Bloody Mary’s


Bloody Mary’s verdict: 5/10

Beef Burger: 4/10

SPAM Burger: 4/10

Sides: 8/10


So why Bloody Mary’s?

She says: We walk past this place a lot. And I really don’t mind the odd Bloody Mary. Plus we saw blog posts with a Bloody Mary that had a burger in it like how a normal cocktail has an umbrella (note: for some crazy reason we did not sample said Bloody Mary – perhaps because we  are Bloody Fools).


He says: I won’t lie – this place is about 40 metres from my front door and, to both support the locals and also due to sheer perverse curiosity, I wanted to try their SPAM burger (yep, that meat in the can stuff).


What did you order?

  • Bloody Mary’s Beef Burger – $19
  • SPAM Burger- $16
  • Buffalo Wings – $12
  • Jalapeño Poppers – $9
  • Truffle and Parmesan Fries – $8


Tell us about the Bloody Mary’s Beef burger?

He says:  Unfortunately this was not a pleasant burger to eat. The patty was overcooked to the point where I honestly couldn’t tell you what flavour it had outside of burnt sausage. Nothing else here made any case to miraculously save the day but it was ok when I left the patty out and stuffed it with chips coated in aioli. Hopefully just a bad day at the office here.


She says:  We eat so many mind blowing burgers that when I eat something like this it makes me a bit sad. It wasn’t a very interesting burger, the meat had no flavour and there were very few redeeming factors.


So then, how did you find the SPAM Burger?

She says: I should say straight out that I never wanted to eat this. My general attitude towards this burger is poor becuase, like most sane 21st century folk, I have zero interest in SPAM (see previous posts about mystery meat). Despite this, in the spirit of love and positivity I went with Him to try the SPAM burger. I took one bite of the SPAM burger and I did not take any more. From that one bite I can tell you that really the SPAM didn’t have much taste – like spiced, cheap, jellied ham, but it wasn’t overpowering. This said, I wouldn’t eat this again…mainly because THE MEAT IS FROM A CAN. He wanted to score this higher but I dragged the score down when He wasn’t looking.

He says: An interesting idea but not the greatest execution. The SPAM is cooked and the closest thing I could compare it to would be the fry up you have with leftover Xmas ham in the festive season. The addition of pineapple is a good match but there was an ungodly amount of mustard and ketchup that drowned the flavour out of everything else. The menu stated it had mayo but that was unfortunately nowhere to be found. Disappointing.


And what about the sides?

She says: Another ‘thank god for the sides’ moment came with the Jalapeno poppers – they started off fantastic, jam packed full of hot cheese and with a chilli bite, maybe a little too much batter but post-SPAM who cares!  The fries were great, and took up most of my time after the burgers lost me. I wasn’t as taken with the Buffalo wings as He was but they were ok.


He says: I thought the buffalo wings were pretty damn good. High quality chicken with a solid little marinade that a good amount of spice. Also enjoyed dipping them in the ranch sauce. Jalapeño poppers were adequate but I’m not a valid judge on these as they’re just not my thing in general (She has the same issue with onion rings). The truffle and parmesan fries were so delicious I almost forgot about the burgers. Almost anyway.


|| 332 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010 || || (02) 9360 5568 ||


Monday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm

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Wambie Whopper


Wambie Whopper : 6/10

Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6.5/10

Sides: 4/10

Why this place?

She says: Whenever we go on road trips we have grand plans of visiting places we have (well, He has) found after hours of dedicated research. When the place He had found us didn’t work out,  we went to a distillery [LINK] instead – which was amazing – you should go – try the raspberry liqueur (I know it sounds foul but it will change. your. life. with its awesomeness. Anyway, the next day He researched us up this place!


He says: Already on the central coast with some wonderful friends for a relaxed weekend away we thought it only right to try a local burger joint whilst in the area. After a disappointing attempt to eat at Terrigal’s Pocket Bar (they’d run out of burgers, WTF!) we ended up at this place which seemed like a local favourite (and the source of a lengthy and well documented court case with Hungry Jacks over their name)

What did you order?

  • Hamburger with the Works: $6.80
  • The Bird Burger: $6.00
  • Large Chips with Chicken Salt: $5.50
  • Battered Sav: $2.50


Tell us about the Hamburger with the Works?

He says: This was very much along the lines of Pauls in Sylvania but nowhere near as good. The patty had a bit of a mystery meat feel to it but it was nice to eat an old school, no frills, fish n chip style burger for a change. The old works kitchen sink combination of egg, bacon, onion, beetroot, cheese, and pineapple had me on some nostalgic vibes.


She says:. Oh mystery meat patties – how you repel me. There is nothing alluring or sexy about your grey, sausage-y rubberiness.  The rest of the burger did win back some love from me – the salad bits were fresh and crisp and and I do love an egg and (I never thought I would say this) pineapple on a burger. The nostalgia was not enough for me though. My pinnacle old school milk bar burger will always be the one from Out of The Blue.


So then, how did you find the Bird Burger?

She says: This burger was better. It wasn’t your usual breast fillet or fried chook piece but was instead ripped up BBQ chicken with bacon, pineapple, cheese and BBQ sauce. The cheese was melted nicely and the bacon and pineapple were a salty/sweet treat… but really, that flavour combination just kind of reminded me of a Dominoes Hawaiian pizza.


He says: Pretty similar to the hamburger but it was a nice change to have the addition of BBQ chicken meat as opposed to a fried or grilled fillet of sorts. The marriage of bacon, cheese, pineapple, chicken, mayo and BBQ sauce has always been a favourite of mine. Especially good hangover cure methinks.


And what about the sides?

She says: Unfortunately, as there was no seating at the shop, we had to jump in the car and race home with the food (lucky in retrospect I suppose as I am not sure how the Wambie Whopper clientele would feel about city folk photographing their food like dorks). This meant that we will never know whether the chips were born soft and squishy or if they lost their crunch in the car. Oh and I can’t even comment on the battered sav – I think I have been spoilt by Out of The Blue and now have some very high standards. This battered sav was not something I would eat again.


He says: I thought the chips here would be an old school classic but they were really subpar. We had them in the bag for takeaway provided for all of five minutes but when we went to devour them they were extremely soggy and pretty much devoid of crunch. The battered sav shared the Wambie soggy issue and had an overwhelming batter to sausage ratio which did it no favours.

|| 768 the Entrance Road, Wamberal, New South Wales 2260 || +61 4384 5212 || Facebook ||


Monday – Sunday: 8:30am-8:00pm