Riley Street Garage


Riley Street Garage verdict: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9/10

Chicken Burger: 9.2/10

Sides: 9/10


Why this place?

He says: The gorgeous She had a rare Friday lunch off work and this combined with a shout out on Instagram (cheers sean1985!) and the convenient proximity of the venue to my Darlinghurst abode rendered it the perfect date.


She says: By fortuitously running late for a road trip to a wedding, I bought myself enough time to meet up with Him (and his flatmate Sam, HI SAM!) and duck into this cute little establishment to try the burgers. I used google maps, searching ‘Riley Street Garage’ to get there from the station and was pretty concerned when I walked to an actual mechanic on Riley St – luckily the restaurant is just up the road from there, in an awesome brick, art deco building.

What did you order?

  • The Riley Street Classic burger – $12
  • Fried Chicken burger – $12
  • Chorizo Corn Dogs – $4ea
  • Stuffed Zucchini Flowers – $12


Tell us about the Riley Street Classic Burger?

He says: This was a cracker that although diminutive in size was huge in flavour. Quite similar to the Old Growler burger from just up the road this was an exercise in simplicity. A wonderful bun, a flavoursome patty and a special mayo that lived up to it’s namesake. If I had to pick it apart for anything it’d be that perhaps the patty was a little overcooked and it could have done with more of that mayo but at the end of the day you’re in good hands if you order this one.


She says: I was firstly pretty impressed with the price on this one – $12 is fairly good for a burger these days and this place was pretty fancy so it was quite a treat to eat so cheaply. It is only available at the bar though and they did get us with the sparkling water – $5 a head for as much as you can drink. The burger itself was a solid classic. Simple and delicious – I am not going as far as Him and saying it was anywhere near as good as the Old Growler, but it was definitely up there. It loses points from me for the overcooked paddy – and it was pretty small – but on the other hand I didn’t leave needing a lie down so perhaps the size is not an issue.


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

He says: Veered dangerously close to the best chicken burger we’ve had in 2015. Everything was on the money and the ratio of glorious fried chicken, lettuce cheese, tomato in that aforementioned bun was on point. Again I wish there was more sauce (a running theme) but that was countered by ordering a side of said mayo and plying it on myself.


She says: This chicken burger was fantastic – really simple but just right. Same awesome bun, fresh iceberg lettuce and tomato and nice melted cheese. Not too much chicken (which is my personal nit pick with a lot of the chicken burgers we try) and a good coating on the chicken with a bit of a crunch. This one was one of the top chicken burgers I have had.


And what about the sides?

She says: Wow – the corn dogs were pretty amazing – not our usual style, these sides were super fancy. The corn dogs had golden crunchy outsides with soft middles. Perfect fried deliciousness. The zucchini flowers, while not classic side to have with your burger were also really great. Again, perfectly fried (notice a pattern?) with cruncy baby zucchinis and bity fetta.


He says: The chorizo corn dogs were sensational and something a touch different. Not dissimilar to a fine dining version of a dagwood dog and something I won’t be forgetting any time soon. I have a soft spot for Zucchini flowers and these met my standard (also liked the way they were sliced and the addition of muscatels and capers with the persian fetta). The fries served with the burger, although slight in size, were a true treat when dipped in the vinegar mayo. Highly recommend this place.


|| 55 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo, 2011, NSW|| 02 93269055 || Website


Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-late,

Sunday and Monday: Closed.

NOTE: Burgers available only Tuesday through Friday for lunch and seated at the bar.

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The Hayberry Bar and Diner


The Hayberry Bar and Diner: 9/10

Beef Burger: 9.3/10

Chicken Burger: 8.5/10

Sides: 9/10


Why this place?

She says: I found this place (yep, I am going to claim it proudly) though my trawling of the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society page on Facebook (shouts to all the Fatties!). If you like burgers, you probably already know about that page and if you don’t know about it then take a good hard look at yourself, question how much you do love burgers and  then look it up. Back to the burgers – The Hayberry is a cool little addition to the north end of town. If that was my home turf, I would it would have been just what I was waiting for.


He says: We’d both stumbled across this place online (particularly wowed by the photos of waffle fries) and after securing car for the day we thought it a good time to head over the bridge.

What did you order?

  • The Classic Cheese burger – $15
  • The Hay.F.C Chicken burger – $17
  • Cheese and Bacon Fries – $10
  • Popcorn Chicken – $12


Tell us about the Cheese Burger?

He says: Hard to really ask for more in a cheese burger. A superb patty (with that juicy melt in your mouth quality) wedged between a heap of cheese, pickles and onions all on a bun that housed this blessed union with aplomb. Perfect execution of flavours served to make this a sensational burger!


She says: This was such a good little classic. The bun was nice and soft. It had a bit more of a brioche texture than I usually like but it worked here. The patty was cooked well, not dry and really flavourful. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but it was really tasty. The pickles and American mustard were also just right. This was a really good cheeseburger. I would highly recommend!


So then, how did you find the Chicken Burger?

She says: The chicken burger was really enjoyable (not up the greatness of the cheese burger though which was my favourite). The chicken was juicy and had a nice batter. Good, well melted cheese and nice thinly chopped iceberg.  For me there was just a bit too much chicken and not quite enough mayo but honestly, thats probably just me being picky.


He says: I enjoyed this a whole lot more than She and if it just had a little more sauce on it I’d rate it even higher. Although lacking in quantity the hickory mayo was an absolute star and the perfect match for the southern fried chicken. Next time I’ll be adding pineapple as well.


And what about the sides?

He says: Upon ordering we were devastated in hearing that, due to an unforeseen shipping debacle, the waffle fries were off the menu today. Steve, the legend who served us, attempted to curb our sorrow by upgrading our normal side of fries to the bacon and cheese variety – oh sheeit he was successful! Crisp french fries covered in melted cheese and bacon and then smothered in a decadent hickory BBQ sauce and mayo. It was as decadent as it sounds and utterly delicious! The popcorn chicken was just as good and I actually felt a tinge of sadness when the last one was devoured. The Hayberry is just what Crows Nest needed and next time I’m wearing my drinking shoes.

She says:  I realised first that there was a chip related issue when I looked around and saw there wasn’t a waffle-cut fry to be seen amongst our fellow diners. We were both pretty excited about giving them a go and some of us may have been more devastated than others that they couldn’t taste what appears to be one awesome way to cut a chip. But the cheese and bacon fries really did hold their own (and I stopped sulking like a giant baby). They were so ridiculously good that I could already tell that future hungover me would think back to them in moments of particular struggle. The popcorn chicken was also pretty great. It didn’t really look quite how I had expected, on first glance appearing more like calamari than chicken. The taste taste however was spot on and reminded me a bit of the chicken from the Nighthawk Diner burger. It was really nicely seasoned and had a thin coating with a bit of crunch. Top notch.

|| 97 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, 2065,  NSW || 02 80840816 || Website ||



Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm-midnight,

Friday & Saturday: 12pm-midnight,

Sunday: 12pm-midnight,

Monday: Closed.
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The Keg and Brew


The Keg and Brew verdict: 5/10

Beef Burger: 5/10
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich: 2/10
Sides: 5/10



So why the Keg and Brew?

He says: Again there was a quite large recent online presence with these guys. Was especially excited to try the lobster burger. Unfortunately when we arrived on a Saturday lunch time it coincided with a mini local beer festival and hence we had to order form a limited ‘drunken’ menu. There was only one burger on the limited menu which seemed to set the scene for the disappointment that followed.

She says:  I tried not to be sad when He told me the bad news re- the lobster burger, but it was tough. I know it’s not a burger but we had to order the Philly cheese steak as it really was the closest option. Add to all this that this place was near central station and it was the day of Future Music festival – and I think you get a pretty good sense of the vibe in this joint.

What did you order?

  • KB burger – $15
  • Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich – $15
  • 1kg Bucket of Buffalo Wings – $9 (daily special)
  • Monterey Jack Fried Cheese Sticks – $10


Tell us about the KB burger?

He says: Expected more here. There was way too much relish and the Black Angus beef patty was so overcooked it could have been anything really. The on point aioli and gruyere cheese tried gallantly (and unsuccessfully) to lift this out of mediocrity.IMG_5630

She says: This burger was not to my tastes at all. I think I had two bites and tapped out. The meat didn’t have any lusciousness or juiciness, there was good melted cheese but the bun was too doughy for me and there wasn’t enough contrast in the flavours for me.


So then, how did you find the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich?

He says: The only upside to not having any other burgers on the menu for the day was that provided the chance to indulge in another passionate love of mine – Philly Cheese steak sandwiches. Unfortunately this was a train wreck of a meal. Strangely served on Turkish bread the meat itself had an odd taste that was almost like the steak had been boiled, there was nowhere near enough cheese and the whole thing arrived cold. Such a shame.

She says:  I wish the lobster burger was on offer instead. I didn’t finish this.



And what about the sides?

She says: Thanks heavens for fried cheese sticks. They crunchy and salty and just the right amount of melt happening. I stripped the Philly cheese steak sandwich of its innards and made myself a little cheese stick sandwich, which was delightful. The buffalo wings weren’t spectacular – but I am a snob when it comes to them, I am willing to admit that.


He says: I had one bite out of the buffalo wings and left it at that. Like the sandwich they were on the wrong side of hot and the meat itself had a peculiar taste to it. The accompanying blue cheese sauce was tasty though and great to dip the chips (that arrived on the plate with our burger/sandwich) in. The Monterey Jack fried cheese sticks were the clear highlight of the meal but not really the kind of thing you can eat that much of. Hoping we just caught the Keg and Brew on and off day and will be glad to try them again down the track if people state a case that it’s worth it.

|| 26 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 || (02) 92121740 || || ||

Opening Hours:
Monday- Sunday: 10am – late (kitchen opens 11am)
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The Old Growler

The Old Growler verdict: 9/10IMG_5586

Beef Burger: 9.4/10

Chicken Burger: 8/10

Sides: 6/10


Why the Old Growler?

She says: My flatmate (clever and talented photographer who promises to provide OBM with a portrait of He and I for our About Us page one day) suggested this place and raved about it. It’s a great little venue, underground and just outside the gross zone of the cross (well, almost). Down some stairs just near the Coke sign you’ll find this little haven. Methinks it will be puuurfect for winter dranks too. it is very dark and cozy (which is why the pictures for this review are so heinous – apologies.

He says: I’m a local and have eaten there a few times and always enjoyed the food and vibe. A friend of gorgeous She informed us that they were now doing burgers and they were rather impressive. She wasn’t wrong.  

What did you order?

  •        Road House Burger with fries – $13
  •        Chicken Burger with fries – $15
  •        Cheesy Balls – $14


Tell us about the Road House burger?

He says: This was serious burger shit right here. When it arrived at the table the smell alone had me convinced we were onto a winner. Arguably the best brioche bun we’ve had since this blog’s conception holds an almost perfect grass fed beef patty that’s surrounded by a dead set stunning sauce. The cheese and pickles only served to further put the bastions of burger excellence in this town on notice. Nothing is superfluous here and there is a lot of trust in the simplicity of the quality ingredients at hand all prepared to perfection. An instant classic.


She says: The bun was the first thing to wow me – it had that heavenly squish that saves your fingerprints when you hold it. Then each bite was more and more perfect – cheese, pickles, meat – all held their own but also played their unique role perfectly. If this meal was a film I would rewind and watch the moment I ate this burger again and again. This burger shot immediately to burger hall of fame level and was a total winner.


So then, how did you find the Fried Chicken Burger?

She says: Another hands down superstar of burgers. Same bun brought glory to the chicken greatness inside. The sauce was luscious and flavourful. Big BIG thumbs up from me.


He says: Again the bun was a star and the entire thing fantastic. The chicken was ostensibly schnitzel (breaded) but the sauce had a real spicy kick to it and was all the better for it. More mayo, smoked cheddar cheese and possibly the addition of bacon could have furthered enjoyment but they are minor quibbles really.

IMG_5593And what about the sides?

She says: The burgers definitely outshone the sides (a welcome change). The cheese balls were a tad strange – haloumi didn’t really work in them – it made them a bit too rubbery and a bit too salty. The chips were good though, classic and crunchy and of course He loved the aioli.


He says: The fries were as good as they get really and had a wonderful crunchy batter which reached to the next level when coated in a delightful aioli. The cheesy balls were the only really misfire here (which came as a surprise) with the main issue seeming to be the choice to use haloumi as it rendered the balls to dry, salty and a touch on the rubbery side. 

|| Basement Level, 218 William Street, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales || Website || 0422 911 650


Tuesday – Sunday 5pm-12am


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