Barrio Chino


Barrio Chino verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken burger: 8/10

Sides: 9.5/10


So why Barrio Chino?

She says: This was all Him. We were looking for somewhere near His place in Darlinghurst and this was on our list thanks to his incredible knowledge of our chosen foodstuffs (and just restaurants in general).

He says:  I’d eaten Mexican here a few times prior and was not be overly wowed but had a few fellow local Darlinghurstians who recently made their thoughts very clear about how much they loved the burgers here (or, as they call them, tortas). Also thought $10 Thursday burger night provided the perfect occasion

What did you order?

  • Barrio Torta with bacon and Ancho fries ($16 or $10 on Thursdays)
  • Southern style chicken torta ($14 or $10 on Thursdays)
  • Fried chicken with chipotle mustard dipping sauce ($12)


Tell us about the Barrio Torta?

He says: Bang! Any prior misgivings about Barrio Chino are completely obliterated when this bad boy arrived.  The patty was flavoursome and cooked perfectly and the addition of cheddar, pickled jalapeños, and an utterly delightful chimmichurri mayo made this a tasty morsel to remember. Glad we added bacon as well. Sensational burger


She says: I have to admit I was totally blown away by this one at the first bite. It’s getting rarer and rarer for us not to already have an inkling that a restaurant we visit will a good burger (thanks blogword!) so this was one awesome surprise. Great squishy bun, awesome fresh ingredients and fantastic flavourful sauce and good meaty meat.


So then, how did you find the Southern style chicken torta?

She says: This was another ripper. Succulent crispy fried chicken, thinly sliced coleslaw and iceberg, and a perfect amount of chipotle mayo. The crispy freshness of the salady bits cut through the richness of the chicken and mayo combo, resulting in this fantastic balanced burger that was light and rich at the same time.


He says: The fried chicken in this was brilliant (see sides review below) and it’s simplicity worked in its favour. The chipotle mayo should go wherever this chicken does. Wish there was more sauce and they added some cheese but these are minor quibbles (both of wish I can rectify the next time I order it!)


And what about the sides? 

She says: That chicken – lordy-lou! This is up there with the best fried chicken in town right now – crispy batter that is just the right thickness and inside, hot succulent chicken that actually tastes like chicken, not just batter. (Actually, wasn’t someone going to start that fried chicken blog already??) The sweet sauce it comes with was just fantastic. The waiter saw my enthusiasm and offered to bring more to go with the chips, an offer which was accepted with gusto! Oh yes, and the chips – they too where top notch. Spicy but not so much that your lips hurt, crispy, plentiful. Top points for sides!


He says: We kind of haphazardly ordered the fried chicken when we realised the tex mex nachos were only available on the late night menu. That turned out be serendipitous as said fried chicken turned out to be about as good as I’ve had in this city. The chipotle mayo and the chipotle mustard dipping sauce were all kinds of wonderful as well. The ancho fries were also on point.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday (5pm-late)

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