Rupert and Ruby


Rupert and Ruby Verdict: 9/10 


Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger and Pulled Pork Burger: 9/10

Sides: 8/10


Why Rupert and Ruby?

She says: Okay –full disclosure – head chef of Rupert and Ruby, Eli and his wife, Ruby are dear friends of mine and I have been waiting for this restaurant (and particularly the Chicken and Waffles breakfast offering) for a good while. In working out whether we should review their restaurant, He and I actually debated whether we could be unbiased, and vowed that if we did not think we could give an accurate account of our burgers, we would not post it to OBM. As it turned out, it was a situation akin to that where you’re going to watch a friend’s new band and you hope that they are good so that afterwards you can sincerely praise their brilliant efforts, but then they are actually mind blowingly better than expected and you are totally impressed and relieved.


He says: As mentioned above She is very well affiliated with two of the key ingredients at Rupert and Ruby. After numerous occasions of devouring their heavenly cuisine at Ruby’s BBQ at Fat Ruperts restaurant in Bondi Junction it’s fair to say, sans any conflict of interest, that my excitement to try Eli’s new burgers were at a level of mass hysteria.


What did you order?

  • Big Poppa burger – $13
  • Notorious K.F.C burger – $13
  • Black Berkshire burger – $13
  • Fries – $6
  • Native Hybiscus Cheesecake – $15


Tell us about the Big Poppa Burger ?

He says: This is a triumph. What a breathtaking burger! The brioche bun is perfectly moist with a hint of sweetness (almost akin to a croissant), the piquant house made pickles form a perfect union with the divine melted cheese and a zesty special sauce that all surround the secret weapon that is the patty. This is as flavoursome and perfectly cooked as any patty I’ve had on this earth – seriously it may as well have been hand delivered by angels. So yeah, to further She’s ‘friend’s new band’ analogy above it turns out her friends are in Black Sabbath and they just played a freewheeling heavy rock set about as incendiary as the sun. It would take more than a nation to hold me back from ordering the double patty option next time.


She says: I have been waiting to try this burger since I saw its first incarnation on the Fat Rupert’s Instagram. Originally served in slider form as the Fat Rupert’s Yeezy Burger, the Big Poppa is a natural evolution and a true mind blower. The patty is full of meaty goodness, holds together well, is nice and moist and tastes like really good quality meat. The house made pickles, which add just the right amount of tang and a bit off crunch, sit atop a generous amount of melted cheese. The iceberg lettuce, cuts through the richness of the burger while the soft and not to thick brioche bun has a hint of sweetness which works a treat. I have been thinking of this burger each day since trying it and next time will give in to His pleadings that we get the double patty option.


So then, how did you find the Notorious K.F.C?

He says: Bang on again. This is the same fried chicken from Ruby’s BBQ united with brioche, lettuce and mayo so there were never going to be any complaints from me. The chicken itself (which I’ve craved often) is the scene stealer alone with just the right amount of crunch and a golden honey type sauce that finds a perfect ally in the creamy mayo.


She says: This burger uses what is arguably the best fried chicken in Sydney (up there for me with fried chook from the now closed Mexico Food and Liquor). Coated in just the right amount of spices the chicken is deep fried, giving it a bit of crunch, while keeping the chicken tender and moist. Also served on the slightly sweet brioche bun, the sesame seeds on top and the mayo inside make this into a harmonious offering. Again the iceberg lettuce cuts through, ensuring that this burger is delicious but not so rich that you need to hibernate straight after eating. Next time, I’ll order it with double mayo (which was so, so good!)


What about the Black Berkshire burger (wait – you had three burgers?!)?

She says: Yes, we had three burgers (its only one and a half between us!!). We couldn’t resist the pork burger. The succulent shredded pork was delicious and rich while the subtle sweetness of the apple slaw (which photographs so well) added depth. The house made mustard tops this burger off, taking it to office-lunch-daydream territory!


He says: I’m personally not all that way disposed to pulled pork on a burger but this was still delicious. The apple slaw is a masterstroke and the house made mustard was born to neighbour with pork.


And what about the sides?

She says: We ordered the hand cut chips to nibble on while we waited for a friend and they were so great they disappeared almost immediately. (There was one left and I politely offered it to Him to eat it, promptly forgot and found myself stuffing it in my mouth before he had a chance to snatch it up.) Served with a generous amount of cheese and awesome aioli, nicely cooked with a great crunch, these were winners. We also got the cheesecake (which changes really frequently) which was flavoured with native hibiscus. It is served with fresh blueberries and cream and was super rich and luxurious.


He says: The fries were delectable! Cooked and cut to perfection and coated in (personal favourite) pecorino cheese with an aioli I could have happily bathed and frolicked in for days on end. Would love to see if they’d accommodate a request to melt the cheese next time as well. By the time the cheesecake came out I was already creeping into food coma territory but it did finish off the meal with a pleasant kick.

Visited on 30 August 2014

|| 8 Stanley St East Sydney NSW 2010|| Website ||


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Oxford Tavern

Oxford Tavern Verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 4/10

Sides: 7/10



Why Oxford Tavern?

She says: I grew up in the inner west and used to pass the Oxford Tavern back in the days that it was a genuine girly bar, advertising “jelly wresting” (which I have since learnt is not as delicious as it sounds). Needless to say, I was repulsed by the whole thing back then but since it has been re-done but the Drinkn’Dine crew (also responsible for the Norfolk and the Foresters, among others) I was intrigued.

He says: Unlike She I have no stigma attached to the Oxford Tavern’s ‘shady’ former life. My knowledge of the venue mainly revolves around the Drink n Dine group taking it over. Being a fan of that company’s other and prior burger exploits (Norfolk, Carrington, Forresters and a special shout out to the Abercrombie’s {R.I.P.} Thursday night cheap cheeseburger debauchery) was enough to get me through the door with a decent amount of excitement. 


What did you order?

  • Hickory Burger – $10 (lunch)
  • Fried Chicken Burger – $10
  • Fries with Sour Cream, Bacon, Green Onions and Sriaracha – $10
  • The Jelly Wrestle – $20
  • Bloody Mary – ?

Tell us about the Hickory Burge?

He says: This is one of the better cheeseburgers I’ve had in Sydney. Every mouth water inducing element (from a patty wheeling and dealing in perfection for both taste and tenderness, glorious oozing cheese, a zingy pickle and a special sauce to rival any other) came into play to explode into burger excellence. Sure it was a Sunday, and perhaps I was a little hungover, but this cheeseburger was almost enough to make me  kneel down and cry tears of joy and deference.

She says:  I was really, really impressed with this burger (thank god because we have been on a not so great run with beef burgers lately). It had that great grilled burger taste with the chewy, crunchy, great almost-burnt bits around the edges of the patty.  There was more than ample cheese, which is always a plus and a nice amount of sauce, including a authentic American mustard which, with the pickle, added the perfect amount of tangy punch. Fresh, sparse salad finishes it perfectly. I HIGHLY recommend this burger!

So then, how did you find the Fred Chicken Burger?

She says: Oh my. I am not sure how to describe this one in kind terms. The fried chicken by itself was worthy of note, but as a burger it dropped the ball. It was little more than a bit of fried chicken wedged between two halves of a bun. The coleslaw lacked flavour and was generally un-sauced, and the corn added little to nothing to the burger as a whole.  It lacked the cohesion that we have seen executed so well in some of the other chicken burgers we have tried recently. Next time I would order the fried chicken alone.

He says: Unfortunately this one nearly made me cry for the exact opposite reasons. I don’t want to be too harsh but this was a bit of a train wreck burger wise. The bun seemed a little on the stale side, the fried chicken leaning towards bland and cold, the slaw devoid of flavour and personality, the addition of corn completely superfluous and, seriously, WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE SAUCE DUDES???? On the strength of the Hickory burger though I’m prepared to accept that maybe this was a one off anomaly in the kitchen and would be prepared to give it another crack.

And what about the sides?

She says: Crinkle cut chips will always have a special place in my heart, nestled next to the bigger section of said heart devoted to the king of the chip, curly fries. These chips with sour cream and Sriaracha were pretty good, with a fresh, nacho-esk vibe. The Bloody Marys we ordered were also pretty good but the real star of the sides show was the dessert, which we ordered out of pure greed when we saw it go past. It is a MOUNTAIN of waffles, cream and jelly topped with 100s &1000s. We discovered about halfway in that there was also ICECREAM  buried in its depths. We were informed that they usually provide customers with rubber gloves and  refuse them cutlery, forcing them to eat with their hands. We luckily had utensils left over and were spared the embarrassment of shovelling this into our mouths with our hands (forks and our own gluttony worked just fine to embarrass us)

He says: The crinkle cut chips alone were tasty but the addition of siracha, bacon and sour cream didn’t bring that much to the party. Maybe needed more of each ingredient (and possibly some melted cheese wouldn’t go astray). The Bloody Marys were impressive and served their purpose with vigour but the Jelly Wrestle desert opened up a new level. It’s a must try that transcends the novelty the moment you start heaving all of the different elements into your mouth. Probably the most flat out ‘fun’ dish I’ve had in ages.


Visited on 17 August 2014

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Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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