Bonditony’s Burger Joint


Bonditony’s Burger Joint verdict: 7/10


Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10


So why Bonditony’s ? 

He says: Strong recent food blog presence (with mouth watering photos in tow), a recommendation from a local, and already being in the area to meet She’s utterly gorgeous Goddaughter combined to get us to Bonditony’s  on a lovely winter Sunday.

She says: Yes, we were over in the east seeing the gorgeous girl and figured that seeing as we are so rarely in the east (we are still car-less – but not for long) we could get a burger in too. The pictures of these burgs were phenomenal – needless to say we were pumped.

What did you order?

  • Trippin Zeahorse – $13
  • Just a Jezebel Burger – $14.5
  • Sweet Potato Fries – $8
  • Salted Caramel Thickshake – $8


Tell us about the Trippin Zeahorse Burger?

He says: I was drunk on food envy just looking at the burgers around me on other tables as they arrived. When ours finally hit the table it indeed looked a winner. Unfortunately I was deceived by looks here but it was a decent enough burger. There was a lack of sauce and the patty didn’t have much flavour but I thought the bun was probably the best brioche style I’ve had all year. Was expecting better things here.


She says:  Oh, she is a pretty little burger this one. I was excited by the oozy cheese and soft looking bun that I had seen splashed across the internerd. But this was yet another burger that looks like a winner but failed to deliver (and perhaps it was just this time because this place has a pretty steady following of satisfied customers). The meat was pretty meh and the bacon couldn’t really be tasted. The cheese also didn’t really stand out. It wasn’t bad though its was just that it promised so much through its presentation! perhaps in a blind tasting it would have been better.


So then, how did you find the Just a Jezebel Burger? 

She says: This was my preferred burger of the two. The chicken had good crunch and so did the slaw. The slaw could have done with a bit more juiciness  – perhaps some more sauce on the whole thing would have been good (which is fast becoming the Oh, Burger Me! mantra).


He says: Relatively tasty run of the mill chicken burger. The chicken tasted like a regular schnitzel style (didn’t get even a hint of it being marinated overnight in honey ginger soy as suggested on the menu) and was coated in a slaw that could have done with a little more salt. As I’ve often mentioned on this blog I’m not a fan of avocado on burgers and, although in guacamole form and fairly inoffensive, my mind wasn’t changed here.


And what about the sides? 

She says:  Though technically not a side, the real stand out for me were the sauces on the table, good and flavourful I added them to both burgers and even used a bit for the fries. The sweet potato fries were good and rich, they are a must if you go. The normal fries were fine, no complaints but I would recommend the sweet potato over them if you are looking for something different. The thick shake was thin and milky instead of thick and ice-creamy-y but I liked that it had fancy sweeteners and seemed to come in every possible milk you could imagine.


He says: The fries that came with the burger were simple and effective and the same could be said for the sweet potato fries (make sure you get a side of lemon dill or seeded mustard mayo to dunk them in). The thickshake wasn’t thick enough to earn it’s title and although interesting (all shakes here include pure coconut palm sugar and local honey) it was a little confused in execution taste wise.



|| 1/155 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW || || 0414985577 ||



Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 5:00pm – 11pm,

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 11pm:



Raven’s Eye


Raven’s Eye verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Vegetarian Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 8/10


So why Raven’s Eye?

She says: Two reasons. Firstly, it is so close to my house, and any new Newtown small bar is worth checking out, particularly in these times where Newtown slowly morphs into old Kings Cross at about 10:30 each night. Secondly (and this is the FULL DISCLOSURE bit) He has a friend (a good man) who has something to do with this joint. Actually also a third reason is that we saw them bringing in a whole tray of perfectly soft milk buns one day and from then on the writing was on the wall.


He says: This place is conveniently located around the corner from the gorgeous She’s house and after watching a friend devour one of their, what looked to be amazing, cheeseburgers a few weeks prior we knew we needed to give this a go pronto. Full disclosure I also have a mate who is somehow involved on a minor scale at this place as well.

What did you order?

  • Royale With Cheese – $10
  • Vegetarian Burger- $10
  • Popcorn Prawns – $8
  • Mac’n’cini Balls- $10


Tell us about the Royale with Cheese burger?

He says: Wowzers. This is fantastic. A thick, juicy, perfectly medium rare pink patty sit in a bun so soft it seems steamed with a whole heap of American cheese and mustard. When you’re patty, bun, cheese, and sauce combo are this good the addition of any other ingredients would be superfluous. Mary’s better watch its back as there’s a serious new challenger to the Newtown Burger throne.


She says: BOOM. Great burger. Soft bun. Meaty, well cooked, good quality meat. Mustard and perfectly melted cheese. Hit every note well. This is a burger I would go back for many many times (if I had time between trying all these other new burgers in order to bring you the latest and greatest… Who am I kidding, bring on summer and I will be having a Bloody Mary in my back yard and one of these little beauties every second weekend..actually, I am not sure whether they take away. Loyal reader – please investigate and report back).


So then, how did you find the Vegetarian Burger?

He says: The idea of a tempeh patty on a burger inspires a deep dread within me but this was a very pleasant surprise. The temepeh is actually flavourful and delicious and when linked with a delightful pickled cabbage slaw and bang on chipotle mayo we have arguably my favourite vegetarian burger in OBM’s history.


She says: Who could have guessed that a tempeh burger (and yes I did need to see what He wrote it to check the spelling) could taste so good. I don’t think the photo does this one justice, it was way better than it looks here! Also – these burgers were both $10 WITH fries. that is almost unheard of these days. If they can mate a vego treat like this work so well,  I would love to see what they did with a fried chicken burger… would be keen to try it!


And what about the sides?

He says: The Mac’ n’ cini’ balls were rich addictive balls which oozed gorgeous gooey cheese and tasty chunks of pig’s head. The smoked tomato jam brought the whole thing together and almost threatened to steal the show on its own. The popcorn school prawns were solid but raised to another level when coated in a delightful arrabiata mayo. Said mayo was also a hit with the fries which had a delightful seasoning spread on top. Overall a top meal which was also incredibly well priced.


She says: Mac and cheese in all its forms is always a favorite with me. And here – with the smokey tomato sauce – wow – another dish that really delivered. The balls were cheesy and delicious. The prawns were also good. And another great maker of maccas style fries, thin and crispy with just a bit of soft in the middle and a  good pinch of salt and seasoning.

|| 127 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || Website || || (02) 9517 2081 ||


Monday – Thursday: 5pm – Midnight

Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – Midnight

Sunday: 11:30am – 10pm


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Milk Bar by Cafe Ish


Milk Bar by Cafe Ish verdict: 8/10

Brekky Burger: 6/10

The Big Mick: 8.5/10

Korean Fried Chicken Burger: 6.5/10

Sides: 9.5/10

Why this place?

She says: We have been going past Ish regularly and ever time we enter into the same argument – I say that Ish used to be at the bottom of Hollis Park in Newtown (where the current Café Ism is) and He says either that he isn’t sure that is quite right or points out that I say that every time we go past. Anyway – the FBAS (Fatties Burger Appreciation Society on Facebook) has seen a couple of reviews lately so we thought we would get on board. Turns out Ish have the nicest, smiley-est, friendliest staff ever, (who chased me all the way to Redfern station to return the phone I absent-mindedly left behind) and I would go back there just to get to hang out with them and eat the chips every day of the week.


He says: I’d been here before in those dull pre OBM days and remember it being solid. Word of a new menu, a belter of a hangover and our friend Sam along for the ride we walked through the doors on a windy Sunday primed to devour.

What did you order?

  •        The Big Mick (weekly special) – $15.50
  •        Brekky Burger (weekly special) – $16
  •        Korean Fried Chicken Burger – $10.50
  •        Twice Cooked house fries – $6
  •        Freakin Awesome wings – $4.95
  •        Chuck Norris Milkshake – $7.50
  •         Snickers Milkshake – $7.50


Tell us about the Big Mick?

He says: The menu here is enormous and our lovely waiter insisted profusely that we try the specials and he was on the money with this one. This is Cafe Ish’s version of a Maccas Big Mac and it shines as an up market relative. Juicy and flavoursome patties mingle with a cracking milk bun and delicious Jack cheese with pickles and tartare sauce.


She says: This was my favorite burger – they got the onion and the pickles just right. I loved the sauces and though it looks enormous, it was actually okay to eat. I did see one lady pull it apart and eat it with a knife and fork but hey, each to their own.


So then, how did you find the Korean Fried Chicken Burger?

She says:  I am not convinced about minced chicken burger patties. It was a bit too weird for me. I don’t have a great deal that I liked about this one – it wasn’t terrible but definitely not my thing.


He says: This was interesting. I don’t recall ever having a minced chicken pattie and it was nice for a change (and had a nice crunchiness to it). The pineapple worked well but I wasn’t a massive fan of the Korean pepper sauce (and boy was there a lot of it). Would have preferred the addition of a mayo or creamy sauce and some cheese but that’s just personal opinion.


How about that Brekky Burger?

He says: This was one of the other specials. Didn’t really enjoy this one all that much. The baconater pattie (12g free range beef studded with bacon bits) was lacking in flavour and although there was supposed to be a hollandaise sauce it was pretty much non existent which rendered the whole thing a little dry and bland. Dissapointing.


She says: I think this burger would be great for giant pork lovers, the bacon patty was super bacony (which I suppose we should have realized). I loved the hash brown – because carbs on carbs is always kind of special – but apart from that it wasn’t as great as it sounded. The egg could have been a bit runny too (although that is such a personal preference – I know that He for one would have hated that!)


And what about the sides?

She says: Ish does KILLER sides. The chips were as good as any I have eaten in my whole life. Double fried and crunchy but soft in the middle, these are the kind of fries I will tell my children and my childrens children about one day in the future when all we are eating are holograms and hover-boards. The milkshakes were also out of sight. The mint green coloured Chuck Norris  (vanilla ice cream, housemade green lime syrup, coconut macaroon icecream and vanilla braised pineapple) sounds weird on paper but totally works. And the snickers milkshake was so true to its name it could actually have been blended Snickers bars and milk – which for the record is totally okay with me! Let’s not forget the chicken – so very rich but beautiful and crunchy. Flavorful chicken inside awesome batter with just enough spring onion to cut through the salt a little but not so much you can’t kiss your burger eating companion (not you Sam)


He says: The highlight of the meal and amongst the best spread of sides I’ve had in these Sydney burger adventures. The twice cooked chips were to die for with a perfect crunchy layer coated with chicken salt on the outside and soft gooey potato on in the inside. The Freaking Awesome wing lived up to their title indeed whilst both milkshakes came close to saving my life after the hours of damage I let alcohol ravage upon my body the night prior. I look forward to their mac and cheese next time around.



|| 1/105 Regent Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016 || 02 96988598 || ||


Monday to Friday: 11:30am – 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00pm


Milk Bar by Cafe Ish on Urbanspoon

Bens Burgers (Brisbane)


Ben’s Burgers verdict: 7.5/10 

BB Classic Burger: 8/10

BB Special Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7.5/10

Why this place?

He says: In my old stomping ground Brissie for Greek Easter and we thought it’d be a great oversight to not review a burger whilst we were in town. A fair bit of blogging investigation lead us to Bens.

She says
: He did all the research for this one and did so well! Actually – I did also see it in one of our  Instagram follower pictures – they do great Brisbane burger reviews but unfortunately their name escapes me. (Sorry person! Comment so people can follow you.)

What did you order?

  • BB Classic Burger with Candied Bacon: $14.50
  • BB Special Burger: $11
  • Chilli Cheese Fries: $10
  • Strawberry Jam Milkshake: $7


Tell us about the Classic Burger with Candied Bacon?

He says: This was a really good little burger. As the way with so many these days it tasted like an upmarket fast food burger (which is by no means a criticism). The candied bacon was as good as it sounds and is a mandatory addition I would think. I would have preferred the pattie a little more rare and the inclusion of more sauce and cheese but all in all these are minor quibbles.


She says: For me, the candied bacon MADE this burger. Sweet and salty is always good and with this burger it added that perfect counterpoint to the almost fast food vibe (which, as He said already mentioned is definitely not a bad thing). I really liked the balance of flavours though – good pickles, nice fresh salady bits. This burger was my favourite of the two for sure. As always we added more aoli – sometimes I think that we would do best if we took our own stash of sauces everywhere.


So then, how did you find the BB Special Burger?

She says: This was not such a winner – Super salty without a point of difference and lacking the balance of flavours that was so great with the other burger. The sauce distribution throughout the burger was totally off (you can see it in the cross section picture if you are looking for it). I know is a pretty unusual quibble but it made a big difference, because while I got all the sauce, He got almost none (I didn’t realise until too late – I would have shared if I had known, promise!).


He says: Wasn’t as much of a fan of this one. Didn’t think the jalapeños worked all that well and they were packed in with the onion and pickles on the bottom of the burger which was strangely free of sauce leading it to be a touch on the dry side. Also didn’t find the special sauce to be all that special.


And what about the sides?

She says: That milkshake – get out of here – it was good. Thick as all thickness and jam-y as anything. I liked it. But I like sweet. Note: I did only have two or three sips, as it came out first and I was pacing myself. Also note: We should mention that there was a pretty long wait for the burgers too, so if you do get a milkshake, you should also pace yourself and try not to drink it all before the burgers come – because the shakes are filling. The chili fries were okay, they were a for a bit underwhelming for me in regard to cheese, of which there was not enough, and what was there was not melted.


He says: The chilli cheese fries were excellent and in the upper echelon of those I’ve had prior. The Strawberry jam milkshake was tasty but a little cloying (it was kind of like they poured half a jam pot in there).

|| 5 Winn Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD, 4006 || 07 3195 3094 || ||


Monday: 7:00am – 2:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday: 7:00am – 10:00pm

Friday: 7:00am  – 11:30pm

Saturday: 8:00am – 11:30pm

Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm


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The Old Growler

The Old Growler verdict: 9/10IMG_5586

Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 6/10


Why the Old Growler?

She says: My flatmate (clever and talented photographer who promises to provide OBM with a portrait of He and I for our About Us page one day) suggested this place and raved about it. It’s a great little venue, underground and just outside the gross zone of the cross (well, almost). Down some stairs just near the Coke sign you’ll find this little haven. Methinks it will be puuurfect for winter dranks too. it is very dark and cozy (which is why the pictures for this review are so heinous – apologies.

He says: I’m a local and have eaten there a few times and always enjoyed the food and vibe. A friend of gorgeous She informed us that they were now doing burgers and they were rather impressive. She wasn’t wrong.  

What did you order?

  •        Road House Burger with fries – $13
  •        Chicken Burger with fries – $15
  •        Cheesy Balls – $14


Tell us about the Road House burger?

He says: This was serious burger shit right here. When it arrived at the table the smell alone had me convinced we were onto a winner. Arguably the best brioche bun we’ve had since this blog’s conception holds an almost perfect grass fed beef patty that’s surrounded by a dead set stunning sauce. The cheese and pickles only served to further put the bastions of burger excellence in this town on notice. Nothing is superfluous here and there is a lot of trust in the simplicity of the quality ingredients at hand all prepared to perfection. An instant classic.


She says: The bun was the first thing to wow me – it had that heavenly squish that saves your fingerprints when you hold it. Then each bite was more and more perfect – cheese, pickles, meat – all held their own but also played their unique role perfectly. If this meal was a film I would rewind and watch the moment I ate this burger again and again. This burger shot immediately to burger hall of fame level and was a total winner.


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: Another hands down superstar of burgers. Same bun brought glory to the chicken greatness inside. The sauce was luscious and flavourful. Big BIG thumbs up from me.


He says: Again the bun was a star and the entire thing fantastic. The chicken was ostensibly schnitzel (breaded) but the sauce had a real spicy kick to it and was all the better for it. More mayo, smoked cheddar cheese and possibly the addition of bacon could have furthered enjoyment but they are minor quibbles really.

IMG_5593And what about the sides?

She says: The burgers definitely outshone the sides (a welcome change). The cheese balls were a tad strange – haloumi didn’t really work in them – it made them a bit too rubbery and a bit too salty. The chips were good though, classic and crunchy and of course He loved the aioli.


He says: The fries were as good as they get really and had a wonderful crunchy batter which reached to the next level when coated in a delightful aioli. The cheesy balls were the only really misfire here (which came as a surprise) with the main issue seeming to be the choice to use haloumi as it rendered the balls to dry, salty and a touch on the rubbery side. 

|| Basement Level, 218 William Street, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales || Website || 0422 911 650


Tuesday – Sunday 5pm-12am


Old Growler on Urbanspoon

Out of the Blue


Out of the Blue verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 8.5/10


So why Out of the Blue? 

She says:  Our beginning this blog coincided with me essentially starting a new job. In my first week, I had to chair a meeting which involves asking a warm up question – I naturally asked where people’s favourite burgers were (two birds, one stone – BOOM) and Out 0f the Blue got a massive wrap from our eastern suburbs contingent. Since then we have had a couple of emails recommending them (shout out to ‘Lee’ who recommended in the early days of the blog that we visit them).


He says:  I’ve heard amazing things about the burgers here for years now. My notoriously food fussy mate Sam even put them on par with his favourite ever. I was prepping for an old school styled burger and I wasn’t disappointed.  

What did you order?

  • Hamburger with bacon, egg and pineapple – $6 for burger 80 cents for each addition
  • Chicken burger – $6
  • Battered sav – $1.80
  • Pineapple fritter – $1.20
  • Potato Scollop – $0.80
  • Large chips – $7


Tell us about the beef burger?

She says: This was a dream – old school, milk bar style burger, shredded iceberg, pineapple (I am now a TOTAL convert) totally awesomely melty cheese (which I was worried about because when they put it on it looked just like shredded Tasty that wouldn’t melt, but it does, by god it does!), strong bacony-bacon, lashings of sauce and grated carrot. Fresh, crunchy, saucy and salty. I would eat this every day.


He says: Wowzers this was good! Immediately understood why there was a line down the street to order. Very much in the vein of the fish and  chip shop burgers I grew up eating. Excellent patty in a no nonsense bun with fresh ingredients. Very difficult to find any fault with this one and a truly incredible price to boot.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

He says: Again bang on target (and a great exercise in simplicity). Chicken schnitzel with a delicious mayo and packed in with lettuce, carrot, tomato, beetroot, and cheese (which is what all the burgers here come with). The beetroot and carrot had brought with it a wave of nostalgia. Loved it.


She says: Yep – another classic just done really well. I wasn’t sure I would dig the beetroot with the chicken but it worked. It all worked. Both burgers were served on great fluffy buns too. They don’t look like much in the picture but they were perfect for the type of burgers they were.


And what about the sides? 

She says:  It was a day of new experiences sides wise. Battered Sav was new to me – it’s a sausage, like a hotdog sausage, battered and fried. I thought I would hate it but I didn’t, I really guiltily liked it.. it was bloody good and almost made me wish I was hung-over. Also new to me was the pineapple fritter – which was dusted with icing sugar (optional) and was like a thin doughnut with pineapple inside. The potato scollops were the greatest – you can tell they use good, clean oil (because let’s face it, potato scollops are just 90 percent oil). And the chips – what beautiful shining examples of a fried food– golden, crunchy, chicken salt to boot. Bloody great!




He says: As soon as I saw the battered sav on the menu I knew we had to get it (the gorgeous She wasn’t so sold on it but I think she came around in the end). It was tremendous and the sausage pretty much melted in my mouth. The potato scollop and fries were a great showcase for the power of frying potato and the pineapple fritter (haven’t one of these since I was an adolescent eating them in the paradise pack at Red Rooster) ended the meal with a suitable treat. This place certainly dabbles in excellence.



|| 272 Clovelly Road,  Clovelly, NSW 2031 || Website || (02) 93158380 ||


Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Sunday



Out of the Blue on Urbanspoon

Bowery Lane


Bowery Lane Verdict : 6/10

Beef Burger: 6/10

Chicken burger: 6/10

Sides: 6/10


So why Bowery Lane?

He says: This place was the toast of food blogs throughout town for a while there and the burger photos had me salivating.


She says: Yeah, yeah, yeah – this was ANOTHER Instagram find, so… I’ll attribute finding it to myself as I drive the Oh, Burger Me! Instagram. They popped up on our feed more and more and the burgers looked incredible. We happened to be headed to town to play Escapeism  (DO IT, IT IS THE BEST) and needed some sustenance and team planning time so it all just fell into place. It is a bit hard to locate, but don’t be put off by the fact it is an office building– it’s just in the back corner of the lobby a bit.

What did you order?

  • New York Cheeseburger – $18
  • American chicken fillet – $17
  • Manchego Croquettes – $14


Tell us about the New York Cheeseburger?

He says: Really disappointing. Looked like a champion but tasted like a pretender. The patty was overcooked and surprisingly flavourless. The bois boudran also lacked flavour and the burger itself was overwhelmingly dry. Flavour improved once I’d doused it in a heap of aioli.  Also, minor quibble agreed, but this isn’t really a New York styled cheeseburger.


She says: I agree with his summation. The wagyu patty wasn’t particularity exciting – it looked like it was going to be a ripper when we cut it, nice and pink, however sadly really unimpressive. The aoli did help but it wasn’t enough to make me excited about this burger.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

She says:  I think I preferred the chicken to the beef but still it was a bit of a non-event. Another good looking burger that didn’t live up to expectations. There was quite a bit of chicken too – it probably could have done with less.


He says: Again looked the goods but didn’t really deliver. The chicken was a little on the dry side and again there was a distinct lack of sauce. The inclusion of avocado was a good call though.


And what about the sides? 

She says: The croquettes were beautifully presented but were fairly tasteless – no cheesy goodness, more just like fried potatoes balls. They did have a good crispy golden shell which was nice when lathered with their mayo. Actually – the savior of the day was the mayo – which they
brought out with the tomato sauce after we ordered but which was so perfect looking that I thought that it was (and told everyone else that it was) it as butter. It was great, seemed homemade and was light and creamy.


He says: I love manchego and croquettes so obviously was really hanging out for the manchego croquettes. Unfortunately disappointed again. I didn’t taste even a hint of manchego. On the bland side so much so that we didn’t even finish them (which if you know us you would be aware very rarely happens). The fries that accompanied the burger were solid and great dipped in the aforementioned aioli.

Bowery Lane || Shop 1 Level 4 1 O’Connell Street Sydney CBD 2000 ||  (02) 92528017 |||| Website and Menu ||


Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday  (7am-10pm)

Thursday-Friday (7am-late)

Saturday (5pm-late)


Bowery Lane on Urbanspoon

Burger Bro? at Hotel Chambers


Burger Bro? Verdict:6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 5/10


Why the Burger Bro?

He says: There was a flurry of interest regarding this New Zealand styled burger house on the interwebs that seemed to erupt out of nowhere. The photos I peeked at had me drooling in anticipation.


 She says: He found this one on the net, I didn’t see any of the hype about it before I went but it’s located in hotel chambers where I have snuck off for a cheeky beer after work once or twice in the past, so I was keen to check it out. Turns out they retained the tvs, and have turned them up LOUD.

What did you order?

– The Big Bro – $16

– The Muss – $16


Tell us about the Big Bro?

He says: This joint offers a wide spectrum of burger styles (there’s a beef burger with maple syrup and peanut butter, a pork burger with rashuns chips, and a fish burger with egg, cheese and tartare etc) but we were both famished and decided to go for the two monster burgers on the menu. There was a lot going on here (beef patty, slow cooked pork, egg, cheese, tomato, pineapple, BBQ sauce and aioli) but unfortunately it just seemed like there was ‘throw it all together and hope for the best’ attitude. The sweet pork was too overpowering, didn’t sit well with the beef or the egg, and really needed something salty or acidic to cut through saccharinity. This burger was full of sound and fury signifying nothing I’m afraid.


She says: He has nailed the description of this – what seemed like a good idea at the time (two types of meat, four types of protein and two different sauces all mushed together) was predictably not so great. While the BBQ sauce was a pretty good, the whole thing together was all just too much, even to us, the hungriest people in the world at this point. I even had a touch of a hang over so my fatty fried food threshold was high – alas not high enough.


So then, how did you find The Muss?

He says: Although on the whole more enjoyable than its beef counterpart this was also a bit of a disappointment. The kumara dusted chicken thigh fillet was on point and a nice foil for the bacon, cheese, avocado and aioli and BBQ sauce but again it was all overwhelmed by another ingredient in this case being the caremelized onions. They were either just too sweet or there too many of them but either way you look at it they sunk the ship so to speak.


 She says: Again the BBQ sauce was the star of this one. Same criticism as the previous burger in that there was just a bit too much going on. There was pretty much an entire avocado on this bad boy!!


And what about the sides?

She says: We have recently been over ordering big time so we held back on getting extra sides but to be honest I was pretty so-so on the chips. They were just a bit dull – all soft, no crunch. He of course ordered aioli too – but this was not the nice kind, more the pre-made kind that you find most commonly in the kitchen at the RSL which comes in a 20L tub. Nothing special or noteworthy with these unfortunately.


He says: We were informed that all the burgers were served with fries and fearing, even by our standards, that we’d order too much food we avoided the kumara wedges on offer. The fries served with the burgers were pretty standard but definitely in need of more salt

||53 Martin Place Sydney 2000 || Website ||

Opening times

Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

Burger Bro? @ Hotel Chambers on Urbanspoon

Burger Liquor Lobster at The London


Burger Liquor Lobster Verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger:  7/10

Crab Burger: 7/10

Sides:  7/10


Why Burger Liquor Lobster?

She says: One of my friends from work was talking about how she had gone back to Chur Burger above the London and it was really, really good.  Later that same day He had told me about Burger Liquor Lobster and about three days later I put two and two together and worked out my friend had actually gone to Burger Liquor Lobster and given it a glowing review. Long story short this was another one of His finds (although I maintain I heard about it first!!… I just didn’t realise).

He says: Had been to the Chur Burger pop up here a few times and got rather excited by the early press that arose from the new effort. As a concept the lobster focus had me on my knees before you even had to mention burgers

What did you order?

  • Beef burger – $10
  • Soft shell crab burger – $15
  • Lobster bites – $15
  • Chips  – $7
  • Aioli – ?


Tell us about the Beef Burger?

He say: It was uspiciously hard to tell the difference between this burger and the Chur burger beef version that preceded it in the very same venue. Almost too similar that it’s hard not to feel it’s a little disingenuous. In saying that it was still just as tasty as it’s Chur counterpart.


She says: I quite liked this burger. It featured a good, quite thick patty, and a ‘smoked tomato chutney’, which I didn’t think I would like but which tasted to me to be less of a ’chutney’ (as it didn’t have that chutney spice) and was more sweet and smokey  – it was great with the mayo. The bun looks pretty doughy but was good and squishy and the cheese was perfectly melted.


So then, how did you find the Crab Burger?

 She says: After the great soft shell crab debacle of 2014, (the offending burger still trails on our Burger Scoreboard) choosing this burger was a hard for Him and I. But it paid off. All the ingredients of this one worked together – the slaw  and the Singapore chili sauce (which has that almost curry powder taste of Singapore noodles) and the actually really crispy soft shell crab were great. (It was so crispy and battered that at the end it tasted a bit like a chip sandwich – which is a good thing.)


He says: I’m not sure I’ll ever rant and rave over the virtues of soft shell crab in a burger but I’m so pleased to say this eradicated the prejudice formed after Brooklyn Social. The crunch of the crab smacked a minor home run when coupled with the slaw.


And what about the sides?

She says: Popcorn Lobster? Amazing…. But it really could have been popcorn anything as you could hardly taste the lobster that well… and I have a feeling that if it had been chicken or prawn there would have been a lot more in each serve. The serves as shown in the picture are a little deceiving – the basket is about half filled with iceberg lettuce at the bottom! As for the chips – they are somewhat of a sore spot. We thought that at a whopping $7 the serve would be huge or the chips would be special – neither of these assumptions were correct.


He says: Everything she said. I have nothing more to add other than maybe being a little less forgiving of the notion of serving 7 fucking dollars for a serve of chips. Really dudes?

|| 85 Underwood St, Paddington NSW 2021 ||  Website and Menu ||


Midday till late, seven days a week.


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1346 Venice [CLOSED]


1346 Venice Verdict: 7.5/10

Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 8/10



Why the 1346 Venice ?

She says:  This is close to my home suburb of Newton and…  okay okay, I can’t even pretend it wasn’t another of his finds. The venue is awesome. Great converted industrial space with beaten up old chairs, converted industrial machines and restored motorbikes. We turned up pretty much as   they opened. The people who worked there were really really lovely. Definitely the kind of place where you feel welcome and comfortable.


He says: I’d read a few things online regarding Venice and the whole concept reeked of cool and, most importantly, the burgers looked boss. Although relatively quiet on the Saturday we attended there was a slick yet homely vibe coupled with super friendly and attentive service.

What did you order?

  • Juicy Lucy – $16
  • Chicken burger – $14
  • Hot wings – $5
  • Aioli
  • Apple juice and Jameson – $5


Tell us about the Juicy Lucy ?

He say: After our last experience with a Jucy Lucy I nearly shuddered in dread when I saw it on the menu. Flashbacks aside my trepidation was to be overcome as what was served up was a perfectly acceptable burger. Special mention to the flavoursome patty and although I wouldn’t wax lyrical about the the burger, it sat in I certainly would have any issues devouring it all over again. Another solid addition to the burgeoning ‘American style’ burger infatuation currently booming in Sydney. Wish there was more cheese though as double cheese should be to a burger what Vladimir Putin is to dickheads – synonymous.


She says: As a beef burger this was a solid contender. (It was not however a ‘Juicy Luicy’ where the beef paddy is usually stuffed with cheese – thank god!). The star of this burger was Americana trio of pickles, mustard and ketchup – giving it that great diner taste.  The patty was quality but it was all let down a bit by the bun which was a bit to dry for my liking. I would defs’ eat this again though. I think it would be fantastic as a hangover cure.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: Oh grilled chicken burgers… there always  seems to be a bit more grilled chicken than I require (I am beginning to think its me that is the problem) – and this was no exception. The chook was cooked well though, juicy and if you like that much chook you would be stoked. The bright red sauce had a chili capsicum flavour, again not to my tastes but well executed. There was also some kind of difficult to describe, cubed, green salad. Which was prettly nice, and added a good fresh crunch to the whole burger.


He says: I just don’t think this was ever going to do it for me – grilled not fried chicken (this worrying trend is bordering on sacrilege now), no cheese (there is never any fucking excuse for that!) and a dominating capsicum sauce (straight up not a fan of ‘capsicum sauce’ on anything let alone a precious burger). In saying that it was all well cooked and compiled and I have a feeling I may know some types who might really get into this one. Matter of taste I guess.


And what about the sides?

She says: two words – HOT. WINGS. Hot, sticky tangy hot wings. Gaaawh – these were awesome and come back to me in moments of hunger, or boredom, or simply moments of existing.  If they had a blue cheese sauce this would have been a 10 for me! The chips and aioli were also good but I only have eyes for hot wings. Oh, and the freshly made Apple juice and Jameson which was cheap as chips was puuuuurfect.


He says: The chips and aioli were difficult to fault and really lifted the meal as a whole up. The buffalo wings were just the way I like them and their consumption certainly warranted the glorious hot sauce that clung to my face, hands, and and shirt at their completion. The fresh apple juice and Jamesons were refreshing, addictive and utterly delicious.