Bare Grill


Bare Grill verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Other Beef Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 7/10


So why The Bare Grill?

She says: Finding this little gem was all Him and his near obsessive scouring of the internet. Bare and Grill is out of the way for us but we had friends in town (Hi Dan and Dre!) and had an out of town wedding to head to, so thought we would stop in on the way.


He says: The sight of these banging hot looking burgers were becoming ubiquitous on the net of late (easily attributed to this place due to the ‘branding’ in the buns). Also hadn’t been to La Perouse and, with some friendly overseas visitors in tow, this served as the first stop en route to a Kiama wedding.

What did you order?

  • The Fatties Burger – $13
  • The Outback Burger – $15
  • Malt Milkshake- $5.50
  • Chips – $4


Tell us about the Fatties Burger?

He says: I was expecting this to be solid but was taken aback by how delicious it was. The patties were thick, juicy, cooked to perfection and formed an irresistible union with the bacon, cheese and pickles. The house sauce ranked as one of the great burger sauces of the Southern Hemisphere and luckily for all involved they were very generous with it. Possibly a smaller and softer style milk bun might rank this bad boy even higher but all in all a sensational burger.


She saysThis burger is seriously good. It was a double patty burger so I used my usual ‘just take one out’ approach (will offer courses in this technique somewhere down the road). The remaining patty had that great char grilled taste and sat at the perfect point between good greasy and bad greasy. The sauces were just right, and all the flavours balanced well. The bun did tend to fall apart a little but that was really the only criticism. Great bacon. Great cheese. Great burger.


So then, how did you find the Outback Burger?

He says: I was more of a fan of this than She. This one featured the aforementioned exceedingly on point patty and house sauce and pushed in the direction of a quintessentially ‘Aussie’ styled burger (egg, bacon, tomato, sautéed onion, lettuce and beetroot relish). Maybe a bit too much going on here but if you’re into an Oz styled burger with the lot methinks you’d fall for this one.


She says: This burger was good but not so much my thing. It was still pretty good but it lacked that balance and near perfection of the first burger. The extra ingredients seemed to be thrown on willy-nilly and for me for some reason the egg just didn’t work.


Now, what about the sides?

She says:  The milkshake and chips were perfectly fine, no complaints!

He says:  Chips were fairly standard but delicious nonetheless (make sure you get a side of house sauce to dip them into). Malt milkshake was appropriately rich as well.

|| Shop 3/1599 Anzac Parade, La Perouse, NSW, 2036 ||||

HOURS: Open 7 days 11am – Late (except Thursday open 11am – 3pm)

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Burgers By Josh Pop Up

burgersbyjoshimageBurgers By Josh Pop Up verdict: 9/10


Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Other Beef Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10

[Photo credit: Burgers by Josh Facebook Page]

So why Burgers By Josh?

He says: We missed his tenure at Danno’s in Dee Why and his various pop ups throughout Sydney and, after hearing nothing but rapturous recommendations about this guys burgers, there was no fucking way we were missing him this time.

She says:  Josh’s reputation precedes him. His work at Danno’s was received so well that we look like big idiots having missed it (well, Dee Why though… come on!). Also – I work in the veritable food desert that is North Sydney so any chance to see Him during the work day AND eat a burg is not to be sniffed at! (Note: Burgers by Josh have announced they will be open at North Sydney’s Upperdeck through the month of January, so get in quick!)

What did you order?

  • The J Burger – $13
  • The Infamous Primo Burger – $20
  • Jurassic Fries – $12

burg 1

Tell us about the J Burger?

She says: Firstly, the actual burger in real life is not blurred. The burger here is blurred because of my excitement to get stuck in. And I was right to be exited. This was a lovely little burger. Good soft bun, the perfect amount of melted American cheese, great pickles and a good sharp onion. And awesome amount of really flavoursome J Sauce. This was one of the few burgers that did not leave us wishing for more sauce.

He says: An exercise in simplicity that serves as an instant classic. I’d sleep on a pillow of patties like this and don’t even start me on the J Sauce. Great stuff.

DSC00793 (1)

So then, how did you find the Infamous Primo Burger?

He says: I love a double patty but there seemed like there was maybe just too much going on here for my liking. Everything on its own (bacon, iceberg lettuce, double American cheese, onion rings, jalapenos and jalapeno poppers) was sound but I could maybe survive by dropping one. Still this was another great burger nonetheless.

Inside burg 2

She says: It’s no secret that I just put up with the double patty because I know He loves them, and really, how hard is it just top remove a patty? Well – actually here it was pretty hard because the patties were expertly glued together with melted American cheese slices. So – my burger fell apart, but it was still good, but it was so rich it made me wish we had post-burger snooze hammocks at work. It is like the J Burger on steroids and dressed to party. So maybe only order it if you are on steroids and dressed to party.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: As the person who ate most of the Jurassic fries I can report that they were pretty bloody more-ish. The type of snack where you aren’t quite sure about at first but then you keep going back until they are nearly gone and He isn’t back from feeding the meter so you have to spread the remaining fries around to make it look like you didn’t eat quite so many. But then you eat more of the spread out fries and the game is up, He comes back you are obviously a guts who ate all the fries!

He says: These were next level. Perfectly crisp beer battered fries coated in the respectively magnificent cheese and Primo sauces.

|| Greenwood Plaza, 36 Blue Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060 (NOW CLOSED but opened again at North Sydney’s Upperdeck through the month of January) || ||


Tues 11:30 – 2:30

Wed- Fri 11:30am – 9pm

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