burger scene in Sydney. I really was expecting it to blow my socks off (which it didn’t) but would be keen to see how it develops once they’ve been open for a little while (especially on an evening when there isn’t a line around the corner and it doesn’t resemble a refectory production line). Basically everything with this burger is solid (patty flavoursome and well cooked, double cheese kudos, tasty sauce) but nothing makes it all that memorable. Am hoping my next visit relegates it to the upper echelons of burger heaven.

IMG_5146So then, how did you find the Pork Belly Burger?
She says: If you have read many of our previous posts, you’ll see that we usually try one beef and one chicken burger, but it was always intended to be one beef and one ’something else’. This time we went for pork, at my insistence because we have had such a bad trot with the grilled chicken burgers lately. It was not my finest choice (particularly in light of all the love that the Burger Project Korean burger has been getting on other blogs). Huge ups to TBP for using free range pork though -I think you can definitely taste the difference. The meat itself was high quality, well cooked with crispy crackling.  A little less of the chill sauce and the addition of some mayo or other sauce would vastly be warmly welcomed by the team here at OBM.
He Says: I won’t lie – I’m just not that much of a fan of pork belly in a burger. I’ve noticed a lot of the other bloggers have really enjoyed this one so it might just be a taste thing. I’m not sure if it was quite on point tonight either as the pork was a little dry and not much ‘crack’ in the crackling. As She mentioned I also definitely craved some kind of creamy sauce or mayo in there.


And the sides? What were they like?

She says: The chipotle chilli and the salt and vinegar thrice cooked chips were both amazing. The three rounds of cooking makes them the most crunchy, decadent chips I have had for a while. Old school style, they come out recognisable as roughly chopped potatoes with skin on. They were a highlight. The salt and vinegar could have been more strongly seasoned but either way I was still happy with them. I loved the mandarin soda too. And the salted creme de leche shake was a killer. I would go back in a heartbeat for these sides. And perhaps they are an indication of the quality of this place – maybe with some time, we will go back and see how they are going after a few months of being open.


|| Shop 11.06 World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street Sydney || Website || Menu ||

Hours: 11am – 10pm Monday – Sunday

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Rupert and Ruby


Rupert and Ruby Verdict: 9/10 


Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger and Pulled Pork Burger: 9/10

Sides: 8/10


Why Rupert and Ruby?

She says: Okay –full disclosure – head chef of Rupert and Ruby, Eli and his wife, Ruby are dear friends of mine and I have been waiting for this restaurant (and particularly the Chicken and Waffles breakfast offering) for a good while. In working out whether we should review their restaurant, He and I actually debated whether we could be unbiased, and vowed that if we did not think we could give an accurate account of our burgers, we would not post it to OBM. As it turned out, it was a situation akin to that where you’re going to watch a friend’s new band and you hope that they are good so that afterwards you can sincerely praise their brilliant efforts, but then they are actually mind blowingly better than expected and you are totally impressed and relieved.


He says: As mentioned above She is very well affiliated with two of the key ingredients at Rupert and Ruby. After numerous occasions of devouring their heavenly cuisine at Ruby’s BBQ at Fat Ruperts restaurant in Bondi Junction it’s fair to say, sans any conflict of interest, that my excitement to try Eli’s new burgers were at a level of mass hysteria.


What did you order?

  • Big Poppa burger – $13
  • Notorious K.F.C burger – $13
  • Black Berkshire burger – $13
  • Fries – $6
  • Native Hybiscus Cheesecake – $15


Tell us about the Big Poppa Burger ?

He says: This is a triumph. What a breathtaking burger! The brioche bun is perfectly moist with a hint of sweetness (almost akin to a croissant), the piquant house made pickles form a perfect union with the divine melted cheese and a zesty special sauce that all surround the secret weapon that is the patty. This is as flavoursome and perfectly cooked as any patty I’ve had on this earth – seriously it may as well have been hand delivered by angels. So yeah, to further She’s ‘friend’s new band’ analogy above it turns out her friends are in Black Sabbath and they just played a freewheeling heavy rock set about as incendiary as the sun. It would take more than a nation to hold me back from ordering the double patty option next time.


She says: I have been waiting to try this burger since I saw its first incarnation on the Fat Rupert’s Instagram. Originally served in slider form as the Fat Rupert’s Yeezy Burger, the Big Poppa is a natural evolution and a true mind blower. The patty is full of meaty goodness, holds together well, is nice and moist and tastes like really good quality meat. The house made pickles, which add just the right amount of tang and a bit off crunch, sit atop a generous amount of melted cheese. The iceberg lettuce, cuts through the richness of the burger while the soft and not to thick brioche bun has a hint of sweetness which works a treat. I have been thinking of this burger each day since trying it and next time will give in to His pleadings that we get the double patty option.


So then, how did you find the Notorious K.F.C?

He says: Bang on again. This is the same fried chicken from Ruby’s BBQ united with brioche, lettuce and mayo so there were never going to be any complaints from me. The chicken itself (which I’ve craved often) is the scene stealer alone with just the right amount of crunch and a golden honey type sauce that finds a perfect ally in the creamy mayo.


She says: This burger uses what is arguably the best fried chicken in Sydney (up there for me with fried chook from the now closed Mexico Food and Liquor). Coated in just the right amount of spices the chicken is deep fried, giving it a bit of crunch, while keeping the chicken tender and moist. Also served on the slightly sweet brioche bun, the sesame seeds on top and the mayo inside make this into a harmonious offering. Again the iceberg lettuce cuts through, ensuring that this burger is delicious but not so rich that you need to hibernate straight after eating. Next time, I’ll order it with double mayo (which was so, so good!)


What about the Black Berkshire burger (wait – you had three burgers?!)?

She says: Yes, we had three burgers (its only one and a half between us!!). We couldn’t resist the pork burger. The succulent shredded pork was delicious and rich while the subtle sweetness of the apple slaw (which photographs so well) added depth. The house made mustard tops this burger off, taking it to office-lunch-daydream territory!


He says: I’m personally not all that way disposed to pulled pork on a burger but this was still delicious. The apple slaw is a masterstroke and the house made mustard was born to neighbour with pork.


And what about the sides?

She says: We ordered the hand cut chips to nibble on while we waited for a friend and they were so great they disappeared almost immediately. (There was one left and I politely offered it to Him to eat it, promptly forgot and found myself stuffing it in my mouth before he had a chance to snatch it up.) Served with a generous amount of cheese and awesome aioli, nicely cooked with a great crunch, these were winners. We also got the cheesecake (which changes really frequently) which was flavoured with native hibiscus. It is served with fresh blueberries and cream and was super rich and luxurious.


He says: The fries were delectable! Cooked and cut to perfection and coated in (personal favourite) pecorino cheese with an aioli I could have happily bathed and frolicked in for days on end. Would love to see if they’d accommodate a request to melt the cheese next time as well. By the time the cheesecake came out I was already creeping into food coma territory but it did finish off the meal with a pleasant kick.

Visited on 30 August 2014

|| 8 Stanley St East Sydney NSW 2010|| Website ||


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