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About Him (by Her): He loves burgers and lives food. A research fiend, He falls asleep every night with His favourite food blogs open in numerous tabs on His iPad. He always knows what’s happening in the burger landscape of our hometown, Sydney. I would call Him the OBM muse, pushing us to go to the latest and greatest burger joints, no matter how far away or how busy they might be. This blog is a natural outlet for Him, without it He would be reviewing burgers to each of His nearest and dearest in person.

About Her (by Him): She’s fanatical about burgers and adores the ritual of eating them. She’s an unfettered beacon of positivity, the epitome of broad-minded and always up for a new adventure. This blog is just one of Her numerous passions and without its existence She would still deploy Her insightful and fervent burger musings to each and everyone around Her.



  1. Great blog! loved all the the reviews… have you guys tried out of blue chicken burgers in clovelly? an institution 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words Lee! – Into The Blue is definitely on our list, people rave about it. Can’t wait to give it a whirl.

  2. Check out my cheeseburger fridays locations below :
    Chur Burger – Surry Hills
    Jamies Italian – CBD
    CBD Hotel – King St CBD
    Rockpool Bar & Grill
    Marys – Newtown

  3. I think you guys should check out crazy burger zone in Caringbah will top any burger yet bring an empty stomach

  4. Hi Guys,

    I was surprised by the quality and stack at Ribs & Burgers. Might be a place you want to check out

    • We reviewed the pop up in North Sydney. I have been trying to get Him to go there but he argues that we need to try all the other places we have never tried first! Maybe your comment will strengthen my argument that the people want a review of the new BBJ.

  5. Hey, you’s should really try BL burgers in Darlinghurst… one of my favourite burger stores for their irresistable burgers!!

  6. Not sure where else to suggest it so here will do, Ze Pickle in Surry Hills would be a great review.

    • Cheers for suggestion Matt – we really have been meaning to get there. Keep the suggestions coming and let us know where your next epic burger is.

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