Mary’s (CBD)


Mary’s Verdict: 9.5 /10

Beef Burger: 9.5/10

Chicken Burger: 9.5/10

Veg Burger: 6/10

Sides: 7/10


Why the Mary’s CBD?

She says:  I feel a certain amount of totally misplaced ownership over Mary’s. I found them soon after they opened, when I first moved back to my spiritual homeland of Newtown and their burgers have nursed me through many a dire hangover. Giving the CBD store a go was a must.  (Note for you before you get to the cross section pictures: Although we engaged in a fairly lengthy conversation about which knife we to carry with us to town and went through potential explanations we would give the police if they happened to search us and find the knife, in the end forgot to bring it and so, in a quick thinking move of utter brilliance we nibbled the burgers to their middles to give you cross section shots. They are far from pretty, but then Mary’s burgers don’t need to be pretty and they don’t care what you think!)


He says: Although no review is present on the site (due mainly to lighting not being conducive to photography and the generally dire hungover state when in it’s presence) it’s safe to say that I’ve demolished a Newtown Mary’s burger more often and with greater vigour than any other burger in Sydney. The service may often be so cold it’s reptilian and the burgers not much to look at when they arrive on the table but fuck me it’s hard to deny these aren’t the most delicious burgers this city has on offer. Upon hearing they’d opened a    new takeaway only venture in Sydney’s CBD (with a fried chicken burger!) i’d felt an invisible string yanking me towards since opening night.

What did you order?

  • Mary’s Burger with trashcan bacon – $10
  • Chicken burger – $12
  • Veg Burger – $10
  • Fries – $3
  • Smokey Maple Syrup Thickshake – $6



Tell us about the Mary’s burger ?

He says:  Everything on this burger is on point. It truly is the perfect union. The meat disintegrates as opposed to melts in your mouth, the cheese wraps itself around it like the perfect partner, the sweet soft bun keeps it all honest and the sauce is one fit for the gods. The patty today perhaps a little overcooked but I will forgive for the army of miraculous burgers that had preceded at Newtown. Final meal on earth contender right here.


She says:  This beautiful classic was, as always, top notch. Somehow I only got one piece of tomato which wasn’t ideal as you need that tomato to make this burger what it is. It cuts through the grease just a bit. This burger is heaven and joins a part of a whole suite of Mary’s burgers which have been consumed and enjoyed over the last year – the score given reflects a conglomerate experience.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

She says: We were both pretty pumped to try the chicken burger – a new menu item is always something to get excited about. Mary’s fried chicken is awesome, it’s succulent and crunchy to boot putting it on the deliciously sweet burger buns at Mary’s seems like something no-brainer (He actually may have mentioned this as a great potential menu items many burgers ago). This burger, with a sprig of lettuce and  just a bit of tomato was the delicious counterpart to its beef sister. In a word – Fantastic.


He says: Pretty much the fried chicken from the Newtown joint inserted into a burger format. Devilishly delicious and rockets straight to the top of any chicken burger within a 1000km radius.


Shall we talk about the Veg burger then?

He says: We have a lot of vego friends who’ve banged on about this being the best veggie burger in town because it doesn’t focus on being healthy (apparently quite the trait in the vegetarian burger scene) instead bucking the trend and dishing up an old school dirty burger. I was open minded, am down with mushrooms and thought upon glancing at it that I was in for a treat. Really didn’t deliver though as for me the volume of mushrooms (two of them and both massive) over powered the other ingredients and it just seemed as if everything on the burger was initially designed for beef and anything else was an afterthought. In saying that I can see why people might wax lyrical about it and admit I’m clearly not the target market for this little guy.


She says: Firstly: I hate mushrooms – I try not to and there are some mushies which I am beginning to like but all in all, I am a firm ‘no’ to mushrooms. As He mentions though we wanted to try this as a tribute to our lippy vego friends. Conceptually I can see how if you liked mushrooms and were sick of healthy burgers, this could be enjoyable – but to me it was like hell.


And what about the sides? 

She says: The fries were consistent with the Newtown ones – don’t expect anything fancy, they are your stock standard Maccas style French fries. The thickshake was surprisingly smokey but it had a weird texture, it was almost too thin, as if there was lots of ice but it didn’t have that creamy texture of a good thickshake. The ANZAC cookie sitting on top was pretty great though. And to be honest, I missed the mash and gravy, which you MUST eat if you go to Newtown Mary’s.



He says: The shake was surprisingly a let down as it was more a 3rd rate soft serve in a cup then a $6 drink. Fries were good but PLEASE PUT THE FRIED CHICKEN AND MAS H N’ GRAVY ON THE MENU HERE AS WELL! PLEASE!!!!

Mary’s ||  154 Castlereagh Street,  Sydney CBD, 2000

Opening Hours:

MON TO SUN: 10am -10pm


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  1. Ahhh their fried chicken burger is so good! Sad to hear about the milkshakes though, I was pretty keen to try one before realising I’d be in a state of comatose at work if I had the burger AND the shake for lunch.

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