1346 Venice [CLOSED]


1346 Venice Verdict: 7.5/10

Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 8/10



Why the 1346 Venice ?

She says:  This is close to my home suburb of Newton and…  okay okay, I can’t even pretend it wasn’t another of his finds. The venue is awesome. Great converted industrial space with beaten up old chairs, converted industrial machines and restored motorbikes. We turned up pretty much as   they opened. The people who worked there were really really lovely. Definitely the kind of place where you feel welcome and comfortable.


He says: I’d read a few things online regarding Venice and the whole concept reeked of cool and, most importantly, the burgers looked boss. Although relatively quiet on the Saturday we attended there was a slick yet homely vibe coupled with super friendly and attentive service.

What did you order?

  • Juicy Lucy – $16
  • Chicken burger – $14
  • Hot wings – $5
  • Aioli
  • Apple juice and Jameson – $5


Tell us about the Juicy Lucy ?

He say: After our last experience with a Jucy Lucy I nearly shuddered in dread when I saw it on the menu. Flashbacks aside my trepidation was to be overcome as what was served up was a perfectly acceptable burger. Special mention to the flavoursome patty and although I wouldn’t wax lyrical about the the burger, it sat in I certainly would have any issues devouring it all over again. Another solid addition to the burgeoning ‘American style’ burger infatuation currently booming in Sydney. Wish there was more cheese though as double cheese should be to a burger what Vladimir Putin is to dickheads – synonymous.


She says: As a beef burger this was a solid contender. (It was not however a ‘Juicy Luicy’ where the beef paddy is usually stuffed with cheese – thank god!). The star of this burger was Americana trio of pickles, mustard and ketchup – giving it that great diner taste.  The patty was quality but it was all let down a bit by the bun which was a bit to dry for my liking. I would defs’ eat this again though. I think it would be fantastic as a hangover cure.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: Oh grilled chicken burgers… there always  seems to be a bit more grilled chicken than I require (I am beginning to think its me that is the problem) – and this was no exception. The chook was cooked well though, juicy and if you like that much chook you would be stoked. The bright red sauce had a chili capsicum flavour, again not to my tastes but well executed. There was also some kind of difficult to describe, cubed, green salad. Which was prettly nice, and added a good fresh crunch to the whole burger.


He says: I just don’t think this was ever going to do it for me – grilled not fried chicken (this worrying trend is bordering on sacrilege now), no cheese (there is never any fucking excuse for that!) and a dominating capsicum sauce (straight up not a fan of ‘capsicum sauce’ on anything let alone a precious burger). In saying that it was all well cooked and compiled and I have a feeling I may know some types who might really get into this one. Matter of taste I guess.


And what about the sides?

She says: two words – HOT. WINGS. Hot, sticky tangy hot wings. Gaaawh – these were awesome and come back to me in moments of hunger, or boredom, or simply moments of existing.  If they had a blue cheese sauce this would have been a 10 for me! The chips and aioli were also good but I only have eyes for hot wings. Oh, and the freshly made Apple juice and Jameson which was cheap as chips was puuuuurfect.


He says: The chips and aioli were difficult to fault and really lifted the meal as a whole up. The buffalo wings were just the way I like them and their consumption certainly warranted the glorious hot sauce that clung to my face, hands, and and shirt at their completion. The fresh apple juice and Jamesons were refreshing, addictive and utterly delicious.