The Burger Shed


The Burger Shed Verdict: 4/10 

Beef Burger: 4/10

Classic Shed Burger: 2/10

Sides: 7/10



Why the Burger Shed?

She says: He discovered this through his daily trawling of our favorite food blogs. From all accounts it sounded really good, and we were headed back from a weekend away at Whale Beach so it seemed like the perfect pit stop.


He says: Normally when big time chef hatted chefs get into the burger business the results are electric. This was Justin North’s (Becasse, Charlie and Co) new venture and considering his previous culinary exploits I expected big things.

What did you order?

  • Cheese and Bacon Burger (vintage cheese burger with grilled smoked bacon) – $13
  • ‘The Classic’ Shed Burger (grass fed Angus & fullblood Wagu patty, cheese, miso, BBQ onions,tomato relish and pickles)- $12
  • Truffle and Parmesan fries – $6
  • Caramel Butter Popcorn Shed Shake  – $8
  • Aoli – $1
  • Mustard Aoli – $1


Tell us about the Cheese and Bacon Burger ?

He says: This thing looked like a champion but tasted like the equivalent of a third grade player coming off the bench. The uninspired patty was bland and the meat to bread ratio bordered on being absurd. The sauce was delectable but there was nowhere near enough of it (I ended up asking for more and then lathering it on myself). Opportunity missed.


She says: It was ok,  but was really let down by the spices in the patty (I think, or perhaps they were in the sauce) and by the bun – so much bread! It held together well though and the pickled cucumber strips were great (it was also helped a lot by the addition of extra mustard aoli).


So then, how did you find ‘The Classic’ Shed Burger?

He says: A comedy of errors here. Still harboured the complete misfires that were the last burger (patty, bun to meat ratio, etc) but then decided to up the ante by including a funky miso sauce which will go down as the most baffling addition to any burger in 2014. It was less a sauce and more an abominable gelatinous miso gravy that suffocated any good taste it encountered on it’s path


She says: I was pretty excited about this one. The grass fed Angus & fullblood Wagu patty sounded INCREDIBLE – the addition of cheese, BBQ onions, tomato relish and pickles seemed good but the miso listed in the ingredients should have been a red flag. Unfortunately it didn’t match my (admittedly high) expectations. It suffered the same spice and bread issues as the other burger but it was also pretty soggy (in fact was surrounded by a puddle of brown water) and had too much caramelized onion for my tastes. 


And what about the sides?

She says: Special mention to the chips – exceptional. I am a sucker for truffle and here the truffle was good and strong, with just enough cheese (I ALWAYS want more cheese though) and had a lot of crunch, just how like them. The mustard aoli was also great, with that  American mustard taste, (would have been great on a hot dog). The milkshake was nothing to rave about but my experience of that could have been marred by the lack of popcorn milk which they had run out of (particularly sad).

He says: The truffle and Parmesan fries were admittedly done well and coupled with the mustard aioli impossible to resist. The milkshake suffered from the lack of popcorn milk but nevertheless still went down a treat.

Visited on 14 July 2014

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