The Erko

DSC00449The Erko Verdict: 6/10




Beef Burger: 4/10

Brisket Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10



So why The Erko?

She says:  I really like the feel of the Erko – it has that great old Aussie pub vibe, the staff are really friendly and it never feels like its packed with dickheads. It’s family friendly and spacious.  We have been here a couple of times to try the BBQ meats (totally worth a try) and the burgers looked impressive as they went past. (…okay yes, also we are lazy and it’s close to home.)


He says:  Not only conveniently located for us but also a cracking location for smoked meats and many beers in the past. Surely the burgers would follow suit?

 What did you order?

  • The Erko Cheese Burger – $19
  • The Brisket Burger – $22
  • Pulled Pork Poutine- $16


Tell us about the Erko Cheese Burger?

He says: Really disappointing. The patty was like and oversized (and cooked) pepper rissole with extra pepper. Seriously, the pepper in this one pretty much negated the taste of every other ingredient. Was also near impossible to hold.


She saysYeah, this was a massive let down. It looked good and I was pumped for a classic burger with that good greasy flavourful meat patty backed up by some strong flavour friends in the cheese, bacon and sauces. But, sadly no such luck. The bacon was hard to taste, the sauce was M.I.A. and the cheese, while it looked promising from the outside but when I bit into it, it actually wasn’t melted very much and wasn’t very strong or bitey. I don’t think I’ll be going for this one again.


So then, how did you find the Brisket Burger?

He says: The brisket itself was on point but didn’t really seem to work with the rest of the ingredients. The brisket was carved into two distinctly shaped pieces and didn’t seem to fit well in the burger which hence meant there were a whole lot of meatless bites which in itself is nothing short of a tragedy.


She says: Better than the Cheese Burger because the meat was the good, smokey brisket chunks, this burger still wasn’t awesome (sorry canned beetroot but you are going to have to do more than this to win me over). He is right about the logistical issues that we faced with the meat to rest ratio. It was hard to eat and not that much fun.


DSC00428Now, what about the sides?

She says:  Firstly at the risk of getting all food bloggy, this is not traditional poutine. The traditional dish is fries and cheese curds with a “gravy-like” sauce (thanks Wikipedia). Instead the Erko’s poutine is fries, gravy, pulled pork and just normal melted cheese. Perhaps it’s my childlike fascination with that RSL/nursing home flavour of powdered gravy (which is both amazing and disgusting at the same time), or that I just think any meal whose basis is fries is incredible, but there is something about this poutine. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it… I was leaning more towards love this day as I had a teensy bit of a hangover, which this dish is pretty much made for.


He says: Have had the poutine a few times before and it was just as tasty as usual. A big shout out to the aioli which, in my opinion, resides near the top of the garlic mayonnaise kingdom for the year.

|| 102 Erskineville Road, Erskineville, NSW, 2043 ||||


Monday to Saturday 11:00am – Midnight,

Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm


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Pub Life Kitchen (at the Lord Wolseley)


Pub Life Verdict: 9/10


Beef Burger: 9.7/10
Chicken Burger: 9.5/10
Sides: 9.5/10



Why this place?

She says: We happened to pass by the Lord Wolseley Hotel by chance about 2 weeks before the kitchen re-opened and noticed that it was going to be a Pub Life Kitchen. Of course, with His encyclopaedic knowledge of burgers (and of actually pretty much everything) he gave me a quick Pub Life history. When it finally did open in this location, the good reviews started flowing thick and fast and we had to give it a go.


He says: I had frequented Pub Life in its earlier incarnation at The Macquarie hotel and remember waxing lyrical about the burgers way back then. The stream of overpowering food blogging burger porn emanating from the early reviews at their new home at the Lord Wolseley Hotel (once my former local drinking hole) had me primed for something special.

What did you order?

· The OG Burger – $18

· The Bird – $18

· Sticky Hot Wangs – $12


Tell us about the OG Burger?

He says: Fuck me! Sydney has a new competitor in the pantheon of burger royalty. The OG is veering dangerously close to perfection. The patty itself, superbly cooked to medium rare goodness, is hands down the most flavoursome of it’s kind I’ve had this year. Striding into battle joined by a sublime roast garlic and lime aioli, a suitably fresh and moist bun and the perfect amount of heavenly jack cheese it will be hard pressed to beat. Next time I might try it minus the onion jam (for no reason other than to differentiate) and with the addition of another patty and I’m pretty sure that’ll be the best meal I’ve devoured in my existence on this dear planet. I want a photo of the OG burger on my roof so I can wake up to the image of it and worship it every day. I want to staple of photo of it onto my heart.


She says: I can’t put it better than Him. This was a truly magnificent burger. I was initially worried by the “onion relish” component as I have previously had it ruin an otherwise honourable burger, but it was really mild (though perhaps, like Him I would try without next time). Each of the rest of the burger elements were so bloody good. Amazingly soft squishy bun, great melted punchy cheese, really good quality beef in a party which held its shape, and lashings of aoli. I have already thought back to this burger numerous times and it has crept to the top of my all time favourites.


So then, how did you find the Bird?

She says: The chicken burger also smashed my expectations – one of the very best fried chicken burgers that I have tried. It was almost unfathomably crunchy and tasted incredible (with the Dorito flour which he explains below). The elements of this burger worked in perfect harmony. Again, great balance between the salty chook and the tang of the crunchy coleslaw, awesome bun – just really a quality, top notch burger.


He says: Snap again. The batter here is made from crushed up Dorito corn chips and it really does taste as good as that sounds. The chicken itself is also nice and hot when it hits our table (a strange rarity) and the slaw was divine. Add this one to the burger shrine.

And what about the sides?


She says: These were incredible – in fact, I think they will inspire some bright young spark to start a fried chicken blog (do it pleeease!). They were sweet without being sickly and hot and moist (urgh that word). Overall they were amazing. We had an awesome selection of aioli, which He in His usual fashion went mad for. It was a joy to watch. The bone marrow gravy was incredible. (Hot Tip:) we discovered that if you fold a chip in half and use the broken ends to dip, there is a greater gravy take up than otherwise.


He says: The hot sticky wangs performed a dazzling balancing act on the tightrope of sweet and spice. The fries were also superb and when combined with the bone marrow gravy, maple mustard, wasabi mayo, roast garlic and lime aioli to drown them in you pretty much have side nirvana. Also a big shout out to the service which was both attentive and passionate. I LOVE THIS PLACE.



|| 265 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo || Website or maybe this|| Menu on website||


Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch – 12pm to 3pm
Dinner – 6pm to 10pm

12pm to 5pm

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Bonarchè Burger

Bonarche Bruger outside

Bonarchè Burgers Verdict: 8/10

Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 8/10


Why Bonarchè?

She says: Bonarchè was included in Concrete Playground’s ‘Top Ten Burgers in Sydney’ list. Which is lucky because it is an unassuming little shopfront that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to enter based purely on its looks (or its website for that matter, which is like a throw back from the time when you had to wait and listen for your modem to connect). 


He says: I had yet to stumble across a negative review of Bonarchè and had a local Leichardt friend who swore by the place’s quality.

Burgers and chips

What did you order?

  • Tender Tokyo – $15.00
  • Beach n Beef – $15.00

  • Disco Fries – $9.00

  • Malted musk milkshake – Special

Your burger

Tell us about the Beach and Beef burger?

He says: What a monster. This burger would have dwarfed three Mary’s burgers triple piggy backing each other. Flavour was spot on, patty cooked to perfection and the BBQ sauce/aioli combo a winner. There did just seem to be too much packed into the burger though (especially on the avocado front) and two handed consumption became a logistical nightmare. Otherwise a really solid belly filler. 

Your burger cross section

She says: This was a stupendously big burger. As per our usual practice, we halved each burger to share. Luckily He was in charge of this one. Cutting it somewhat compromised the structural integrity of the burger and it was it pretty much fell to bits (although based on the patty consistency, I think this may have happened anyway). Structural issues aside, the meat was delicious  and was complimented by the avocado and smoky BBQ sauce. This was another burger with pineapple, which I think I am coming around to.

Tokyo special

So then, how did you find the Tender Tokyo burger?

She says: It is probably one of my top chicken burgers of the year. As the name would suggest it is Japanese inspired with a Panko breadcrumbed tender chicken breast tonkatsu sauce, Japanese coleslaw & kupi mayo dressing it was as beautifully balanced as a chicken burger based haiku. The crumbing was perfectly crunchy with just the right amount of chicken to sauce to coleslaw to bun ratio.

Tokyo special cross sectionHe says: This was a cracker. A chicken burger to tell the kids about. Redefined the notion of synergy as everything on this burger came in to play to aid the other in a near perfect marriage. The Panko breadcrumbed chicken holding hands with a suitably crisp coleslaw whilst straddling the delicious tonkatsu sauce and mayo dressing double threat was one I’d be happy to experience on, at the very least, a weekly basis. 

Chips and milkshakeAnd what about the sides?

She says: The disco fries covered in cheese and real gravy, not the powdered insulting stuff that they have at the RSL. If only we had have had more room to finish them off. And the malted musk milkshake was pretty incredible. At His suggestion we tried it, and it was a delicious decision. 

He says: The disco fries are suitably decadent and hard to fault for what they are. Being a musk lifesaver junky in my youth the musk flavoured milkshake was right up my alley. Well played Bonarchè, well played.

Visited on 22 June 2014

|| 14 Norton St , Leichhardt NSW ||   Menu  ||  Website  ||


Wed 5-9PM

Thurs 5-9.00PM*

Fri 12-3PM  and 5-9.30PM

Sat 12PM-9.30PM*

Sun 11AM-8.OOPM

*Winter trading hours

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