The Standard (Hobart)

IMG_6805The Standard (Hobart) verdict: 8.5/10

Beef Burger: 8.5/10

Chicken Burger: 7/10

Sides: 8/10 


So why The Standard?

He says: Faced with a weekend away in stunning Hobart with a special group of friends it would be a tragedy if we didn’t check out what was on offer burger wise. Blog investigations and personal recommendations lead us to this place with the advice that we were in for some cracking burgers.


She says: We eat burgers wherever we go and sometimes it can be a not so positive experience (check out the Wambi Whopper if you dare). I have to admit, underestimated Hobart’ ability to offer up such a cool burger experience. The ads for Tassie are all mountains and nature, cheese and wine, but the Standard is pretty cool and hip. Tucked into a back alley, behind another less-cool milk bar style burger shop (poor guys) and off a main street, you kind of have to seek it out. And the décor is effortlessly cool, the ceiling is covered with paper light-shades and it is more of a burger bar than a restaurant. 

What did you order?

  • Cowboy burger – $11
  • Los Pollos Hermanos burger – $12
  • Animal Fries – $10
  • Chicken Popplers – $7
  • Oreo Malted Shake – $8


Tell us about the Cowboy Burger?

He says: We were going to devour the regular Standard burger but the lovely staff recommended this bad boy. Incredibly flavoursome patty well cooked that was well complimented by tasty bacon, pickles cheese and mayo. The onions were perhaps a little on the sweet side for my taste but this is a wonderful burger and that is a minor gripe.


She saysThis burger wouldn’t be for everyone. The patty is super thin and cooked through. Kind of like the Five Guys patties I tried that time I was in New York There. There is a generous layer of pickles and the cheese and mayo played their part well. It was a very compact burger so if you are looking for heft, this wouldn’t be for you. But I liked it.


So then, how did you find the Los Pollos Hermanos Burger?

He says: The actual fried chicken involved in this was bordering on perfection but the combo of blue cheese and red hot sauce made it incredibly rich and harder to get through. Not sure if I’m a massive fan of blue cheese on a burger so we really only have ourselves to blame. My friend Neil a member of this country’s fried chicken cognoscenti went for another less rich chicken burger (the Reverse Cowgirl) and proclaimed it to be the “best burger he’s had in his life”. Next time I’m having what he had.


She says: I reckon this was just a poor choice on our part. Blue cheese and Frank’s Hot sauce tastes like a spicy sock. I think people should choose one or the other, but not both. The chicken was great in and of itself but next time I too would order the atrociously named ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ (really guys??).


 Now, what about the sides?

She says: More weirdness – the weirdest weird actually – the Chicken Poppers. They were these strange giant chicken nugget type things were filled with what can only be described as chicken extender – very strange, not terrible but I definitely wouldn’t be interested in more than a bite (okay perhaps with a hangover these would work – the same way a oven cooked fish finger seems like a viable choice after a night on the cans). But don’t worry, because the animal fries swooped on in to save the day. They were so so rich, salty and doused in a tangy cheesy sauce. The bacon jam escorted them swiftly acorss the line them to bad/good, wrong/right territory.


He says: The animal fries so fucking good they’re almost worth the heart attack they’d no doubt engineer if you ate them on a regular basis. I’d put them right up there with my personal favourite at Dr. Faustus. The malted oreo shake tasted as good as it sounded. The Chicken Popplers were just plain weird. Like a chicken nugget with strange processed dim sim type chicken meat. Not sure what they were going for with this but it was about the only thing I strongly disagreed with in our brief and otherwise delicious visit.


|| Hudson Lane, Liverpool Street, Hobart, TAS, 7000  || (03) 62341888|| Facebook ||


Open seven days, Mon-Sun: 11am – 10pm


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Five Points

IMG_6982Five Points Verdict: 9/10 


Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 7.5/10

Sides: 8.5/10


So why Five Points?

She says: I work in North Sydney and talk about burgers and this blog at work A LOT (it’s kind of a one lady direct marketing plan that I figured out, basically I hound people until they follow or subscribe (heeeey you should also subscribe – it’s just down on the right hand side of the page)). Anyway it is a bit shameful that we hadn’t been there yet but I blame Five Points for not opening on the weekend. So He came in to meet me one lunch time and gave them a go. The line at 12:30 on a Friday was not as bad as I had warned him but after we ordered the place went crazy.


He says: This has been our go to list since it opened but the weekday hours have made it inconvenient. Finally we were presented with an opportunity for a lovely Friday lunch jaunt and had to take it. To say I was expecting big things would be an understatement.

What did you order?

  • The Bronx Burger – $12.50
  • The Queens Burger – $11
  • Beer Battered Fries – $4
  • Salted Caramel Milkshake – $6


Tell us about the Bronx Burger?

He says: Undeniably a solid burger and I was a massive fan of the patty in particular. The aioli, onion jam, bun and cheese are also worth a mention (although I could have done with more of the two sauces). The whole thing was let down by the bacon which was both hard and cold. On another day (and perhaps with lower expectations) I assume this would climb a little higher on my ‘loved’ list.


She saysThis burger came out looking like a regular old burger beauty queen. That cheese – it was almost too much. This was one of those moments where I want to eat first, photo later (and that is why you might notice a little blur here and there. Big sorry!) And when I tasted it first thought was, ‘Good burger’. I was ready not to love the brioche looking bun but it worked well and the onion jam really wasn’t too sweet. The meat was cooked just right, but He is on the money, hard bacon stole some points from this burger. Oh and the pickles were nice counterpoint – without them it could have verged on entering Too-Salty Town.


So then, how did you find the Queens Burger?

She says: The new OBM motto, decided on just now is ‘More Sauce!’ and it is perfect for this very situation. This burger wasn’t up there with my faves – not even my favorite grilled chicken burgers (see Sould burger for great chicken). It was let down by a) the sauce b) the same bacon problems as before c) less cheese and e) just general meh chook. Totally edible and a filler if you for some reason don’t want beef but I would never order it over the Bronx.


He says: Would have much preferred the chicken to have been fried here as its grilled counterpart was rather dry. Again had the same issue with the bacon as with the Bronx burger. Would stick to just their beef burgers in the future.


 Now, what about the sides?

He says: The beer battered chips had me all nostalgic with their hotel room service on overdrive type vibe and were lifted even further by the aioli dipping sauce. Salted caramel shake was as good as they come.

She says: Hotel fries!! Always a winner and make me want a club sandwich. The milkshake was good – salty and sweet just how I like ’em.

|| 124 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060 || ||


Open Monday to Friday 11:30am – 5:30pm


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Nordburger (Adelaide)


Nordburger (Adelaide) verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 9/10


So why Nordburger?

She says: Whenever we travel now we always seek out a new burger joint to try. We spent a long time looking and chose Nordburger based on the available burger info online. When we turned up, the actual restaurant seemed pretty new, covered in shiny tiles and with its stylish white, green and teak interior. A bit more Melbourne than Adelaide (no dis).


He says: A jaunt to beautiful Adelaide to see friends would be remiss without a local burger excursion. A little research and a spirited debate brought us to Nordburger. Epic pats on the back all around for ending up at this one.

 What did you order?

  • Nordburger with Cheese – $8.70
  • Chicken Kahuna Burger – $9.80
  • Chicken Nuggets – $6.40
  • Crinkle Cut Royale Fries – $6.40
  • Tater Tots – $3.50
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake – $7


Tell us about the Nordburger?

He says: One of the best burgers I’ve had in 2015. Everything here was on point. The patty tasted about as excellent as possible to my taste buds, was cooked to perfection and couldn’t have had a better accomplice than the Nord sauce and bun it came housed in. Almost worth a trip to Adelaide just for one of these alone.


She saysThis was a very good burger – I wasn’t as taken with it as him but I admit that it was up there with the best of the year. The patty was thinner than most, more like the Five Guys patties I tried in the States. Good soft bun and crisp salad, heaps of sauce and cheese. Yeah, it was pretty damn good.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Kahuna Burger?

He says: Another cracker here. Delicious fried buttermilk chicken that was taken to the next level by the bacon, cheese, pineapple and Delta sauce (these guys really do their sauces well).


She says: This was nowhere near up to the standard of its beef sister. It was still amazing though  (its just the beef was up there). The same bun, salad and sauce were still awesome and I am a total pineapple convert but the chook was a bit cold (not something I would usually comment on as we do a bit of messing before we actually get to the eating bit and that means things can cool down a bit, but but this was definitely notably cold)and the batter was quite thick and hard.


Now, what about the sides?

She says: I am going to get a new tattoo across my back that reads ‘CRINKLE CUT 4 LYF’ because that is how dedicated I am to this genre of chip. They are definitely up the top of the chip hierarchy for me. The Nordburger chips were no exception to the rule and kicked about a million goals. But if I were to get the crinkle cut tatt, I would then have to also get ‘TATTER TOTTS’ across my knuckles because they too are at the pointy end of the chip-greatness-pyramid. The sauce (which is always His genius addition) was fantastic and went well with the chips, totts and chicken nuggets. The nuggets were good – no complaints but they didn’t makes me quite as happy as my potato-y friends. All of it was washed down perfectly with the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake. Needless to say we left full and happy.


He says: Great sides that pushed me into one epic self induced (and pleasurable) food coma. The Crinkle Cut Royale fries were decadent but sensational (that fries sauce!) and I’d even push it to the next level by adding bacon next time. The Chicken nuggets, although a little heavy on the batter to chicken ratio, were still both crisp and juicy and, like their siblings the tater tots, benefited greatly when drowned in sauce. The Peanut Butter and jelly Milkshake was thick, sweet, well balanced and an essential companion to what was a wonderful meal.




|| 168 The Parade, Norwood, Adelaide, SA, 5067 || (08) 8331 9923|| ||


Mon-Thurs: 8am – 10pm

Fri-Sat: 8am – 10:30pm

Sun: 8am – 9pm

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