Batch Burgers & Espresso

Batch Burgers Verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger: 6/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 7/10


Why Batch?

She says: I think that this was yet another of his blog finds. The photos of this place online looked fantastic. Turns out that it is actually quite a small restaurant, with only bar seating inside and two tables out the front. Great for a date but probably tough if you are more than two and it’s peak burger times

He says: Batch was indeed a blog find. I also regularly found myself waking up with the Batch burger menu on my Ipad signifying my last point of consciousness before slumber on numerous occasions. Not particularly difficult to work out what food source features prominently in my dreams and why.

What did you order?

  • Chocolate malt milkshake with Maltesers – $8
  • Cheesy fries – $5
  • Berliner– $13.50
  • New Yorker – $15

Tell us about the New Yorker ?

He says: After settling on our plan of attack regarding the menu and nestling up in the tight confines of Batch, this little fella rocked up on a plate. It looked great and all the components seemed to be in harmonious play but I was a little disappointed with the patty. It was a touch on dry side and flavourless. The other fillings (from the seductive sauce, pineapple goodness which She now seems to be a fan of, and through to the soft brioche bun) all worked well but alas were let down. Kind of like you threw a party and told all the coolest kids to surround the milquetoast in attempt to lift their character. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out.

She says: We had some debate on the way there as to which beef burger to choose (the other contender was the Cheese Burger ($11.00) with onion, pickles & cheese American mustard and ketchup on a seeded brioche bun). The argument for the New Yorker proved the most convincing (the lack of any kind of salad on the Cheese Burger was the deciding factor) and when it came it, like the interior of Batch itself, definitely looked the part. And while this tower of a burger held together well and the ingredients were nice and fresh, as a whole didn’t blow me away.  (Side note – this was another burger with Pineapple, what is He doing to me!)

So then, how did you find the Berliner?

She says: This was another cracker chicken burger (we have had a great run so far). It definitely outshone the New Yorker (except maybe in the looks department). We watched as the chef put the cheese straight onto the hotplate to melt it down before slapping it onto a perfectly crispy chicken schnitzel. This was delicately placed on a bun with mayonnaise and one leaf of iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise, topped with bacon. Good ratios, good taste.

He says: Whoa. This was delicious. Chicken (crumbed to perfection) and bacon to sauce ratio was spot on but the real star was the fried cheese. Yes, they fry the cheese then put it on the burger. It’s a minor masterpiece with my only complaint being the bun on this one was a little dry. 


And what about the sides?

She says: Our milkshake order (Chocolate malt milkshake with Maltesers) was the star of the show sides-wise. We basically ordered malt on malt on malt. The waitress double checked that  she had heard us correctly and looked dubious, but our order was genius! It was amazing, and luckily came with two straws facilitating somewhat trite milkshake-sharing-date-headclashes. The cheesy fries were good for the price but more cheese would have been (as it always is) welcome.

He says: The milkshake smacked my joy receptors into overdrive. Like the lava of a chocolate malt volcano. I was more into the cheesy fries than She and think it’s because whatever cheese they used was suitably sharp and moreish. Unlike She I also completely submerged every cheesy chip in the aioli kindly afforded to us

Visited on 29 June 2014

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