Bar Ume

478 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010



Bar Ume verdict: 9.5/10 

Beef Burger: 9.5/10

Prawn Burger: 9.1/10

Sides: 9.5/10


So why Bar Ume?

She says:  We almost ate here a bunch of times. Once we rolled up to one of their pop ups once and waited in line. But we were pretty quick to decide that our hangovers took precedence over their delicious looking burgs so we bailed after about 5 minutes. Then these guys actually invited us to do a review when they opened up at Barangaroo (WE ARE IMPORTANT BLOGGERS AND VERY POPULAR) and we spoke about going here maybe once a week for about 3 months but never made it in. After that we’d waited so long it felt weird demanding free burgers, so we just went in and bought some one day. It was worth the wait and every hard earned cent.


He says: This had been on our radar since they started doing the pop ups. Excitement levels regarding this place were at an all time high. It was also Saturday and we were famished and hung.

What did you order?

  • The Bacon Cheese Burger – $14.80
  • The Ebi Burger – $15.50
  • The Koji Fried Chicken- $9.50
  • Hot Chips With Umami Salt – $4.80



Tell us about the Bacon Cheese Burger?

He says: This belongs in Sydney’s burger royalty. It’s hard to fin fault with anything here. The pattie is off the charts perfection form the bottom up and it’s found it’s perfect partner with the spectacular UME sauce that lives up to its ‘special’ namesake. Cue crispy bacon, rice vinegar pickles, American cheese and onions and you have perfect show. Can’t wait for the next time (will be defs tapping a double).


She saysThis was a very special burger. I was a massive fan. I couldn’t recommend it more and find it pretty hard to find any faults with this soft-buned beauty.

dsc02704So then, how did you find the Ebi Burger?

She says: Ordering this felt like a risk – I mean, a prawn burger? It could have been horrible but it was absolutely brilliant. The textures in this one were really key to its success. It had a great crumbed prawn pattie that had firmness and even a bit of bounce, without being too chewy. This teamed with the crunchy, fresh cabbage and silky, tangy mayo was magic.

dsc02715He says:  Think this may be the first prawn burger we’ve notched up for the blog but on the strength of this one am hoping it’s not the last. The prawn pattie was genius and so very well suited to the Japanese tartare and shredded cabbage. A unique and deeply satisfying morsel of goodness this one.



Now, what about the sides?

She says: Umami salt is like a dream that I never want to wake up from. I would like it on all the things from now on. The fried chicken absolutely owned and the sauces were perfect. Another smash hit for Ume.


He says: The Koji fried chicken is up with there with Butter as being in my favourite fried chicken delights in Sydney. Karaage in style with a perfect batter and irresistible when dunked in mayo. The chips with umami salt were outstanding. In umami salt, chicken salt must now bow in deference.

|| 478 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || || (02) 9380 7333 II HOURS: Open Monday to Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm, Sunday 11:00am to 9:00am

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Brooklyn Depot

 65 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

dsc02058Brooklyn Depot Verdict: 8/10 

Beef Burger: 8/10

Chicken Burger: 7.5/10

Sides: 8.5/10

So why Brooklyn Depot?

She says: He is just so good at this. I feel like I should have a permanent answer to this question that I cut and paste every time that says “He found this joint. He is a genius at burger stalking. I honestly believe He could find good burgers even if the internet didn’t exist”.


He says:  Convenient location and a great looking (American styled) menu made us heed the call to Brooklyn Depot.


What did you order?

  • The Depot Burger – $16
  • The Chicky Babe Burger – $14
  • Pimped Chicken Winglets – $10
  • Garbage Fries – $12
  • Maclovin Balls – $14
  • Gringo Shake – $8


Tell us about the Depot Burger?

He says:  I’m always appreciating some double patty action so was pretty stoked with this one. Unfortunately the patties definitely erred on the overcooked side of things. Massive fan of the addition of pineapple, hickory smoked bacon and a wonderful Depot special sauce. If only there was a bit more pink in that patty.


She saysI only ever order the double if my arm has been twisted (or if it has been so long between doubles that I feel bad). It really relies on the meat, the quality and how well it was cooked. Here the quality was pretty good but as he says it was a bit overcooked. Despite that I liked this burger, more so once I removed the second patty. And let it be known, I am a total pineapple convert – and with the bacon and the cheese, oh lordy!


So then, how did you find the Chicky Babe Burger?

He says: A solid burger with on point chicken, slaw and chipotle mayo. Not really a fan of the so called ‘cowboy caviar’ as its black bean flavour was a little jarring when combined with everything else here.


She says: I liked this burger – the beans were a little jarring but over all, crispy chook and cheese with coleslaw, always gets me.


Now, what about the sides?

He says: The winglets (we chose spicy buffalo sauce) were top notch, the garbage fries tasty as fuck, maclovin balls had their moments but were a little dull, and the Gringo shake was as delicious as it sounded on the menu.


She says:  The sides were super trashy and would be awesome to share with a big group – we were massive pigs and got heaps to ourselves.




|| 65 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || || HOURS: Open seven days 11am until late

Bangbang Cafe


Bangbang Cafe verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.2/10

Chicken Burger: 9/10

Sides: 7/10


So why The Bangbang Cafe?

She says He was having a rough morning so we decided to stay close-ish to home and try a burg that He has been talking about for ages. The photos of the burgers here looked just like the kind of thing required to feed this monstrous hangover.


He says: After demolishing schnitzels and way too many beers the night before my spectacular love, She, decided to drive my sorry hung-over ass over to Bangbang in Surry Hills. Turned out to be a great call.


What did you order?

  • The All Star Burger with Bacon – $17
  • The Fried Chicken Burger – $13.90
  • Chocolate Milkshake- $5


Tell us about the All Star Burger?

He says: Cheezus this was good! A terrific wagyu patty mingled with smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, added bacon and a mind blowingly good Bangbang sauce. My only complaint would be the bun had a touch of the ‘Sunday stales’ but that’s a minor quibble.  Seriously that sauce was truly banging (yeah I did it, soz)!


She saysThis was simple and delicious. Great tender meat with lots of sauce, the whole thing was really tasty.  held together well, the cheese was melted to perfection.  You should try these burgers, they are special.


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: Wow. A very, very nice burger. The fried chicken was key, and there was just enough  of it. It was tender and moist and would have been awesome even by itself. Double cheese, crunchy coleslaw, lettuce and tomato topped with generous lashings of  saucy-mayo goodness. The filling worked perfectly with the crunchy chicken. Very solid work.


He says: Really fucking great hangover tonic this one as well with the stars being the buttermilk chicken and the Sriracha sauce coleslaw. The bun had the same issue but the once again the Bangbang sauce smashed it out of the park.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: The chips were perfectly suitable, nothing special but just right. Macca’s style with lots of salt. The milkshake was the only let down of this whole meal. I am not sure if it was on the menu. Because of his fairly average feels, He just ordered it (said like it was his dying wish) so perhaps the waitress just whipped it up to try and cheer him up. Anyway had a bit of the hot-chocolate-powder-mixed-with-milk vibe that my ma used to try and sneak past us as kid. No mum, milkshakes have lots and lots of ice cream and are made in a blender!


He says: Not much by way of the sides but the fries served with the burger (great value for money here) were on point and a force to be reckoned with when doused in aioli. The shake was more of an iced chocolate than a milkshake but the sugar hit still sated my post inebriation thirst.

|| 113 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 ||  Facebook ||


Open 7 days, 7:30am – 3:30pm


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Huxtaburger Pop Up (Sydney)


Huxtaburger Pop Up verdict 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 8.5/10
Other Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 6/10


So why the Huxtaburger pop up?

She says: I have been waiting to try Huxtaburger for ages. Particularity since He killed it on the radio in an interview about recent comments by David Chang about Australian burgers with the Chef from Huxtaburger not so long ago (yep, for real). Also I have drooled over their Instagram many, many times and the fact that we braved the line process, (not just  line but a ‘process’ given that really three lines, a name taking exercise and a ordering and retrieving stage) for one and a half hours is indicative of my level of commitment particularly in light of our recent 5 minute line effort with the Ume pop up. I should mention though that there was popcorn delivered to the line at regular interview by the friendly staff and really it wasn’t THAT painful.


He says:  Safe to say that it feels like there’s been a burgeoning swarm of people banging on about Huxtaburger for what feels like eternity. The Sydney pop up craze continues and with it provides me an opportunity to inhale the Huxtagoodness. Excitement was at it’s peak (and kind of needed to be as we queued up for an hour and a half which is shithouse no matter how you look at it).

What did you order?

  • Huxtaburger Burger – $9.50
  • Theo Burger- $12
  • Claire Burger – $13
  • Crinkle Cut Chipotle Chips – $4


Tell us about the Huxtaburger Burger?

He says:  Like a Hungry Jacks burger with top shelf ingredients and that is by no means a criticism. Great combo of flavours in a bun that felt like it would disintegrate in my mouth. Slightly marred by a patty that was overcooked – it was perfect pink on the outside but a little charred and even crispy on the outside. Weird.

She says: No complaints from me. This burger was a  made up of a beef patty (I didn’t have the same issue with the patty as He) with lashings of  mustard, mayo and tomato sauce. It had nice fresh  tomato and lettuce and was topped off with some tangy pickles and American cheese. I loved it from its super squishy outer bun to its saucy middle of goodness.


So then, how did you find the Theo Burger?

She says:  This one was definitely the winner – just more of everything, slightly bigger and some bacon which really stood its ground and look at it, what a beauty queen!


He says: My pick of the night. Basically the Huxtaburger with the addition of bacon and BBQ sauce. The bacon made all the difference and I’ll always have a soft spot for the way mayo and BBQ sauce mingle together. Would love to try this in one of their Melbourne restaurants to garner the quality.


And can you share your thoughts on the Clair Burger?

He says: Thought this would be a little stronger. The chicken was more on the warm side than hot, the slaw was average and there was too much of it and I was expecting more kick  and flavour from the jalapeño mayo.


She says: This is one of those rare occasions where I have to say I disagree with him. I really liked this little guy (maybe its Stockholm Syndrome – see above re ‘Line Process’), I liked the way they did the slaw – it was chopped up and lathered in sauce rather than sliced. I thought the fried chicken was spot on.


And what about the sides?

She says: Oh my – its a sad day when crinkle cut fries fail to impress me. These were soggy and unremarkable. We did have quite a bit of burger to get through so really, its probably a good thing.

He says: Epic let down. Basic crinkle cut fries which didn’t have enough chipotle and were cold as soon as they arrived.

|| || Check website for address details in Victoria ||


This was a pop upheld for one weekend only (25th & 26th July) at Harpoon Harrys in Sydney. (Cross your fingers for more!)

Dr. Faustus


Dr. Faustus verdict 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 8.5/10
Pork Rib Burger: 9/10
Sides: 8.5/10



So why Dr. Faustus?

She says: This one has been sitting quietly on our list for a while and the subject of recommendations from some of our burger enthusiast blogger friends (looking at you Bianca). Also – I sooked out of waiting in the line at the Ume pop up – it was just too sad to stand in a line that wasn’t moving, for a burger… I felt like a (hungry) dork.


He says: We rocked up to the Ume in Surry Hills for their pop up burger day but, after finding the large queue out the front a little on the daunting side, we made a snap decision to walk down to Dr Faustus instead.

What did you order?

  • Beef Bun – $16
  • Pork Rib Bun- $16
  • Drunken Fries – $12
  • Cereal Milk – $6


Tell us about the Beef burger?
He says: In terms of taste this was like a gourmet Big Mac (which is by no means criticism). The sauce, cheese, pickles and bun on this were on point but it was slightly let down by the patty. It was overcooked (the menu claimed it would be rare) and had a strange hard texture to it. In saying that it did pack a punch in terms of flavour. If it were cooked to perfection I would definitely have seen myself scoring this one higher.


She says: This was a super luxurious, rich burger. I really liked the nod to macaques (set apart by the high quality ingredients and meat which actually had flavour) and was a big fan of the freshness of the salad bits. The patty was a little overcooked but I was still really impressed with this one.


So then, how did you find the Pork Rib Burger?

She says: I am going to go right out and say that this is my favourite pork burger in Sydney to date. The pork was cooked to perfection and fell apart as you bit it, with the exception of the piece of crackling with added a great textural counterpoint. The cabbage was fresh and flavourful without detracting from the great richness of the pork but cutting through the fat. The flavours and textures were perfect with this one, with the soft bun perfectly housing this culinary poem.


He says: This was motherfucking delicious! It was a great point of difference to have a rib as opposed pulled pork serving in the centre. The rib itself was gloriously juicy and had the added bonus of having crackling. When you matched it with the slaw and sauce you had quite the couple. I found myself reminiscing over this bad boy later in the day and drooling appropriately.


And what about the sides?

He says: The Drunken Fries were fries coated in the burger sauce with American cheese and onions peppered throughout. Although a little on the rich side and perhaps lacking imagination they were ridiculously good and I found it hard to resist the temptation to keep stuffing them in my mouth. The Cereal Milk had me all nostalgic and it was also quite the moment to witness She try Fruit Loops for the first time.


She says: The burgers came with chips which were classic american fries style. The drunken fries  took those chips once step further and were pretty full on flavour wise. If was actually drunk though they would have been a great late night snack. Actually  they were a good snack anyway, in that way that leaves you feeling guilty as you picture the arteries around your entire body quietly clogging. The cereal milk was amazing but at the same time exactly what you expect, milk that tastes like it has had cereal in it. There was the choice of coco-pops of Fruit Loops, and we chose Fruit Loops and it was magical.


|| 380 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || || 0416 914 170 ||

Tuesday – Thursday: 5PM – 10pm
Friday: 11AM – 10PM
Saturday: 9AM – 10PM
Sunday: 9AM – 4PM
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Harpoon Harry


Harpoon Harry verdict: 6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Soft Brisket Roll: 8.5/10

Sides: 6.5/10


Why this place?

She says: We pass this place together on an almost weekly basis on our weekend pilgrimages between our respective houses in Newtown and Darlinghurst. For months we have wanted to try it and after some positive blog feedback it seemed like a no brainer.


He says: Noticed these guys had a burger that was regularly recommended on various food blogs. With a couple of mates in tow and in the midst of a Sydney Film Festival marathon and we needed somewhere that both looked the goods and was close to the city – Harry’s fit the bill.

What did you order?

  • The Harry’s Burger: $18
  • The Soft Brisket Roll: $16
  • Diablo Chicken Wings: $12 ($5 on Sundays)
  • Crispy Polenta Fritters: $12
  • Calamari: $18
  • Guacamole – Dressed: $14


Tell us about the Harry’s Beef Burger?

He says: When this came out it looked to be a winner and I was excited about the pork and beef short rib patty as a point of difference. Unfortunately it didn’t really do much for me. The patty was both way too big and overcooked and the guava ketchup didn’t really do much to further it’s case. Perfectly edible but at $18 and with a reputation behind it really was a let down.


She says:  I was immediately disappointed with this one. We eat a lot of burgers and I accept that standards we have are high but the meat in this one really poor. And there was a lot of it. It was too oily but also with a tendency to fall apart, the outside of this super thick patty was blacked and dry while the inside was grey. It was reminiscent of the taste of your great-aunt’s home-made rissoles that are cooked for hours to within an inch of their lives. I couldn’t see past it to comment on the rest of the burger.


So then, how did you find the Soft Brisket Roll?

She says:  THANK GOD FOR THE SOFT BRISKET ROLL. (While not technically a burger, there wasn’t any other option and He is a HUGE brisket fan (and is cursed by the fact that wherever we go with brisket, when we are there it is almost always sold out). The bun was soft, the brisket was beautifully cooked and seasoned and the salady bits were crunchy and fresh. I would go back for this again and again. A winner!


He says: There wasn’t another burger on the menu so we thought we’d indulge in our love of brisket with this little guy. Unlike it’s sibling burger this was utterly delicious. The brisket was cooked to perfection and the only issue here was that it was about half the size it should of been.


And what about the sides?

He says: As mentioned earlier we had a few friends in tow and this in turn afforded us the ability to order more sides than we normally would. The dressed guacamole was a favourite and came adorned with smoked bacon queso fresco and cheese.  The chicken wings were solid but nothing to bang on about. I had difficulty eating the polenta fritters as they were bland and had a strange texture to them. The fries served with the burger and brisket roll were simple but cooked well and, as they often do in a meal, shone accordingly.  


She says: The fries were the winner for me, as He says, simple and done well. The guacamole was also pretty good, nice and fresh and served with some pizazz. I didn’t mind the chicken wings but probably wouldn’t get them again. The polenta fritters looked great and the crunchy exterior was nice because it was bathed in salt but the innards lacked flavour and they were too thick to rely on that outside seasoning to carry through.


|| 40-44 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || || 02 82628800 ||


Mon – Sun: 11:30am – Midnight


The Local Taphouse

IMG_5216 The Local Taphouse verdict: 9/10


Beef Burger: 9.1/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 7/10


Why this place?

She says: Full disclosure: a friend of mine’s partner is imbedded in some capacity in the Local Taphouse (I am not going to lie – really not sure what his role is and wouldn’t like to speculate. Let’s say he is the Junior Vice President)  and my friend mentioned their burgers to me previously. He and I made our usual deal where friends are involved. Which is a) we let you all know straight up that we have mates involved and b) if it sucks we eat it and don’t review it – rather than lie to you beautiful burger fans in order to save our friendship. Luckily it didn’t suck!

He says: I’ve enjoyed the beers here on numerous occasions and a chance meal there a few weeks prior gave me burger envy whilst watching a friend devour their beef burger. Unlike the magnificent She I have no personal affiliations with the establishment and so have no qualms being negative if the experience genuinely called for it.

What did you order?

  • The Local’ Beef Burger: $18
  • The Buttermilk Chicken Burger: $18
  • Slow Cooked Crumbed Brisket: $12


Tell us about the ‘The Local’ Beef Burger?

He says: This was outstanding. A flavoursome patty with serious character and cooked to just the right amount of pink lay down on a bed of to die for ‘secret’ sauce and soft American cheese. I would have put this in the top 5 burgers we’ve had on the blog if it wasn’t slightly let down by a dry brioche bun. Would love to see some milk bun action up in here!


She says:. I was surprised by how good this one was – it didn’t really look the part but it was actually a pretty special burger. The proportions in both burgers were really well done. This one had exactly the right ratios of meat to sauce to bread. I didn’t have a problem with the bun, but He makes a good point about the milk bun – it would have taken this bad boy to the next level.


So then, how did you find the Buttermilk Chicken Burger?

She says: One great chicken burger – smooshy and a bit fall apart – which worked here. The chicken was nice and soft but still well cooked. The batter was golden and crunchy – not too thin/not too thick. Good coleslaw, pickle and a nice amount of awesome sauce. A real smashing snack that I would go again and again.


He says: Again this was excellent. Was a massive fan of the buttermilk chicken used here (top marks for crunch and seasoning) and it’s hard to fault chicken of that ilk when combined with allies like slaw, American cheese and a creamy mayo-esque sauce. Again had the same issue with the brioche bun but maybe that’s a personal thing and even with it’s presence it remained a fantastic little chicken burger. 


And what about the sides?

He says: We went for the slow cooked crumbed brisket because it wasn’t something either of us had tried anywhere before. It wasn’t so much my thing. The brisket itself seemed to suffer a dryness after being deep fried that couldn’t be saved by the surrounding horseradish cream. Taste wise it just didn’t make much sense to me. The fries served with the burger were of the McDonalds shoestring variety and went down a treat when coated in the delicious house aioli. Also will be kinder on the sides here as had the arancini balls and Taphouse fried chicken the week before and they were both delicious. Good to know this is more than just a cracking place to have a beer! 


She says: The brisket was a bit strange – I wasn’t a massive fan – maybe because it looked a bit like a croquette so I was expecting it to be much less dry than it was.  I do love a maccas style chip though – mostly because our good friends at Mary’s. To be honest, our previous sides choices (detailed above) were much better!

|| 122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, 2010, NSW || Website || Email || 02 93600088 ||


Monday – Sunday: 8:30am-8:00pm

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The Royal Albert Hotel


The Royal Albert Hotel Verdict: 7.5/10

Beef Burger: 8/10

Chicken Burger: 6/10

Sides: 8.5/10


Why this place?

She says: We have had a couple of people leave comments and send us emails about this one (shout out to Enrico particularly!). I realised once we turned up that I had eaten some dumplings out the back previously and was pleasantly surprised by the contrast between my previous experience and this one.IMG_6051

He says: This had been running around my head as a place to chow down on burgers for some time. The photos I’d seen looked on the delicious side and the location fitted in perfectly with our plans for the remainder of the day.

What did you order?

  • Royale with cheese, double patty, streaky bacon and fries: $16.50 (bacon $2.50)
  • Chicken Katsu Burger with fries: $14


Tell us about the Royale with cheese?

He says: In a show of beauty and selflessness the wonderful She informed me that she didn’t mind if we went for a double patty today (which is not so much her thing but most definitely mine). This was a decent little burger but with just a little bit of tinkering and care could have lifted it’s level big time. The patties had a great flavour to them but were overcooked to buggery. The bun also seemed a little stale, the cheese could have afforded to have been melted and there must have been a pickle scarcity in the kitchen that day because the quarter one we got was nothing like the whole ones I’d seen in all the pictures. In saying that the although overcooked but undeniably tasty patty was a perfect match to sensational special sauce and the addition of streaky bacon soothed my stomach and soul.   


She says: It really was an act of charity to agree to the double patty, He is right. One may think that a two patty burger easily becomes a single patty burger of just as high quality when one paddy is removed but one would be wrong because one would forget the amount of cheese and sauce the second patty takes with it. I did keep that in mind though and was willing to be kind to this burger on that basis. Big stand-outs for me in this burger were the pickles and special sauce. I think I may have got the pickle half, which was great for me (sorry to my He!) and the sauce was plentiful and delicious. The meat was a bit dry for me and crumbled a little too much for my taste. As always, I wanted more sauce (we noticed too late that there was a whole bottle of the special sauce at the cutlery station that we could have helped our selves to).


So then, how did you find the Chicken Katsu Burger?

She says:  The chicken in this burger was a bit bizarre – my notes say ‘Weird salty chicken square’. It was covered in a really fine coating of crumbs, almost like a fish finger. The ton katsu sauce was great (but I do have a soft spot for that sweet goodness). I didn’t really like this one so much but I do feel like this would be a burger you could get a strange craving for late at night, in the same way that you (or maybe just me) sometimes get a craving for fish fingers in the early hours of the morning.


He says: This was a strange experience. Everything in the burger when tasted on it’s own was great but when brought together seemed a little lost. Compared to a similar chicken Katsu burger we had at Bonarche  this was nowhere near being in the same league. I think the issue was the katsu sauce, which had a weird balance of sweetness. The chicken itself also had a processed chicken nugget vibe to it.


And what about the sides?

He says: The only sides in the menu were the crinkle cut fries that accompany each burger and boy were they good. Although not breaking any new ground they served as a potent reminder of just how good perfectly cooked golden brown crinkle cut chips taste covered in salt and doused in sauce actually are.

She says: GREAT CHIPS. They had those chips that you can fossick through time and time again and keep finding crunchy, awesome gold. Do it for the chips. And maybe just to experience the weird salty chicken square.

|| Corner of Commonwealth and Reservoir Streets, Surry Hills, || || 02 92812522 || ||



Monday – Saturday: 12pm-12am

Sunday: 12pm-10am


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Surly’s verdict: 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 8/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10



Why this place?

She says: Each week we spend countless hours working out where to go for smash burgers on the weekend. He texted me about this one about mid-week and as we got closer to the weekend, we noticed a little bit of related internet chat regarding Surly’s too so obviously we invited our friends and turned up before they opened on Saturday and waited outside until they would let us in.

He says: With our work hours it’s rare to get to a chance to attend the early days of a new burger joint. After seeing this one on the interwebs and being blessed by living close by and having a Saturday free, we assembled with friends for an epic Anzac Day feast.

What did you order?

*        The Surly Burger with Bacon: $13

*           The Cajun chicken Burger: $14

*           Bacon Cheese Fries: $10

*           Chilli Cheese Nachos: $14

*           Buffalo Hot Wings: $12

*           Fried Chicken (3/pc): $15

(It wasn’t just us though okay – don’t judge us!!)


Tell us about the Surly Burger with Bacon?

He says: This was a solid little champ of a burger. The patty was flavoursome and well cooked, and although not a massive fan of the bun (a touch dry and doughy) the Surly’s sauce and American cheese rounded this out well. As always the addition of bacon was a masterstroke.


She says: This was a good burger and He is right, the bacon was a star. Good ratio of succulent meat to fresh light salad and generous lashings of sauce takes this burger to the ‘food you think off as you are drifting to sleep’ category. I recommend highly washing it down with a glass of Blue Moon beer (served with a slice of orange).  


So then, how did you find the Cajun Chicken Burger?

She says:  FINALLY – a grilled chicken burger that doesn’t suck! It was great. I thought about telling Him how great I thought it was while I was eating but didn’t because it wouldn’t have been worth stopping. The chicken was cooked and seasoned to perfection – succulent and juicy – it ticked all the right boxes. Again – generous sauce and bacon, this has to be one of the top grilled chicken burgers going around.


He says: As has been well documented on this blog neither She nor I are particularly big fans of grilled chicken on burgers. This however was one of those rare exceptions which I put down to the chicken being seriously juicy and tender (avoiding the dry pitfalls of so many before them). Had a similar issue with the bun as mentioned earlier and I didn’t get that much of a Cajun vibe from the seasoning but was a big fan of the provolone cheese and all in all it was a delightful little burger.


And what about the sides?

He says: For me this was where it was at. Utilizing the extra bodies we had at hand we were able to try more of the sides than we usually would. The Bacon fries were outstanding and I’m a sucker for that plastic-esque liquid American cheese sauce. The Nachos were also next level and would put out a special shout out to the chips themselves which seemed home made. The Buffalo wings were as good as any I’ve had in Sydney and they had a ranch sauce that lifted it further into side heaven. The MAc n Cheese was also ridiculously rich and moreish even without a crunchy top or the addition of bacon which are normally a staple in my book. Only the fried chicken was a little lacking as I felt it could have done with a hint of spice and a thinner batter. I’ve already made plans to head back to Surly’s next week to attack their smoked meats and imbibe their cocktails. A welcome addition to the area.


She says: Apologies about the picture – the buffalo wings looked so good I evidently took one (blurry) photo, thought ‘good enough’ and jumped in. They tasted as good as they looked (IRL). They were classically sticky, tangy and fluro orange and were served with a ranch sauce (which could have been a bit stronger – or maybe I was hankering for a blue sauce instead). The fries were outta sight, covered in bacon and cheesy sauce. I wasn’t as taken with the nachos or the mac and cheese as Him but they were still pretty good. This was a great place to bring a group. Get on board!


|| 182 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || ||  02 93313705 ||



Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm-12am

Monday: Closed


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Chur Burger


Chur Burger verdict : 6/10


Beef Burger: 5/10

Chicken burger: 7/10

Sides: 6/10

So why Chur Burger? 

She says: I feel like we had to do Chur Burger to make sure we had enough burger cred. It is a staple of ‘best burger lists’ and we hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it. A little note on context, we got there at 11:29 on a Saturday, they open at 11:30, they made us wait outside until about 11:35 (which was pretty annoying – more so because I was hangry) but once we were in (with the 3 other groups who had turned up and were waiting) the burgers were fast as lightning.


He says: I’d been here a few times pre OBM days and had never understood the hype. Was intrigued to see what I thought now that the blog had rendered my burger appreciation expertise at peak form.

What did you order?

  • Beef burger with double cheese and bacon – $13
  • Marinated grilled chicken burger- $10
  • Frickles – $7
  • Chips with chilli salt- $6
  • Salted Caramel milkshake – $8


Tell us about the beef burger?

He says:  I apologise to all the Chur lovers out there but I just think this burger is the epitome of mediocrity. The patty is overcooked, dry and flavourless . The bun was on the stale side and the tomato jam just doesn’t do it for me at all. The mustard mayo needs more personality (and to be  lathered with more consistent coverage) but the addition of double cheese and bacon helped to make it mildly enjoyable.


She says Yeeeeah, I don’t get it either. I like the tomato jam more than Him but the meat was pretty tasteless and the burger was a huge let down. I had high hopes (despite His Chur-negative attitude). I actually didn’t bother finishing the beef, it was just a bit ‘meh’.

IMG_5827So then, how did you find the chicken burger?

She says: This one was better than the beef and totally edible but not super special. The chicken was cooked well and the salady-colslaw was crunchy and fresh, but I don’t think I would go for this again…I still don’t rate grilled chicken (as opposed to fried) so it may be me being a princess!

IMG_5837He says: I’m normally not a fan of grilled chicken on burgers but this is an exception. The chicken is juicy, marinated thighs and is complimented well by the hot sauce mayo and minted slaw. Could have done with more chicken and twice the amount of mayo though.

IMG_5818And what about the sides? 

She says: Frickles saved the day for me here – I filled up on them which was fine because I wasn’t super fussed with the burgers. The frickles (which are deep fried pickles) were covered in a nice crispy light batter but stayed crunchy and juicy on the inside. I also rated the fries and the shake (however by the end a bit the richness of the salted caramel was overwhelming).

IMG_5820He says: The frickles were one of the daily specials and, unlike she, I wasn’t a massive fan. I found the batter a little on the heavy side so left them for She to gobble up. The fries were close to my favourite part of the meal and, although simple, were irresistible with the addition of chilli salt and aioli. The salted caramel shake was undeniably delicious but also incredibly rich and sweet – I enjoyed it but at the same time felt a triple bypass approaching with each sip.


|| 48 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 || (02) 92123602 || ||


Monday: 11:30am – 9pm

Tuesday –  Saturday: 11:30am – 10pm

Sunday Closed.

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