DSC01693D’munchies verdict: 7/10

Beef Burger: 7/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 7/10


So why D’munchies?

She says:  This is local to us, and seemed like a cute idea. When we heard on the internet that they would be serving deep-fried, ravioli nachos and our eyeballs changed to thumbs up signs and we hightailed it over there.
He says:
Sydney’s first ‘stoner café’ as a concept would have tempted me to travel as far out into the suburbs as need be. The fact that this place opened close to the top of our street had us headed there pumped and suitably famished in their first week of business.

DSC01672What did you order?

  • The Dutch Oven Burger – $12
  • The J-Rizzler Chicken and Cheetohs Burger – $16
  • Curry Cheese Chips – $5


Tell us about the Dutch Oven Burger?

He says:  Very similar in style to the type burger you’d order in a nice hotel via room service in the 90’s. The patty needed salt though and the bun, although a better brioche than I’ve had of late, was literally dripping in oil. Tasty initially but lacking a diversity in flavours and far too rich in the long run.


She saysI disagree with His salt point, I think there was definitely enough. This burger had heaps of flavour, heaps of sauce and heaps of oil. I was a fan but we both did live to regret it. It was so buttery and rich that about half an hour after we gutsed these burgers, they knocked us for 6 and we were forced to go home and watch movies all day. The quintessential stoner past time (apart from the obvious)!


So then, how did you find the J-Rizzler Chicken Burger?

He says: The chicken seemed to be fried for too long as the batter had fallen off the chicken itself. Definitely had a good crunch to it though and the whole burger would have improved tenfold with about triple the amount of (Cheetohs cheese) sauce as I couldn’t taste any of it. The inclusion of a, also slightly overcooked, hash brown did win me over though.


She says: Wow – that was some crunchy chicken. Dare I say, it was too crunchy? A whole side of my bit was just dry, crunchy batter. The other side, with a better chicken to batter ratio was good though. The hashbrown scored some points and with the cheese sauce this burger also played a massive role in our taking in an afternoon movie marathon.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: Hrmmmm curry cheese fries sounded interesting and tasted – well – interesting? The cheese wasn’t melted which always makes me sad and the curry sauce had this strange tang to it. Eating them was a bit like watching car-crash television, I couldn’t stop consuming it but I didn’t like it. The chips by themselves were real winners though. I really liked these fries – they were the reconstituted potato style and tasted like the salt was actually IN the chip rather than just on it. Delicious!

He says: The chips themselves were crunchy and had a great batter to them. The curry cheese chips didn’t really do it for me. The idea is sound but I think they might need to do a little work on the curry sauce itself as a perfect marriage with cheese and chips it does not form.

|| 170 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042 || (02) 8542 0030 || www.dmunchies.com.au ||

HOURS: Monday – Friday 4:20pm – 10pm. Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 10pm