Goodtime Burgers

Goodtime Burgers verdict: 8.5/10


Beef Burger: 8.5/10

Chicken Burger: 9.3/10 

Sides: 8/10


So why Goodtime Burgers? 

She says: We had heard (read)  good things since the kitchen had changed (full disclosure, the new chef is the brother of a friend) and we wanted to check it out, even despite the Juicy Lucy fiasco of ’14. Note: we were so hungry that the photos are some of the worst to ever grace the fair pages of this blog. I am sorry, but sometimes it happens when the immediate need for food trumps the future requirement for good pics for the blog.

He says: I didn’t have particularly fond memories of our last visit to Goodtime but a kitchen revamp coupled with a whole lot of hype and some mouth watering food porn floating online in the form of photos of their new burgers had us primed to embrace the chance for redemption. I’m glad we went back. 

What did you order?

  • The Good Ol’ Time Burger – $11
  • The Wingman – $13
  • Mac & Cheese Balls – $10
  • Truffle, Rosemary and Parmesan Fries – $7


Tell us about the Good Ol’ Time Burger?

He says: Starving and a touch hungover this little fella couldn’t have arrived at a better time. A patty wedged between cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce, chutney and mayo that instantly put a smile back on my face. The patty was a little overcooked for my liking but this is a minor gripe and any burger that arrives with a mac & cheese ball plunged into it’s pretty head immediately has the keys to my heart.


She says: This was a pretty solid burger.  Not a game changer like its chicken brother but good fresh ingredients, put together well with great proportions. 


So then, how did you find the Wingman Burger?

She says: This was my highlight, juicy fried chicken, good crisp slaw, nice proportions – so not so much chicken you sometimes forget you are eating a burger. great sauce to everything else ratio, good soft, slightly sweet bun. And bacon. Very, very nice!


He says: This along with Radiohead’s new album and QLD state of origin victory will go down in my highlight reel of 2016. Glorious southern fried buttermilk chicken that was sheer fucking magic when married to heavenly melted American cheese, kale slaw, ‘porky pig’ bacon and a whole lot of sauce. In the upper echelon of Sydney’s finest chicken burgers and cheers for that cheeky little chicken wing skewered on top chef!


And what about the sides? 

She says: By the time I got to the sides I was already so full, but there is nothing that can stop me when it comes to a mac and cheese ball. Great, cheesy and salty (which can sometimes be a problem) and served with the same mustardy delicious sauce as the chicken burg. And the parmesan fries were a good little goer. We ordered too much so the sides are somewhat tinged with guilt for me but I am not going to lie, I would do it all again!


He says: The combo of G.T.B. Special Sauce with Mac & Cheese balls were the little balls of cheesy love that kept on giving. The fries were good enough but had a lack of the promised truffle, rosemary and parmesan.

|| Ground Floor, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022 || (02) 93877828 || website||



MON to SAT 11:30AM – 4PM,

SUN 1PM – 5PM,


MON to SAT 6PM – 10PM, SUN 5PM – 9PM

Goodtime Burgers


Good Time Burgers Verdict: 4/10

Beef Burger: 3/10

Chicken Burger: 4/10

Sides: 5/10


Why Good Time Burgers?

She says: This was another one we heard of via the food blog universe. We were intrigued by the ‘Juicy Lucy’ and the photos on other blogs looked incredible. It down the bottom of the Eastern in Bondi Junction, which is a difficult place to get both Him and me to visit at the best of times. But based on the hype – we decided to give it a go.


He says: I’d come across this one on quite a few food blogs. The ‘Jucy Lucy’ appeared to be a novel cheese lovers delight with the cheese pouring out of the centre of the patty like molten lava.


What did you order?

  • Juice Lucy – $15.50
  • The 34DD – $12.50
  • Fries and Aioli
  • Mac and Cheese


Tell us about the Juicy Lucy ?

He say: Bit of an epic fail really. Flavourless sauce, the cheese in the middle tasted like liquid plastic, and the patty akin to something I’d feel more comfortable feeding to a German Shephard. Think cheap ALDI sausage.


She says: This was verging on inedible for me. The meat was super greasy and had that dreaded a sausage meat texture (the kind of thing my friend Georgie would describe as ‘Mystery Meat’). The cheese inside which could have been so awesome, didn’t really taste like much, but just made the burger sloppy and difficult to eat… I am going to stop because I can’t say anything nice about this one.


So then, how did you find the 34DD?

She says: The chicken burger came out piping hot – so hot that when we cut it in half, steam poured out of the chicken. The burger was made of a piece of fried, crumbed chicken, some green leafy lettuce and a whole lot of mayonnaise…. any maybe coleslaw but I can’t remember – maybe He can? The chicken by itself would have made a great schnitzel, and chicken and mayo is an old reliable marriage that has lasted an eternity, but as a whole this burger does not have the required coherence and basically just lacked flavour.


He says: Maybe the kitchen was having a bad day as the only nice thing I can really say about this is that the crumbed chicken was super hot. There was coleslaw involved but the bland meat to burger ratio obliterated everything else around it. The ‘guacamole’ also tasted like one of the cheap ones you buy in plastic tubs at the discount section of the supermarket.


And what about the sides?

She says: The chips were fine, they are double fried which is always nice but the aoli tasted like it was out of a tub. Again we were faced with a disappointing mac and cheese…more cheeeese, please!


He says: The chips were fine but the mac n cheese joined the burgers in ho-hum city.

|| 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022 || Website || Menu || Phone: 02 9387 7828 ||


Monday – Saturday: 10am – 4am daily (with 1.30am lock out)

Sunday: 10am – Midnight

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