Burgers By Josh Pop Up

burgersbyjoshimageBurgers By Josh Pop Up verdict: 9/10


Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Other Beef Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10

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So why Burgers By Josh?

He says: We missed his tenure at Danno’s in Dee Why and his various pop ups throughout Sydney and, after hearing nothing but rapturous recommendations about this guys burgers, there was no fucking way we were missing him this time.

She says:  Josh’s reputation precedes him. His work at Danno’s was received so well that we look like big idiots having missed it (well, Dee Why though… come on!). Also – I work in the veritable food desert that is North Sydney so any chance to see Him during the work day AND eat a burg is not to be sniffed at! (Note: Burgers by Josh have announced they will be open at North Sydney’s Upperdeck through the month of January, so get in quick!)

What did you order?

  • The J Burger – $13
  • The Infamous Primo Burger – $20
  • Jurassic Fries – $12

burg 1

Tell us about the J Burger?

She says: Firstly, the actual burger in real life is not blurred. The burger here is blurred because of my excitement to get stuck in. And I was right to be exited. This was a lovely little burger. Good soft bun, the perfect amount of melted American cheese, great pickles and a good sharp onion. And awesome amount of really flavoursome J Sauce. This was one of the few burgers that did not leave us wishing for more sauce.

He says: An exercise in simplicity that serves as an instant classic. I’d sleep on a pillow of patties like this and don’t even start me on the J Sauce. Great stuff.

DSC00793 (1)

So then, how did you find the Infamous Primo Burger?

He says: I love a double patty but there seemed like there was maybe just too much going on here for my liking. Everything on its own (bacon, iceberg lettuce, double American cheese, onion rings, jalapenos and jalapeno poppers) was sound but I could maybe survive by dropping one. Still this was another great burger nonetheless.

Inside burg 2

She says: It’s no secret that I just put up with the double patty because I know He loves them, and really, how hard is it just top remove a patty? Well – actually here it was pretty hard because the patties were expertly glued together with melted American cheese slices. So – my burger fell apart, but it was still good, but it was so rich it made me wish we had post-burger snooze hammocks at work. It is like the J Burger on steroids and dressed to party. So maybe only order it if you are on steroids and dressed to party.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: As the person who ate most of the Jurassic fries I can report that they were pretty bloody more-ish. The type of snack where you aren’t quite sure about at first but then you keep going back until they are nearly gone and He isn’t back from feeding the meter so you have to spread the remaining fries around to make it look like you didn’t eat quite so many. But then you eat more of the spread out fries and the game is up, He comes back you are obviously a guts who ate all the fries!

He says: These were next level. Perfectly crisp beer battered fries coated in the respectively magnificent cheese and Primo sauces.

|| Greenwood Plaza, 36 Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060 (NOW CLOSED but opened again at North Sydney’s Upperdeck through the month of January) || www.burgersbyjosh.com ||


Tues 11:30 – 2:30

Wed- Fri 11:30am – 9pm

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The Hayberry Bar and Diner


The Hayberry Bar and Diner: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10


Why this place?

She says: I found this place (yep, I am going to claim it proudly) though my trawling of the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society page on Facebook (shouts to all the Fatties!). If you like burgers, you probably already know about that page and if you don’t know about it then take a good hard look at yourself, question how much you do love burgers and  then look it up. Back to the burgers – The Hayberry is a cool little addition to the north end of town. If that was my home turf, I would it would have been just what I was waiting for.


He says: We’d both stumbled across this place online (particularly wowed by the photos of waffle fries) and after securing car for the day we thought it a good time to head over the bridge.

What did you order?

  • The Classic Cheese burger – $15
  • The Hay.F.C Chicken burger – $17
  • Cheese and Bacon Fries – $10
  • Popcorn Chicken – $12


Tell us about the Cheese Burger?

He says: Hard to really ask for more in a cheese burger. A superb patty (with that juicy melt in your mouth quality) wedged between a heap of cheese, pickles and onions all on a bun that housed this blessed union with aplomb. Perfect execution of flavours served to make this a sensational burger!


She says: This was such a good little classic. The bun was nice and soft. It had a bit more of a brioche texture than I usually like but it worked here. The patty was cooked well, not dry and really flavourful. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but it was really tasty. The pickles and American mustard were also just right. This was a really good cheeseburger. I would highly recommend!


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: The chicken burger was really enjoyable (not up the greatness of the cheese burger though which was my favourite). The chicken was juicy and had a nice batter. Good, well melted cheese and nice thinly chopped iceberg.  For me there was just a bit too much chicken and not quite enough mayo but honestly, thats probably just me being picky.


He says: I enjoyed this a whole lot more than She and if it just had a little more sauce on it I’d rate it even higher. Although lacking in quantity the hickory mayo was an absolute star and the perfect match for the southern fried chicken. Next time I’ll be adding pineapple as well.


And what about the sides?

He says: Upon ordering we were devastated in hearing that, due to an unforeseen shipping debacle, the waffle fries were off the menu today. Steve, the legend who served us, attempted to curb our sorrow by upgrading our normal side of fries to the bacon and cheese variety – oh sheeit he was successful! Crisp french fries covered in melted cheese and bacon and then smothered in a decadent hickory BBQ sauce and mayo. It was as decadent as it sounds and utterly delicious! The popcorn chicken was just as good and I actually felt a tinge of sadness when the last one was devoured. The Hayberry is just what Crows Nest needed and next time I’m wearing my drinking shoes.

She says:  I realised first that there was a chip related issue when I looked around and saw there wasn’t a waffle-cut fry to be seen amongst our fellow diners. We were both pretty excited about giving them a go and some of us may have been more devastated than others that they couldn’t taste what appears to be one awesome way to cut a chip. But the cheese and bacon fries really did hold their own (and I stopped sulking like a giant baby). They were so ridiculously good that I could already tell that future hungover me would think back to them in moments of particular struggle. The popcorn chicken was also pretty great. It didn’t really look quite how I had expected, on first glance appearing more like calamari than chicken. The taste taste however was spot on and reminded me a bit of the chicken from the Nighthawk Diner burger. It was really nicely seasoned and had a thin coating with a bit of crunch. Top notch.

|| 97 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, 2065,  NSW || 02 80840816 || Website ||



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm-midnight,

Friday & Saturday: 12pm-midnight,

Sunday: 12pm-midnight,

Monday: Closed.
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The Burger Shed


The Burger Shed Verdict: 4/10 

Beef Burger: 4/10

Classic Shed Burger: 2/10

Sides: 7/10



Why the Burger Shed?

She says: He discovered this through his daily trawling of our favorite food blogs. From all accounts it sounded really good, and we were headed back from a weekend away at Whale Beach so it seemed like the perfect pit stop.


He says: Normally when big time chef hatted chefs get into the burger business the results are electric. This was Justin North’s (Becasse, Charlie and Co) new venture and considering his previous culinary exploits I expected big things.

What did you order?

  • Cheese and Bacon Burger (vintage cheese burger with grilled smoked bacon) – $13
  • ‘The Classic’ Shed Burger (grass fed Angus & fullblood Wagu patty, cheese, miso, BBQ onions,tomato relish and pickles)- $12
  • Truffle and Parmesan fries – $6
  • Caramel Butter Popcorn Shed Shake  – $8
  • Aoli – $1
  • Mustard Aoli – $1


Tell us about the Cheese and Bacon Burger ?

He says: This thing looked like a champion but tasted like the equivalent of a third grade player coming off the bench. The uninspired patty was bland and the meat to bread ratio bordered on being absurd. The sauce was delectable but there was nowhere near enough of it (I ended up asking for more and then lathering it on myself). Opportunity missed.


She says: It was ok,  but was really let down by the spices in the patty (I think, or perhaps they were in the sauce) and by the bun – so much bread! It held together well though and the pickled cucumber strips were great (it was also helped a lot by the addition of extra mustard aoli).


So then, how did you find ‘The Classic’ Shed Burger?

He says: A comedy of errors here. Still harboured the complete misfires that were the last burger (patty, bun to meat ratio, etc) but then decided to up the ante by including a funky miso sauce which will go down as the most baffling addition to any burger in 2014. It was less a sauce and more an abominable gelatinous miso gravy that suffocated any good taste it encountered on it’s path


She says: I was pretty excited about this one. The grass fed Angus & fullblood Wagu patty sounded INCREDIBLE – the addition of cheese, BBQ onions, tomato relish and pickles seemed good but the miso listed in the ingredients should have been a red flag. Unfortunately it didn’t match my (admittedly high) expectations. It suffered the same spice and bread issues as the other burger but it was also pretty soggy (in fact was surrounded by a puddle of brown water) and had too much caramelized onion for my tastes. 


And what about the sides?

She says: Special mention to the chips – exceptional. I am a sucker for truffle and here the truffle was good and strong, with just enough cheese (I ALWAYS want more cheese though) and had a lot of crunch, just how like them. The mustard aoli was also great, with that  American mustard taste, (would have been great on a hot dog). The milkshake was nothing to rave about but my experience of that could have been marred by the lack of popcorn milk which they had run out of (particularly sad).

He says: The truffle and Parmesan fries were admittedly done well and coupled with the mustard aioli impossible to resist. The milkshake suffered from the lack of popcorn milk but nevertheless still went down a treat.

Visited on 14 July 2014

|| 914 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 || Website ||

Winter opening hours:

Sun-Wed 11:30am-8:00pm
Thur-Sat 11:30am-9:00pm


Batch Burgers & Espresso

Batch Burgers Verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger: 6/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 7/10


Why Batch?

She says: I think that this was yet another of his blog finds. The photos of this place online looked fantastic. Turns out that it is actually quite a small restaurant, with only bar seating inside and two tables out the front. Great for a date but probably tough if you are more than two and it’s peak burger times

He says: Batch was indeed a blog find. I also regularly found myself waking up with the Batch burger menu on my Ipad signifying my last point of consciousness before slumber on numerous occasions. Not particularly difficult to work out what food source features prominently in my dreams and why.

What did you order?

  • Chocolate malt milkshake with Maltesers – $8
  • Cheesy fries – $5
  • Berliner– $13.50
  • New Yorker – $15

Tell us about the New Yorker ?

He says: After settling on our plan of attack regarding the menu and nestling up in the tight confines of Batch, this little fella rocked up on a plate. It looked great and all the components seemed to be in harmonious play but I was a little disappointed with the patty. It was a touch on dry side and flavourless. The other fillings (from the seductive sauce, pineapple goodness which She now seems to be a fan of, and through to the soft brioche bun) all worked well but alas were let down. Kind of like you threw a party and told all the coolest kids to surround the milquetoast in attempt to lift their character. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out.

She says: We had some debate on the way there as to which beef burger to choose (the other contender was the Cheese Burger ($11.00) with onion, pickles & cheese American mustard and ketchup on a seeded brioche bun). The argument for the New Yorker proved the most convincing (the lack of any kind of salad on the Cheese Burger was the deciding factor) and when it came it, like the interior of Batch itself, definitely looked the part. And while this tower of a burger held together well and the ingredients were nice and fresh, as a whole didn’t blow me away.  (Side note – this was another burger with Pineapple, what is He doing to me!)

So then, how did you find the Berliner?

She says: This was another cracker chicken burger (we have had a great run so far). It definitely outshone the New Yorker (except maybe in the looks department). We watched as the chef put the cheese straight onto the hotplate to melt it down before slapping it onto a perfectly crispy chicken schnitzel. This was delicately placed on a bun with mayonnaise and one leaf of iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise, topped with bacon. Good ratios, good taste.

He says: Whoa. This was delicious. Chicken (crumbed to perfection) and bacon to sauce ratio was spot on but the real star was the fried cheese. Yes, they fry the cheese then put it on the burger. It’s a minor masterpiece with my only complaint being the bun on this one was a little dry. 


And what about the sides?

She says: Our milkshake order (Chocolate malt milkshake with Maltesers) was the star of the show sides-wise. We basically ordered malt on malt on malt. The waitress double checked that  she had heard us correctly and looked dubious, but our order was genius! It was amazing, and luckily came with two straws facilitating somewhat trite milkshake-sharing-date-headclashes. The cheesy fries were good for the price but more cheese would have been (as it always is) welcome.

He says: The milkshake smacked my joy receptors into overdrive. Like the lava of a chocolate malt volcano. I was more into the cheesy fries than She and think it’s because whatever cheese they used was suitably sharp and moreish. Unlike She I also completely submerged every cheesy chip in the aioli kindly afforded to us

Visited on 29 June 2014

|| 3A Broughton St, Kirribilli NSW 2061 ||   Menu ||  Website  ||


7am to 10pm – 7 days a week

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