The Coogee Pavilion


The Coogee Pavilion verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.5/10

Chicken burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10


So why Coogee Pavilion? 

He says:  This has been on our golden burger list since it opened and finally everything aligned to get us there. Being a huge fan of Dan Hong’s burgers I was suitably super pumped.

She says: Another long time list lurker, we again needed to get here for cred purposes. Also as He mentions, it’s a Hong burger which based on his  burger at The Fish Shop, meant it would be worth the schlep over to the east.


What did you order?

  • Coogee Diner burger – $19
  • Fried chicken sandwich- $19
  • Beer battered onion rings – $9



Tell us about the Coogee Diner burger?

He says: A spectacular burger. From the sheer visual upon arrival and the first taste of the accompanying fries which had a slight smidgen of the burger sauce coating it we were immediately whisked off into dazzling burger territory. The soft milk bun and perfect patty with Amercian cheese both melted in unison in my mouth. And along with my favourite burger sauce of 2015 formed a holy trinity of sorts. On par with Hong’s Fish Shop burger and the kind of little stunner that inspired us to start this blog in the first place.


She says: From first glance I knew this one would be good – that wrinkly bun, a signature of the Hong burger, gives away the soft fluffy greatness that will come. The ingredients seem sparse, the meat patty comes with just one piece of each addition (one piece of cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce) and is doused in special sauce. It avoids one of the common burger pitfalls of coming with so much filling you cant get your mouth around it while dazzling with a perfectly balanced, symphony of flavours. We were silent as we ate this – it was one of those moments where I wish we didn’t do the blog so I got a whole one to myself.


So then, how did you find the fried chicken sandwich?

She says: There is always a less favourite child and when they are sat next to the family’s golden child, they will inevitably look haggard and useless. This chicken burger could have been merely a non-event if we hadn’t just experienced beef burger heaven. The same great bun gave a fluffy bed to crunchy coleslaw and some deep fried chook. The chicken was dry – real dry – I actually left a corner of one of the pieces that lacked so much moisture it was unrecognisable as chicken. And I think both of us (as usual) would have been pretty keen for some extra sauce.


He says: For the record (and as the photo’s will attest) this was a burger not a sandwich. Was a little let down by this one. The bun was again a winner and I was down with the B & B pickle slaw and the spicy mayo but the whole party was let down by the chicken itself which was super dry and chewy. Maybe an off day in the chicken kitchen department or possibly I was just I was let down after how sensational the beef burger was.


And what about the sides? 

She says:  The sides were a bit ‘meh’ for me. I have tried with onion rings, honestly I have. I just don’t get it!! These were objectively a good version of them however and he seemed pretty taken with the ranch sauce (it would have better suited chicken wings but not every day is chicken wings day). And the chips were pretty good too.


He says: The fries were as good as any going around and, as always, benefited with the addition of a lovely aioli. The onion rings were a little over battered but the cooling ranch sauce was a winner and had me dipping anything and everything possible into it.


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Monday – Sunday: 7:30am till late

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