Wambie Whopper


Wambie Whopper : 6/10

Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6.5/10

Sides: 4/10

Why this place?

She says: Whenever we go on road trips we have grand plans of visiting places we have (well, He has) found after hours of dedicated research. When the place He had found us didn’t work out,  we went to a distillery [LINK] instead – which was amazing – you should go – try the raspberry liqueur (I know it sounds foul but it will change. your. life. with its awesomeness. Anyway, the next day He researched us up this place!


He says: Already on the central coast with some wonderful friends for a relaxed weekend away we thought it only right to try a local burger joint whilst in the area. After a disappointing attempt to eat at Terrigal’s Pocket Bar (they’d run out of burgers, WTF!) we ended up at this place which seemed like a local favourite (and the source of a lengthy and well documented court case with Hungry Jacks over their name)

What did you order?

  • Hamburger with the Works: $6.80
  • The Bird Burger: $6.00
  • Large Chips with Chicken Salt: $5.50
  • Battered Sav: $2.50


Tell us about the Hamburger with the Works?

He says: This was very much along the lines of Pauls in Sylvania but nowhere near as good. The patty had a bit of a mystery meat feel to it but it was nice to eat an old school, no frills, fish n chip style burger for a change. The old works kitchen sink combination of egg, bacon, onion, beetroot, cheese, and pineapple had me on some nostalgic vibes.


She says:. Oh mystery meat patties – how you repel me. There is nothing alluring or sexy about your grey, sausage-y rubberiness.  The rest of the burger did win back some love from me – the salad bits were fresh and crisp and and I do love an egg and (I never thought I would say this) pineapple on a burger. The nostalgia was not enough for me though. My pinnacle old school milk bar burger will always be the one from Out of The Blue.


So then, how did you find the Bird Burger?

She says: This burger was better. It wasn’t your usual breast fillet or fried chook piece but was instead ripped up BBQ chicken with bacon, pineapple, cheese and BBQ sauce. The cheese was melted nicely and the bacon and pineapple were a salty/sweet treat… but really, that flavour combination just kind of reminded me of a Dominoes Hawaiian pizza.


He says: Pretty similar to the hamburger but it was a nice change to have the addition of BBQ chicken meat as opposed to a fried or grilled fillet of sorts. The marriage of bacon, cheese, pineapple, chicken, mayo and BBQ sauce has always been a favourite of mine. Especially good hangover cure methinks.


And what about the sides?

She says: Unfortunately, as there was no seating at the shop, we had to jump in the car and race home with the food (lucky in retrospect I suppose as I am not sure how the Wambie Whopper clientele would feel about city folk photographing their food like dorks). This meant that we will never know whether the chips were born soft and squishy or if they lost their crunch in the car. Oh and I can’t even comment on the battered sav – I think I have been spoilt by Out of The Blue and now have some very high standards. This battered sav was not something I would eat again.


He says: I thought the chips here would be an old school classic but they were really subpar. We had them in the bag for takeaway provided for all of five minutes but when we went to devour them they were extremely soggy and pretty much devoid of crunch. The battered sav shared the Wambie soggy issue and had an overwhelming batter to sausage ratio which did it no favours.

|| 768 the Entrance Road, Wamberal, New South Wales 2260 || +61 4384 5212 || Facebook ||


Monday – Sunday: 8:30am-8:00pm

Out of the Blue


Out of the Blue verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 8.5/10


So why Out of the Blue? 

She says:  Our beginning this blog coincided with me essentially starting a new job. In my first week, I had to chair a meeting which involves asking a warm up question – I naturally asked where people’s favourite burgers were (two birds, one stone – BOOM) and Out 0f the Blue got a massive wrap from our eastern suburbs contingent. Since then we have had a couple of emails recommending them (shout out to ‘Lee’ who recommended in the early days of the blog that we visit them).


He says:  I’ve heard amazing things about the burgers here for years now. My notoriously food fussy mate Sam even put them on par with his favourite ever. I was prepping for an old school styled burger and I wasn’t disappointed.  

What did you order?

  • Hamburger with bacon, egg and pineapple – $6 for burger 80 cents for each addition
  • Chicken burger – $6
  • Battered sav – $1.80
  • Pineapple fritter – $1.20
  • Potato Scollop – $0.80
  • Large chips – $7


Tell us about the beef burger?

She says: This was a dream – old school, milk bar style burger, shredded iceberg, pineapple (I am now a TOTAL convert) totally awesomely melty cheese (which I was worried about because when they put it on it looked just like shredded Tasty that wouldn’t melt, but it does, by god it does!), strong bacony-bacon, lashings of sauce and grated carrot. Fresh, crunchy, saucy and salty. I would eat this every day.


He says: Wowzers this was good! Immediately understood why there was a line down the street to order. Very much in the vein of the fish and  chip shop burgers I grew up eating. Excellent patty in a no nonsense bun with fresh ingredients. Very difficult to find any fault with this one and a truly incredible price to boot.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

He says: Again bang on target (and a great exercise in simplicity). Chicken schnitzel with a delicious mayo and packed in with lettuce, carrot, tomato, beetroot, and cheese (which is what all the burgers here come with). The beetroot and carrot had brought with it a wave of nostalgia. Loved it.


She says: Yep – another classic just done really well. I wasn’t sure I would dig the beetroot with the chicken but it worked. It all worked. Both burgers were served on great fluffy buns too. They don’t look like much in the picture but they were perfect for the type of burgers they were.


And what about the sides? 

She says:  It was a day of new experiences sides wise. Battered Sav was new to me – it’s a sausage, like a hotdog sausage, battered and fried. I thought I would hate it but I didn’t, I really guiltily liked it.. it was bloody good and almost made me wish I was hung-over. Also new to me was the pineapple fritter – which was dusted with icing sugar (optional) and was like a thin doughnut with pineapple inside. The potato scollops were the greatest – you can tell they use good, clean oil (because let’s face it, potato scollops are just 90 percent oil). And the chips – what beautiful shining examples of a fried food– golden, crunchy, chicken salt to boot. Bloody great!




He says: As soon as I saw the battered sav on the menu I knew we had to get it (the gorgeous She wasn’t so sold on it but I think she came around in the end). It was tremendous and the sausage pretty much melted in my mouth. The potato scollop and fries were a great showcase for the power of frying potato and the pineapple fritter (haven’t one of these since I was an adolescent eating them in the paradise pack at Red Rooster) ended the meal with a suitable treat. This place certainly dabbles in excellence.



|| 272 Clovelly Road,  Clovelly, NSW 2031 || Website || (02) 93158380 ||


Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Sunday



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