The Chippo Hotel

81-97 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2000

The Chippo Hotel: 9/10dsc02658 

Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Chicken Burger: 9.3/10

Sides: 9/10


So why The Chippo Hotel?

He says: Hangover + convenient location + the menu looked to be a cracker = Saturday feasting at the Chippo Hotel with my favourite person in the world. Side note: this also used to my local way back when it was less ‘hip’ and known as the Shannon Hotel so I was intrigued by it’s recent makeover.


She says: They have really done this place up – I’ve only been there once before, during the Beams Festival and it has changed heaps. Has a great outside area and I reckon would be great for a big group

What did you order?

  • The Chippo Burger with Bacon – $21
  • The Southern Fried Chicken Burger – $18
  • Popcorn Chicken – $14
  • Mac & Cheese – $12


Tell us about the Chippo Burger?

He says: This was superb. A soft milk bun cradled a perfect patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and a heap of onion. I was suspect on the mountain of onion upon arrival but my fears were allayed after one mouthful as it just worked. The sauce on this bad boy was also a winner.


She says: Hot, tasty and delicious – there isn’t really much you could fault with this one. Great sauces, great melted cheese, even the onion worked. I was very happy with this. The patty maybe could have been a bit saltier but it was still delicious and the cheese added the required salt. As I said, very little you could dislike about this burger. I highly recommend.



So then, how did you find the Southern Fried Burger?

He says:  Again an absolute ripper of a burger. The southern fried chicken is the stuff dreams are made of and I need more of the Louisiana dipping sauce in my life. My only quibble would be I don’t really go for tomato on a fried chicken burger and didn’t think it worked here but each to their own on that one I guess.


She says: Another awesome burger. Everything just worked really well together, like music that just sounds right. The chicken was beautifully cooked inside and retained its crunch even with lashings of delicious sauce. He said He didn’t like the tomato but it worked fine on my half – maybe He just got a dud slice.


Now, what about the sides?

She says:  Like the rest of the meal the sides were killer. Pretty standard fries but done well. The popcorn chicken was of the same ilk as the chicken on the burger, juicy with a great crunchy batter and served with that Louisiana dipping sauce. The mac and cheese was up there – the bits with melted cheese on them were prefect, but without the melted cheese, one could argue that it wasn’t salty enough. But overall they were really really good!


He says: I’d happily christen the popcorn chicken here as being the best of it’s kind. My stomach was packed to the seams halfway through it but I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I let any of it go to waste (especially when it was drenched in that Louisiana dipping sauce). The Mac & Cheese was solid but needed a little salt (or bacon would do the trick!).dsc02686

|| 81-97 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2000 || || (02) 93105133 II HOURS: Open Monday to Sunday 12pm – 10pm

New Britannia

DSC01595New Britannia verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.5/10

Chicken Burger: 9.5/10

Sides: 8/10


So why The New Britannia?

He says: Full disclosure – a friend is involved in the establishment of this new bar on Cleveland street. However the fact that the kitchen is responsible for the same burgers as those found at Raven’s Eye, Henrietta Supper Club and the Neighbourhood in Bondi resulted in my patronage not at all being based on nepotism.


She says: This is the new bar where Millennium Pizza used to be (they still do pizza). It’s still a bit of a weird space – half of it feels like a trendy new small hole in the wall and the other half feels like a hotel lobby bar. They have board games though. And keep an eye out for the super interesting guest book.


What did you order?

  • The Dodger Burger – $15
  • The Dirty Bird Burger – $16
  • Beer Battered Chips with Curry Spiced Salt – $7
  • Mac & Cheese – $9


Tell us about the Dodger Burger?

He says:  A glorious new star in the bourgeoning burger wars of Sydney. Arguably the best bun I’ve had all year houses a sublime patty, American cheese, tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickles, onions and a secret sauce that would fuck with the best of them. This little fella is allegedly inspired by In n Out burger and we accordingly added bacon (you should too!).


She says I didn’t have super high expectations of the burgers at The New Brittania because to be honest I hadn’t heard anything on the nerd about it and usually if there is a good burger, the Fatties (see Fatties Burger Appreciation Society of FB) will have sniffed it out way before we get to it. But, when this came out and I saw it in its beauty, I knew we were in for a good burg. It was jaw droppingly good. Really good bun, rich and buttery without being to heavy, great balance between all the ingredients – fresh crunchy salad with high quality meat patty, and bacon that added that extra punch. The only drawback is that it wasn’t huge – but I probably would have made myself sick if it was.


So then, how did you find the Dirty Bird Burger?

She says: I didn’t quite understand from my first bite how awesome this burger was going to be. I wasn’t expecting the slight blue cheese tang (note to self: read the menu) but as soon as I got my head around it, this burger was poetry. The blue cheese is ever so slight and rather than adding a touch of mouldy foot, it gives depth, richness (and salt) to the mix. With crispy fried chicken, bacon cheese and that same rich buttery bun and this burger shot to the top of my ‘burgers I dream about just before lunch time, bed time and breakfast’ list.


He says: On par if not better than its beef brethren. The fried chicken goodness melted in my mouth and, although I’m not normally a fan of it on burgers, the blue cheese lifted the whole thing to another level. Outstanding.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: The chips with curry salt were next level – we ordered chips by themselves to start (because we are ridiculous and who doesn’t love a hot chip entree) but they also came with the burger. There was a pretty big difference between the crunch of the two. Both were really good but the second batch were far superior crunch wise. The mac and cheese was a looker no doubt but not super flavourful, it was kind of the battler of this meal – but that would be easy, all the other foodstuffs were like the snooty older sister who will always do everything a bit better than you can.


He says: The fries were simple but delicious and lifted by the curry spiced salt (and highly recommended addition of aioli as a dipping sauce). The mac n cheese was solid but lacked a little flavour and either needed salt, sharper cheese or both.

|| 103 Cleveland Street, Darlington, NSW, 2008 || Facebook ||


Monday to Saturday: 12pm – 12am

Sunday: 12pm – 10pm


The Lord Gladstone Hotel


The Lord Gladstone Hotel verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.2/10

Chicken Burger: 9.5/10

Sides: 7/10


Why this place?

She says: I once wandered in here (before it was re-done) on the way to Freida’s. As soon as I walked into what was then a sweaty, stinking rave pit, I knew I was lost. it was fun to walk around in my very out of place (read: floral) outfit and see all the raveraverave guys and girls doing their incredible intense thing though so I stayed for a bit. Anyway, we read about this on the nerd and I wanted to see if you could still smell the sweat and drugs. Good news, you can’t!


He says: Saw a few recommendations on the FBAS page and, apart from burger action, was intrigued in seeing what they’d done with the place as my past memories involve being there for Purple sneakers, smoking sheesha out the back and imbibing in a normally empty run down bar if I couldn’t get into Freida’s down the road.

What did you order?

The Lord’s Burger: $18

The Fried Chicken Burger: $17

Crispy Chicken Wings: $12


Tell us about the The Lord’s Beef Burger?

She says: Yep. Yep. Great. Good work. Solid burger goodness – juicy patty, nice solid bun, great sauce and all the right proportions.  This is on my list of ‘come back and have again’ burgs.


He says: Wonderful stuff. The patty was terrific on all fronts and was destined from birth to convene with the special sauce. Nice to have beetroot on a burger for a change and the brickworks sesame seed bun was also a pleasant diversion from the norm. NOTE: I also returned the following week and had the Bushwick Burger and although I didn’t get a chance to review it, it was even better!


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: Blown away by this one. It was fantastic – good crispy but juicy, seasoned well but not so much you can’t taste the tender, perfect-cooked chook, on a great milk bun with good crisp fresh salad. This ticked all the right boxes for me. I recommended it straight away to about 4 people. One of my flatmates did have a minor quibble and questioned the size but it still filled me up so I am going to say that though it looks small it is perfectly sufficient size wise by my standards (but maybe not gutso-McGee’s).


He says: Hard to imagine a better chicken burger in Sydney right now. The fried chicken had a batter and seasoning that would make the Colonel sell his family for the recipe and when paired with a brilliant sirachaya mayo, slaw, cheese and soft NYC bun you have a masterpiece on your hands (literally and figuratively). Off the freaking chain.


And what about the sides?

He says: The fries were down the line macca’s style and did the trick. The crispy chicken wings were ok but so much to my tastes. They came out with Frank’s hot sauce, Bacon ketchup, ancho chilli mayo all of which were delicious on their own (and with my fries dipped in them) but I guess I just prefer my wings to arrive coated in sauce and ready to go rather than sort of deconstructed like this. NOTE when I returned the following to week eat said burger I also had the nachos and they were a winner.


She says:  Love those fries – though they aren’t the most out there (come on waffle fries!!) I really can’t fault them. The chicken wings were not what I expected – they had a Frankenstein vibe and given my slight hang over it was a challenge to jump in. When I did though they were so, so…ok, to be honest, I didn’t read the menu properly and through they were Buffalo wings and was disappointed when they weren’t. Really, the only lesson here is READ THE MENU. And yes – as He said,  the nachos the following week (though looking very different to any I had previously encountered) made up for the scary chicken.

|| 115 Regent Street, Chippendale, Sydney, Australia, 2008 || || || 02 93101483 ||


 Mon – Tue: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Wed: 10:00 am – 12:00 am

Thu – Sat: 10:00 am – 3:00 am

Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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