The Tuckshop


The Tuckshop Verdict: 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10



Why the Tuck Shop?

She says: I saw this one popping up all over Instagram and of course He researched it through all the blogs. We agreed it was a must. Lucky for us our friends who live in Parramatta had a second beautiful baby who we were yet to meet so we combined the trip with a detour to Glennhaven. It was perhaps the hottest day of the year and although we sat outside, the heat is the only logical explanation for how we stupidly neglected to also order the cheese burger, the star of so many reviews!


He says: So much blogging food porn has been afloat regarding this place. The arrival of a gorgeous new child for two of my favourite people in the world and the close proximity of their house in Parramatta to The Tuckshop had serendipity knocking on the door.

What did you order?

– Beef n Bacon Burger – $16

– Southern Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger – $14

– Malt Milkshake – $5

– Fresh Coconut – $6.5


Tell us about the Beef n Bacon Burger?

He say: This little guy reached for the heavens and nearly hit the ceiling. Top notch patty mingled with to die for bacon and hunger levelling cheese (plus the fresh salad stuff). The tangy special sauce was generously administered and served to enhance the flavour of every other ingredient that it became involved with. A legend of a burger is born.


She says: The bun on this burger, in fact on both burgers looked like brioche but was actually a really good, squishy, fingerprint retaining consistency that flattens right out and makes taking a bite easy and enjoyable. The meat was super tasty, not too oily and clearly good quality. It had that great caramelised, burnt bits taste that i love. The bacon added depth and salt, and the cheese provided a good tang and point of difference to make this an awesome burger. All of this with a small amount of fresh lettuce and tomato and this was a winner. Special burger, worth the long drive.


So then, how did you find the Southern Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger?

She says: This was one of the better grilled chicken burgers we have had lately (still…hanging for a fried chook burg!). One of the major problems we have notices with grilled chicken burgers is a lack of sauce, however this burger laughed at a lack of sauce – it was slathered with awesome mayo and had a really well dressed slaw. Also, it wasn’t too much chicken, in fact it may have been just a bit to little, as to the end of my half i was munching on bread. Really solid example of a grilled burger.


He says: Not ordering the cheeseburger regrets aside (we considered actually driving back a couple of hours later just to try it) this was a solid little burger. Have to stop complaining about grilled chicken in a burger if I keep ordering it. Unlike the last few I’ve had from a various places the chicken itself was juicy and tender as opposed to dry and the slaw and jalapenos gave it a good kick.


And what about the sides?

She says: We didn’t order extra chips, having learnt our lesson over and over again and realising these burgers came with chips. The chips themselves were pretty good. One step up from your normal maccas style french fry, they were ‘old bay seasoned’ indicates is an actual brand. Anyway it was great, particularly with his predictable ordering of extra aioli. Oh, and of course we got drinks too – a malt milkshake (amazing) and a fresh coconut (I was heat mad and the coconut looked like the next best thing to the actual beach). Both were top notch!


He says: If this is what Old bay seasoning in then feel free to coat anything and everything in it from this point on. The beautiful She is a massive malt fiend so the milkshake was a hit. Now if only we can get back here asap to try that friggin cheeseburger!

|| Shop 1/78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven NSW 2156 || Website  || Menu ||

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The Burger Project


The Burger Project verdict: 7


Beef Burger: 7
Pork Belly Burger: 6.5
Sides: 8


Why The Burger Project?
She says: Because we won a competition! (I assume it was genuine and we won because of the beautiful 25 words or less that I wrote about my favorite burger “it was with my now boyfriend and made me realize he was a keeper”) We were stoked because have been watching the Instagram keenly, waiting for TBP to open.

He Says: Because the marvellous She won a competition! Am a bit of a fan of the Neil Perry food empire so to say I was excited to devour the creations from his new outlet solely devoted to burgers would be the understatement of 2014!

IMG_5123What did you order?
– Bacon and cheese burger – $9.50
– Pork belly burger – $9.90
– Salt and vinigar thrice cooked chips – $4.90
– Chipotle chilli thrice cooked chips – $4.90
– Malted creme de leche milkshake – $6.50
– Mandarins house made soda – $4.50


Tell us about the Bacon and Cheese burger?
She says: First thing – expectations for this one were high. This is a Neil Perry burger and though I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the Rockpool burger, I was ready for something pretty great. And it was pretty good  – but not crazy amazing mind blowing awesome. You can tell that the paddy is made with high quality meat and it was paired with a nice amount of a tangy cheese. The paddy though was a bit inconsistent in its shape – He and I always halve each burger and we swapped halves because the meat in my half was a bit too thick. Turns out, he had all the pickles too – which were a big draw card and added a of flavour. I would eat this again though, perhaps we were just privy to some first night jitters.
He says: This was a solid addition to the burger scene in Sydney. I really was expecting it to blow my socks off (which it didn’t) but would be keen to see how it develops once they’ve been open for a little while (especially on an evening when there isn’t a line around the corner and it doesn’t resemble a refectory production line). Basically everything with this burger is solid (patty flavoursome and well cooked, double cheese kudos, tasty sauce) but nothing makes it all that memorable. Am hoping my next visit relegates it to the upper echelons of burger heaven.

IMG_5146So then, how did you find the Pork Belly Burger?
She says: If you have read many of our previous posts, you’ll see that we usually try one beef and one chicken burger, but it was always intended to be one beef and one ’something else’. This time we went for pork, at my insistence because we have had such a bad trot with the grilled chicken burgers lately. It was not my finest choice (particularly in light of all the love that the Burger Project Korean burger has been getting on other blogs). Huge ups to TBP for using free range pork though -I think you can definitely taste the difference. The meat itself was high quality, well cooked with crispy crackling.  A little less of the chill sauce and the addition of some mayo or other sauce would vastly be warmly welcomed by the team here at OBM.
He Says: I won’t lie – I’m just not that much of a fan of pork belly in a burger. I’ve noticed a lot of the other bloggers have really enjoyed this one so it might just be a taste thing. I’m not sure if it was quite on point tonight either as the pork was a little dry and not much ‘crack’ in the crackling. As She mentioned I also definitely craved some kind of creamy sauce or mayo in there.


And the sides? What were they like?

She says: The chipotle chilli and the salt and vinegar thrice cooked chips were both amazing. The three rounds of cooking makes them the most crunchy, decadent chips I have had for a while. Old school style, they come out recognisable as roughly chopped potatoes with skin on. They were a highlight. The salt and vinegar could have been more strongly seasoned but either way I was still happy with them. I loved the mandarin soda too. And the salted creme de leche shake was a killer. I would go back in a heartbeat for these sides. And perhaps they are an indication of the quality of this place – maybe with some time, we will go back and see how they are going after a few months of being open.


|| Shop 11.06 World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street Sydney || Website || Menu ||

Hours: 11am – 10pm Monday – Sunday

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