Big Daddy’s Burger Bar

DSC01728Big Daddy’s Burger Bar verdict: 6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 7/10


So why Big Daddy’s?

He says: Being a Newtown local I’d seen this place coming up and had gawked in with interest every time I walked past. I’m a sucker for American styled diner food and when I came across a few solid reviews online there were no longer any excuses to avoid Big Daddy’s.


She says:  As you can see form the photos this place has a lot going on. we managed to snag a booth (because booths are the way to go) and hid up the back with our hangovers.


What did you order?

  • The SAYMYNAME Burger – $12
  • The Honey Mustard Chicken Burger – $12
  • Cheesy Fries- $8
  • 3 Chicken Wings – $7
  • Rock Salt Caramel Shake – $6


Tell us about the SAYMYNAME Burger?

He says: Unfortunately this was really disappointing. The bun was a touch on the stale side, the patty was both way overcooked and lacking flavour (or quality meat) and there was nowhere near enough mayo. We did decide to get this one without the mushrooms (She is not a fan) so maybe that threw the flavour profile out but somehow I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the problem.


She saysThis burger wasn’t at all my thing. The meat was the worst part. I’ll leave it at that.  


So then, how did you find the Honey Mustard Chicken Burger?

She says: This was my preferred burger of the two (which is strange because I am not usually a fan of a grilled chicken burg) but it was still just ok. The chicken was well cooked, staying soft and moist (urgh, sorry). The mayo sauce however wasn’t quite right, it was a bit overpowering.  The bun let both of these burgers down and the shredded lettuce had a real left-out-overnight vibe. Also, there wasn’t much going on flavour wise, mostly due to the overwhelming sauce, there wasn’t a point of difference to lift the flavours.


He says: Very fast food styled but relatively tasty. The chicken seemed as if it was poached (or maybe just microwaved) but was juicy. The addition of cheese worked well but again the burger needed more mayo.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: The milkshake was the saving grace of this meal, if the sides score was purely on the milkshake alone they would have received a 9.5 from me. It was super thick, rich and featured nuggets of honeycomb at the bottom, which you got in every sip and spoke to me as a hokey-pokey ice cream fan. The curly fries were good on their own, and the cheese-in-a-can sauce has a weird place in my heart (next the canned spaghetti jaffles) but the bits of bacon sprinkled on top were no good. They were that dry, pink, strange bacon bits you get in your Bakers Delight cheese and bacon roll that should never be served outside such a bready home. The blue sauce that came with the chicken wings will haunt my nightmares for years to come, but the wings alone were alright – average pub food style.


He says: A real mixed bag. The cheesy curly fries (with a whole heap of cheese sauce, sour cream and bacon on top) did the job but weren’t as good as they threatened to be upon first glance. The chicken wings were oily but did hit the spot although I’d avoid the weird blue cheese sauce next time. The Rock Salt Caramel shake was the highlight of the meal and was reminiscent of a certain ice cream flavour She seemed particularly fond of.

|| 227 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || || (02) 95174335 ||


Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 10:30pm,

Friday – Sunday 11:00am to 11:00pm


Bar Luca

DSC00353Bar Luca Verdict: 9.1/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 8/10


So why Bar Luca?

She says: This is yet another place that we were ashamed not to have visited yet. A big favourite with burger pros such as Bianca for For Foods Sake and seemingly the entire FBAS community it was definitely somewhere we needed to hit up. Also our lovely mate Carly, photographer for the papers was in town on a break so why not meet for a burger and allow her to take some shots of the OBM team at work, which we will share with you in due course!


He says: I’ve regularly needed a spatula to scrape my tongue off the floor every time I’ve come across the image of the Blame Canada burger at this place. Was pretty stoked we finally found a moment to get here.

What did you order?

  • The Blame Canada Burger – $15
  • The Chicken Karaage Burger – $14
  • Fried Chicken wings – $8
  • Cookies and Cream Milkshake – $7
  • Fries – $3 (with any burger)


Tell us about the Blame Canada Burger?

He says: Wowzers! This was a 200g wagyu beef pattie with maple glazed streaky bacon, poutine and maple aioli in a sensational bun. There’s not a single ingredient there that doesn’t have a special place in my heart. The only negative I could see was that it’s obviously incredibly rich – which is not a problem when you get to share the burgers with the marvellous She.


She saysKiller burger –literally – if you ate to many of these you easily make mayor of heart attack city. This burger was great though, perfect mix of salty and sweet. Kind of a stomach turning combo if you think about it too long but on taste alone, a real winner. Do prepare with extra serviettes though.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Karaage Burger?

She says:  Another time where I think our ordering has let us down. This burger scores top points for the quality of the karaage chicken which was luscious and rich but we should have realised that pickled veggies and coriander (my mortal enemy) wouldn’t suit our tastes.


He says: The chicken here was great (crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside with great seasoning) but I guess I’m just not a massive fan of the overall flavour (I’m not really into pickled vegetables and coriander on my burger). In all fairness I read what was on the burger before I ordered it so the fault lies purely with me. The wasabi mayo was a cracker though!


Now, what about the sides?

She says: The only milkshake option was cookies and cream which, while initially disappointing was actually fine because it was AWESOME. The chips played their supporting role like a champ. And the fried chicken wings, they great – totally pushed me over the edge into food coma but worth it for their crispy, crunchy lusciousness.


He says: The wings were fantastic and along with the smokey bbq sauce and dill aioli formed a near perfect chicken party! The fries were standard but excellent and the cookies and cream milkshake was put a dairy infused smile all over my big bloated burger face.

|| 52 Phillip Street, Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000 || ||


Monday to Wednesday 7:30am – 10:00pm

Thursday to Friday 7:30am to Midnight
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Belfield on Botany

IMG_6757Belfield on Botany verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.2/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9.5/10


So why Belfield on Botany?

She says: I think He must be our biggest Instagram fan. I run our Instagram day to day  but he must check it every single day because he is always all over who liked what and who has commented. This place was mentioned in a comment on one of our photos. I nearly missed it but luckily Hawk-eyed He didn’t. It worked perfectly as we had to make the journey into Ikea so this was our light at the end of the tunnel


He says: Cheers to @howac on instagram for giving us the heads up on this one. The photos I’d perused were drool worthy and this seemed like it would be the ultimate reward after an industrious IKEA session with the gorgeous She.

What did you order?

  • Cheese burger – $10
  • Chicken burger – $12
  • Oriental Hot Chicken Wings – $10
  • Tater Tots – $5


Tell us about the Cheese Burger?

He says: Instantly enters the esteemed realm of classic Sydney burger status. Like a high end Macca’s burger with a glorious squishy bun, a thick juicy flavourful patty, pickles, onions and a whole lot of cheese goodness. Loved that they included mayo with the usual cheese burger staples of ketchup and mustard. An out and out winner this one.


She says: This was an instant classic. Massive nod to Macca’s, with tomato sauce and mustard in abundance. Two types of cheese which never hurts and a good little soft bun, not your typical Milk variety but close. The bun is almost halfway between the milk bun and a brioche with a bit more dryness in the middle (which was by no means a bad thing!). (Ignore the green bits in the picture – they are some cross pollination of the rocket on the chicken burger


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: This chicken burger was pretty great – the chicken had that Korean fried chicken vibe or maybe was like Japanese Karage – super salty, and crispy but still moist. The chook nailed it. And it had avocado, which I feel like we are seeing more and more of.And although He isn’t a big fan, i really like it! Rocket was an interesting choice for the salad but it seemed to work. More cheese and sauce would have made me even happier with this one.


He says: Excellent stuff again. The chicken itself was fried to perfection (crunchy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside) and had a particularly unique taste to it in the form of the batter. It formed a perfect marriage with the bacon. Would personally swap the rocket for iceberg, remove the avocado, and double the cheese and sauce but I could hardly complain about this one.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: My life changed this day because this day was the day I ate the Belfield TATER TOTS. Chips are dead to me. They can take their sad sorry squishiness home with them. I am Team Tater Tott. These little golden nuggets of goodness were amazing, crispy, moist, with a slightly sweet chilli salt. I asked for the vegemite mayo on the side which tasted …well like vegemite – and it as good. Like being a kid again. He was a big fan of the chicken wings, I thought they were pretty good but honestly, its hard to remember anything past TATER TOT NIRVANA.


He says: Gaaah those tater tots were ridiculously good. They had a great seasoning on them as well and my only regret is that we didn’t get one serve each. The vegemite mayo was interesting (not a euphemism I just not a big vegemite fan) and you could do worse than dunking those beautiful pillows of potato into them. Though the wings weren’t particularly spicy they were up there with some of the best I’ve had. So damn tasty.

|| Shop 1/797 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018  || (02) 80404349|| ||

HOURS: Mon-Fri : Lunch: 11am-3pm // Dinner: 6pm-9pm Sat : 11am-9pm, Sun : Closed

Raven’s Eye


Raven’s Eye verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Vegetarian Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 8/10


So why Raven’s Eye?

She says: Two reasons. Firstly, it is so close to my house, and any new Newtown small bar is worth checking out, particularly in these times where Newtown slowly morphs into old Kings Cross at about 10:30 each night. Secondly (and this is the FULL DISCLOSURE bit) He has a friend (a good man) who has something to do with this joint. Actually also a third reason is that we saw them bringing in a whole tray of perfectly soft milk buns one day and from then on the writing was on the wall.


He says: This place is conveniently located around the corner from the gorgeous She’s house and after watching a friend devour one of their, what looked to be amazing, cheeseburgers a few weeks prior we knew we needed to give this a go pronto. Full disclosure I also have a mate who is somehow involved on a minor scale at this place as well.

What did you order?

  • Royale With Cheese – $10
  • Vegetarian Burger- $10
  • Popcorn Prawns – $8
  • Mac’n’cini Balls- $10


Tell us about the Royale with Cheese burger?

He says: Wowzers. This is fantastic. A thick, juicy, perfectly medium rare pink patty sit in a bun so soft it seems steamed with a whole heap of American cheese and mustard. When you’re patty, bun, cheese, and sauce combo are this good the addition of any other ingredients would be superfluous. Mary’s better watch its back as there’s a serious new challenger to the Newtown Burger throne.


She says: BOOM. Great burger. Soft bun. Meaty, well cooked, good quality meat. Mustard and perfectly melted cheese. Hit every note well. This is a burger I would go back for many many times (if I had time between trying all these other new burgers in order to bring you the latest and greatest… Who am I kidding, bring on summer and I will be having a Bloody Mary in my back yard and one of these little beauties every second weekend..actually, I am not sure whether they take away. Loyal reader – please investigate and report back).


So then, how did you find the Vegetarian Burger?

He says: The idea of a tempeh patty on a burger inspires a deep dread within me but this was a very pleasant surprise. The temepeh is actually flavourful and delicious and when linked with a delightful pickled cabbage slaw and bang on chipotle mayo we have arguably my favourite vegetarian burger in OBM’s history.


She says: Who could have guessed that a tempeh burger (and yes I did need to see what He wrote it to check the spelling) could taste so good. I don’t think the photo does this one justice, it was way better than it looks here! Also – these burgers were both $10 WITH fries. that is almost unheard of these days. If they can mate a vego treat like this work so well,  I would love to see what they did with a fried chicken burger… would be keen to try it!


And what about the sides?

He says: The Mac’ n’ cini’ balls were rich addictive balls which oozed gorgeous gooey cheese and tasty chunks of pig’s head. The smoked tomato jam brought the whole thing together and almost threatened to steal the show on its own. The popcorn school prawns were solid but raised to another level when coated in a delightful arrabiata mayo. Said mayo was also a hit with the fries which had a delightful seasoning spread on top. Overall a top meal which was also incredibly well priced.


She says: Mac and cheese in all its forms is always a favorite with me. And here – with the smokey tomato sauce – wow – another dish that really delivered. The balls were cheesy and delicious. The prawns were also good. And another great maker of maccas style fries, thin and crispy with just a bit of soft in the middle and a  good pinch of salt and seasoning.

|| 127 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || Website || || (02) 9517 2081 ||


Monday – Thursday: 5pm – Midnight

Friday – Saturday: 11:30am – Midnight

Sunday: 11:30am – 10pm


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Lord of the Fries


Lord of the Fries verdict: 6.5/10

Vegetarian Beef Burger: 5/10

Vegetarian Chicken Burger: 5/10

Sides: 8/10

So why Lord of the Fries?

She says: They gave us free burgers!! For real. First place to send us an email (bar a mega chain that shall remain nameless who invited us to build our own burger. We missed it because we missed the email, not because of our  moral standpoint on such things). Also, we do get a bit of flack from various vegetarian friends about not including enough veggie burgers, so we thought this might serve to silence them.

He says: In perhaps the greatest moment in OBM’s history we were approached to test out Lord of Fries new shop and menu in Sydney’s Central Station. This of course means we’ve hit the big time as these little puppies were free!  It sparked a valid debate with She regarding our belief that we should act with integrity by rendering honesty with our opinions of the burgers paramount even if they aren’t independently paid for. Considering the entire menu is vegetarian (mock pattys etc) I wasn’t sure what to expect from Lord of the Fries with my only other experience with them being a drunken visit in Melbourne a few years ago.

What did you order?

  • Original Burger – $7.95
  • Parma Burger- $7.95
  • Nuggets and Onion Rings – $9.95
  • Shoestring Fries (with Parisian sauce) – $4.95 (sauce: $0.75)
  • Sweet Potato Fries – $4.95
  • Classic Fries French Canadian Style – $4.95 (sauce: $1.25)


Tell us about the Original Burger?

He says:  It’s hard to work out whether I should rate this on it’s merits alone against a ‘normal’ burger or take strongly into account that it is vegetarian with a faux patty that I wouldn’t ever normally order. For what it was it was perfectly decent – the patty had a distinct bean like texture though and although it never fooled me for being meat it did compliment a burger that had a typical American style (cheese, pickles, onion, mustard, mayo ketchup) about it that you don’t often see with vegetarian burgers. I imagine this would be quite the treat if you were a vego craving a fast food fix.


She says: If I was a drunk, vegetarian whose will was being gradually weakened by the idea of a late night beef burger from the local fast food counter, this burger would draw me back to the vego side and show me that there were ways to live the life I chose. It has a junk food vibe (not high quality junk like Mary’s or The Old Growler, just junk food like actual $5 late night, gutter side chow down) and for that purpose I think it does its job, and it’s on that basis that I am reviewing it. It just doesn’t compare to real so I am not going to try.IMG_6343

So then, how did you find the Parma Burger?

She says: Another burger that tasted like a pizza – I feel like that has been happening a lot lately. I wasn’t as keen on this one as I was on the first. Again it was junk food, but it needed something more to cut through the salty garlic tomato sauce, and the soy bacon was just tangible weirdness. He liked this burger more than me but I don’t love pizza so maybe that’s why. If your a vego – go the Original.


He says: We both agreed pretty much simultaneously that this tasted a whole lot like Dominoes pizza (which wasn’t such a bad thing in my book). Unlike She I enjoyed this more than it’s (mock) beef counterpart and thought the soy bacon was a star. Would have loved some mayo on here, the bun could have been a little softer and although I can’t see myself dabbling with this again anytime soon I am glad I gave it a go and would happily recommend it to those few herbivores I know.


And what about the sides?

She says: The chips are the star at this joint (as probably should be clear by the name). Top points for both variety of chip and sauce. My favourite had to be the poutine – the ‘gravy’ had that guilty pleasure, RSL gravy vibe and the chips were fat and juicy. The  sweet potato were also a winner because salty sweet is always nice. The Parisian – which was essentially a garlic aioli – was good but outshone by its chip cousins. He was totally blown away by how much the fake chicken nuggets tasted just like chicken (!!) which was pretty fun to watch.


He says: There  were some cracking sides here. The nuggets were delicious and really did taste like chicken. The fries, in all their incarnations, were across the board delicious with a special shout out to the French Canadian style (which was their version of poutine) and the Parisian sauce that came with the perfectly cooked shoestring fries. Safe to say I’d happily return at some point for another chip feast.




Note: As mentioned these foods were given to us on the house (for real!!) but burger fans, while they can buy our burgers they can’t buy our hearts and minds. Everything we tell you is our opinion and not that of the lovely people willing to generously provide food for us to smoosh down our faces.

|| 10A Henry Deane Plaza, 18 Lee Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000 || Website || Email ||

Mon – Thursday 7:00am – 10:00 pm
Friday 7 am – 1 am
Saturday 11:00am – 1:00 am
Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm (no breakfast service on the weekend)

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Riley Street Garage


Riley Street Garage verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 9.2/10

Sides: 9/10


Why this place?

He says: The gorgeous She had a rare Friday lunch off work and this combined with a shout out on Instagram (cheers sean1985!) and the convenient proximity of the venue to my Darlinghurst abode rendered it the perfect date.


She says: By fortuitously running late for a road trip to a wedding, I bought myself enough time to meet up with Him (and his flatmate Sam, HI SAM!) and duck into this cute little establishment to try the burgers. I used google maps, searching ‘Riley Street Garage’ to get there from the station and was pretty concerned when I walked to an actual mechanic on Riley St – luckily the restaurant is just up the road from there, in an awesome brick, art deco building.

What did you order?

  • The Riley Street Classic burger – $12
  • Fried Chicken burger – $12
  • Chorizo Corn Dogs – $4ea
  • Stuffed Zucchini Flowers – $12


Tell us about the Riley Street Classic Burger?

He says: This was a cracker that although diminutive in size was huge in flavour. Quite similar to the Old Growler burger from just up the road this was an exercise in simplicity. A wonderful bun, a flavoursome patty and a special mayo that lived up to it’s namesake. If I had to pick it apart for anything it’d be that perhaps the patty was a little overcooked and it could have done with more of that mayo but at the end of the day you’re in good hands if you order this one.


She says: I was firstly pretty impressed with the price on this one – $12 is fairly good for a burger these days and this place was pretty fancy so it was quite a treat to eat so cheaply. It is only available at the bar though and they did get us with the sparkling water – $5 a head for as much as you can drink. The burger itself was a solid classic. Simple and delicious – I am not going as far as Him and saying it was anywhere near as good as the Old Growler, but it was definitely up there. It loses points from me for the overcooked paddy – and it was pretty small – but on the other hand I didn’t leave needing a lie down so perhaps the size is not an issue.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

He says: Veered dangerously close to the best chicken burger we’ve had in 2015. Everything was on the money and the ratio of glorious fried chicken, lettuce cheese, tomato in that aforementioned bun was on point. Again I wish there was more sauce (a running theme) but that was countered by ordering a side of said mayo and plying it on myself.


She says: This chicken burger was fantastic – really simple but just right. Same awesome bun, fresh iceberg lettuce and tomato and nice melted cheese. Not too much chicken (which is my personal nit pick with a lot of the chicken burgers we try) and a good coating on the chicken with a bit of a crunch. This one was one of the top chicken burgers I have had.


And what about the sides?

She says: Wow – the corn dogs were pretty amazing – not our usual style, these sides were super fancy. The corn dogs had golden crunchy outsides with soft middles. Perfect fried deliciousness. The zucchini flowers, while not classic side to have with your burger were also really great. Again, perfectly fried (notice a pattern?) with cruncy baby zucchinis and bity fetta.


He says: The chorizo corn dogs were sensational and something a touch different. Not dissimilar to a fine dining version of a dagwood dog and something I won’t be forgetting any time soon. I have a soft spot for Zucchini flowers and these met my standard (also liked the way they were sliced and the addition of muscatels and capers with the persian fetta). The fries served with the burger, although slight in size, were a true treat when dipped in the vinegar mayo. Highly recommend this place.


|| 55 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo, 2011, NSW|| 02 93269055 || Website


Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-late,

Sunday and Monday: Closed.

NOTE: Burgers available only Tuesday through Friday for lunch and seated at the bar.

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The Hayberry Bar and Diner


The Hayberry Bar and Diner: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10


Why this place?

She says: I found this place (yep, I am going to claim it proudly) though my trawling of the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society page on Facebook (shouts to all the Fatties!). If you like burgers, you probably already know about that page and if you don’t know about it then take a good hard look at yourself, question how much you do love burgers and  then look it up. Back to the burgers – The Hayberry is a cool little addition to the north end of town. If that was my home turf, I would it would have been just what I was waiting for.


He says: We’d both stumbled across this place online (particularly wowed by the photos of waffle fries) and after securing car for the day we thought it a good time to head over the bridge.

What did you order?

  • The Classic Cheese burger – $15
  • The Hay.F.C Chicken burger – $17
  • Cheese and Bacon Fries – $10
  • Popcorn Chicken – $12


Tell us about the Cheese Burger?

He says: Hard to really ask for more in a cheese burger. A superb patty (with that juicy melt in your mouth quality) wedged between a heap of cheese, pickles and onions all on a bun that housed this blessed union with aplomb. Perfect execution of flavours served to make this a sensational burger!


She says: This was such a good little classic. The bun was nice and soft. It had a bit more of a brioche texture than I usually like but it worked here. The patty was cooked well, not dry and really flavourful. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but it was really tasty. The pickles and American mustard were also just right. This was a really good cheeseburger. I would highly recommend!


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: The chicken burger was really enjoyable (not up the greatness of the cheese burger though which was my favourite). The chicken was juicy and had a nice batter. Good, well melted cheese and nice thinly chopped iceberg.  For me there was just a bit too much chicken and not quite enough mayo but honestly, thats probably just me being picky.


He says: I enjoyed this a whole lot more than She and if it just had a little more sauce on it I’d rate it even higher. Although lacking in quantity the hickory mayo was an absolute star and the perfect match for the southern fried chicken. Next time I’ll be adding pineapple as well.


And what about the sides?

He says: Upon ordering we were devastated in hearing that, due to an unforeseen shipping debacle, the waffle fries were off the menu today. Steve, the legend who served us, attempted to curb our sorrow by upgrading our normal side of fries to the bacon and cheese variety – oh sheeit he was successful! Crisp french fries covered in melted cheese and bacon and then smothered in a decadent hickory BBQ sauce and mayo. It was as decadent as it sounds and utterly delicious! The popcorn chicken was just as good and I actually felt a tinge of sadness when the last one was devoured. The Hayberry is just what Crows Nest needed and next time I’m wearing my drinking shoes.

She says:  I realised first that there was a chip related issue when I looked around and saw there wasn’t a waffle-cut fry to be seen amongst our fellow diners. We were both pretty excited about giving them a go and some of us may have been more devastated than others that they couldn’t taste what appears to be one awesome way to cut a chip. But the cheese and bacon fries really did hold their own (and I stopped sulking like a giant baby). They were so ridiculously good that I could already tell that future hungover me would think back to them in moments of particular struggle. The popcorn chicken was also pretty great. It didn’t really look quite how I had expected, on first glance appearing more like calamari than chicken. The taste taste however was spot on and reminded me a bit of the chicken from the Nighthawk Diner burger. It was really nicely seasoned and had a thin coating with a bit of crunch. Top notch.

|| 97 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, 2065,  NSW || 02 80840816 || Website ||



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm-midnight,

Friday & Saturday: 12pm-midnight,

Sunday: 12pm-midnight,

Monday: Closed.
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Bowery Lane


Bowery Lane Verdict : 6/10

Beef Burger: 6/10

Chicken burger: 6/10

Sides: 6/10


So why Bowery Lane?

He says: This place was the toast of food blogs throughout town for a while there and the burger photos had me salivating.


She says: Yeah, yeah, yeah – this was ANOTHER Instagram find, so… I’ll attribute finding it to myself as I drive the Oh, Burger Me! Instagram. They popped up on our feed more and more and the burgers looked incredible. We happened to be headed to town to play Escapeism  (DO IT, IT IS THE BEST) and needed some sustenance and team planning time so it all just fell into place. It is a bit hard to locate, but don’t be put off by the fact it is an office building– it’s just in the back corner of the lobby a bit.

What did you order?

  • New York Cheeseburger – $18
  • American chicken fillet – $17
  • Manchego Croquettes – $14


Tell us about the New York Cheeseburger?

He says: Really disappointing. Looked like a champion but tasted like a pretender. The patty was overcooked and surprisingly flavourless. The bois boudran also lacked flavour and the burger itself was overwhelmingly dry. Flavour improved once I’d doused it in a heap of aioli.  Also, minor quibble agreed, but this isn’t really a New York styled cheeseburger.


She says: I agree with his summation. The wagyu patty wasn’t particularity exciting – it looked like it was going to be a ripper when we cut it, nice and pink, however sadly really unimpressive. The aoli did help but it wasn’t enough to make me excited about this burger.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

She says:  I think I preferred the chicken to the beef but still it was a bit of a non-event. Another good looking burger that didn’t live up to expectations. There was quite a bit of chicken too – it probably could have done with less.


He says: Again looked the goods but didn’t really deliver. The chicken was a little on the dry side and again there was a distinct lack of sauce. The inclusion of avocado was a good call though.


And what about the sides? 

She says: The croquettes were beautifully presented but were fairly tasteless – no cheesy goodness, more just like fried potatoes balls. They did have a good crispy golden shell which was nice when lathered with their mayo. Actually – the savior of the day was the mayo – which they
brought out with the tomato sauce after we ordered but which was so perfect looking that I thought that it was (and told everyone else that it was) it as butter. It was great, seemed homemade and was light and creamy.


He says: I love manchego and croquettes so obviously was really hanging out for the manchego croquettes. Unfortunately disappointed again. I didn’t taste even a hint of manchego. On the bland side so much so that we didn’t even finish them (which if you know us you would be aware very rarely happens). The fries that accompanied the burger were solid and great dipped in the aforementioned aioli.

Bowery Lane || Shop 1 Level 4 1 O’Connell Street Sydney CBD 2000 ||  (02) 92528017 |||| Website and Menu ||


Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday  (7am-10pm)

Thursday-Friday (7am-late)

Saturday (5pm-late)


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Mary’s (CBD)


Mary’s Verdict: 9.5 /10

Beef Burger: 9.5/10

Chicken Burger: 9.5/10

Veg Burger: 6/10

Sides: 7/10


Why the Mary’s CBD?

She says:  I feel a certain amount of totally misplaced ownership over Mary’s. I found them soon after they opened, when I first moved back to my spiritual homeland of Newtown and their burgers have nursed me through many a dire hangover. Giving the CBD store a go was a must.  (Note for you before you get to the cross section pictures: Although we engaged in a fairly lengthy conversation about which knife we to carry with us to town and went through potential explanations we would give the police if they happened to search us and find the knife, in the end forgot to bring it and so, in a quick thinking move of utter brilliance we nibbled the burgers to their middles to give you cross section shots. They are far from pretty, but then Mary’s burgers don’t need to be pretty and they don’t care what you think!)


He says: Although no review is present on the site (due mainly to lighting not being conducive to photography and the generally dire hungover state when in it’s presence) it’s safe to say that I’ve demolished a Newtown Mary’s burger more often and with greater vigour than any other burger in Sydney. The service may often be so cold it’s reptilian and the burgers not much to look at when they arrive on the table but fuck me it’s hard to deny these aren’t the most delicious burgers this city has on offer. Upon hearing they’d opened a    new takeaway only venture in Sydney’s CBD (with a fried chicken burger!) i’d felt an invisible string yanking me towards since opening night.

What did you order?

  • Mary’s Burger with trashcan bacon – $10
  • Chicken burger – $12
  • Veg Burger – $10
  • Fries – $3
  • Smokey Maple Syrup Thickshake – $6



Tell us about the Mary’s burger ?

He says:  Everything on this burger is on point. It truly is the perfect union. The meat disintegrates as opposed to melts in your mouth, the cheese wraps itself around it like the perfect partner, the sweet soft bun keeps it all honest and the sauce is one fit for the gods. The patty today perhaps a little overcooked but I will forgive for the army of miraculous burgers that had preceded at Newtown. Final meal on earth contender right here.


She says:  This beautiful classic was, as always, top notch. Somehow I only got one piece of tomato which wasn’t ideal as you need that tomato to make this burger what it is. It cuts through the grease just a bit. This burger is heaven and joins a part of a whole suite of Mary’s burgers which have been consumed and enjoyed over the last year – the score given reflects a conglomerate experience.


So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

She says: We were both pretty pumped to try the chicken burger – a new menu item is always something to get excited about. Mary’s fried chicken is awesome, it’s succulent and crunchy to boot putting it on the deliciously sweet burger buns at Mary’s seems like something no-brainer (He actually may have mentioned this as a great potential menu items many burgers ago). This burger, with a sprig of lettuce and  just a bit of tomato was the delicious counterpart to its beef sister. In a word – Fantastic.


He says: Pretty much the fried chicken from the Newtown joint inserted into a burger format. Devilishly delicious and rockets straight to the top of any chicken burger within a 1000km radius.


Shall we talk about the Veg burger then?

He says: We have a lot of vego friends who’ve banged on about this being the best veggie burger in town because it doesn’t focus on being healthy (apparently quite the trait in the vegetarian burger scene) instead bucking the trend and dishing up an old school dirty burger. I was open minded, am down with mushrooms and thought upon glancing at it that I was in for a treat. Really didn’t deliver though as for me the volume of mushrooms (two of them and both massive) over powered the other ingredients and it just seemed as if everything on the burger was initially designed for beef and anything else was an afterthought. In saying that I can see why people might wax lyrical about it and admit I’m clearly not the target market for this little guy.


She says: Firstly: I hate mushrooms – I try not to and there are some mushies which I am beginning to like but all in all, I am a firm ‘no’ to mushrooms. As He mentions though we wanted to try this as a tribute to our lippy vego friends. Conceptually I can see how if you liked mushrooms and were sick of healthy burgers, this could be enjoyable – but to me it was like hell.


And what about the sides? 

She says: The fries were consistent with the Newtown ones – don’t expect anything fancy, they are your stock standard Maccas style French fries. The thickshake was surprisingly smokey but it had a weird texture, it was almost too thin, as if there was lots of ice but it didn’t have that creamy texture of a good thickshake. The ANZAC cookie sitting on top was pretty great though. And to be honest, I missed the mash and gravy, which you MUST eat if you go to Newtown Mary’s.



He says: The shake was surprisingly a let down as it was more a 3rd rate soft serve in a cup then a $6 drink. Fries were good but PLEASE PUT THE FRIED CHICKEN AND MAS H N’ GRAVY ON THE MENU HERE AS WELL! PLEASE!!!!

Mary’s ||  154 Castlereagh Street,  Sydney CBD, 2000

Opening Hours:

MON TO SUN: 10am -10pm


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Burger Bro? at Hotel Chambers


Burger Bro? Verdict:6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 5/10


Why the Burger Bro?

He says: There was a flurry of interest regarding this New Zealand styled burger house on the interwebs that seemed to erupt out of nowhere. The photos I peeked at had me drooling in anticipation.


 She says: He found this one on the net, I didn’t see any of the hype about it before I went but it’s located in hotel chambers where I have snuck off for a cheeky beer after work once or twice in the past, so I was keen to check it out. Turns out they retained the tvs, and have turned them up LOUD.

What did you order?

– The Big Bro – $16

– The Muss – $16


Tell us about the Big Bro?

He says: This joint offers a wide spectrum of burger styles (there’s a beef burger with maple syrup and peanut butter, a pork burger with rashuns chips, and a fish burger with egg, cheese and tartare etc) but we were both famished and decided to go for the two monster burgers on the menu. There was a lot going on here (beef patty, slow cooked pork, egg, cheese, tomato, pineapple, BBQ sauce and aioli) but unfortunately it just seemed like there was ‘throw it all together and hope for the best’ attitude. The sweet pork was too overpowering, didn’t sit well with the beef or the egg, and really needed something salty or acidic to cut through saccharinity. This burger was full of sound and fury signifying nothing I’m afraid.


She says: He has nailed the description of this – what seemed like a good idea at the time (two types of meat, four types of protein and two different sauces all mushed together) was predictably not so great. While the BBQ sauce was a pretty good, the whole thing together was all just too much, even to us, the hungriest people in the world at this point. I even had a touch of a hang over so my fatty fried food threshold was high – alas not high enough.


So then, how did you find The Muss?

He says: Although on the whole more enjoyable than its beef counterpart this was also a bit of a disappointment. The kumara dusted chicken thigh fillet was on point and a nice foil for the bacon, cheese, avocado and aioli and BBQ sauce but again it was all overwhelmed by another ingredient in this case being the caremelized onions. They were either just too sweet or there too many of them but either way you look at it they sunk the ship so to speak.


 She says: Again the BBQ sauce was the star of this one. Same criticism as the previous burger in that there was just a bit too much going on. There was pretty much an entire avocado on this bad boy!!


And what about the sides?

She says: We have recently been over ordering big time so we held back on getting extra sides but to be honest I was pretty so-so on the chips. They were just a bit dull – all soft, no crunch. He of course ordered aioli too – but this was not the nice kind, more the pre-made kind that you find most commonly in the kitchen at the RSL which comes in a 20L tub. Nothing special or noteworthy with these unfortunately.


He says: We were informed that all the burgers were served with fries and fearing, even by our standards, that we’d order too much food we avoided the kumara wedges on offer. The fries served with the burgers were pretty standard but definitely in need of more salt

||53 Martin Place Sydney 2000 || Website ||

Opening times

Monday – Sunday 11am – 9pm

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