The Old Growler

The Old Growler verdict: 9/10IMG_5586

Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 6/10


Why the Old Growler?

She says: My flatmate (clever and talented photographer who promises to provide OBM with a portrait of He and I for our About Us page one day) suggested this place and raved about it. It’s a great little venue, underground and just outside the gross zone of the cross (well, almost). Down some stairs just near the Coke sign you’ll find this little haven. Methinks it will be puuurfect for winter dranks too. it is very dark and cozy (which is why the pictures for this review are so heinous – apologies.

He says: I’m a local and have eaten there a few times and always enjoyed the food and vibe. A friend of gorgeous She informed us that they were now doing burgers and they were rather impressive. She wasn’t wrong.  

What did you order?

  •        Road House Burger with fries – $13
  •        Chicken Burger with fries – $15
  •        Cheesy Balls – $14


Tell us about the Road House burger?

He says: This was serious burger shit right here. When it arrived at the table the smell alone had me convinced we were onto a winner. Arguably the best brioche bun we’ve had since this blog’s conception holds an almost perfect grass fed beef patty that’s surrounded by a dead set stunning sauce. The cheese and pickles only served to further put the bastions of burger excellence in this town on notice. Nothing is superfluous here and there is a lot of trust in the simplicity of the quality ingredients at hand all prepared to perfection. An instant classic.


She says: The bun was the first thing to wow me – it had that heavenly squish that saves your fingerprints when you hold it. Then each bite was more and more perfect – cheese, pickles, meat – all held their own but also played their unique role perfectly. If this meal was a film I would rewind and watch the moment I ate this burger again and again. This burger shot immediately to burger hall of fame level and was a total winner.


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: Another hands down superstar of burgers. Same bun brought glory to the chicken greatness inside. The sauce was luscious and flavourful. Big BIG thumbs up from me.


He says: Again the bun was a star and the entire thing fantastic. The chicken was ostensibly schnitzel (breaded) but the sauce had a real spicy kick to it and was all the better for it. More mayo, smoked cheddar cheese and possibly the addition of bacon could have furthered enjoyment but they are minor quibbles really.

IMG_5593And what about the sides?

She says: The burgers definitely outshone the sides (a welcome change). The cheese balls were a tad strange – haloumi didn’t really work in them – it made them a bit too rubbery and a bit too salty. The chips were good though, classic and crunchy and of course He loved the aioli.


He says: The fries were as good as they get really and had a wonderful crunchy batter which reached to the next level when coated in a delightful aioli. The cheesy balls were the only really misfire here (which came as a surprise) with the main issue seeming to be the choice to use haloumi as it rendered the balls to dry, salty and a touch on the rubbery side. 

|| Basement Level, 218 William Street, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales || Website || 0422 911 650


Tuesday – Sunday 5pm-12am


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